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Hunted Slides

Hunted Slides

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Published by Hannah Coxy

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Published by: Hannah Coxy on Oct 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 After watching ‘Hunted’ on BBC I have been influenced to use certain camera techniques similar to
which the series use. My reason behind this is through the slow pace and the attention towards theprotagonist- these are all aspects I want to focus on when filming for my short film. However, eventhough the show is a thriller/action genre, the section I am focusing on concentrates around nature,where the protagonist, Sam, is alone in a isolated house. The camera work and sound all add tothe melancholy tone and this is something similar to what I want to create.To begin with, the opening shots from the section depict anatural and open scenery. The use of green colours reinforcethis, and with the nature surrounding the shot, the audiencecan immediately tell this part of the show will focus on sombreand melancholy tone. Furthermore, by opening the shot to awide landscape it reveals how isolated the area is.Moreover, this shot particularly interests me as the blades of grass in the foreground emphasis the background to be openand large. The wind blowing these blades of grass in theforeground is also something I want to include in my short film.This technique of soft focus on thebackground has been repeatedthroughout the section. Throughplants and through the protagonist.Moreover, other shots have also created a sombre tonethrough inside locations. By typically using a drippingtape to connote emptiness, it emphasizes the silence inthe room. Additionally, the dark tones and lighting addsto this which is further reinforced through the props. Thebath symbolizes comfort and warmth- something theprotagonist is in need of.In addition, I also like the pantechnique used to show theprotagonist entering the room. Bykeeping the camera steady and thesame height it creates a slow pace.

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