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Published by eskgordon

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Published by: eskgordon on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Taleof Two Bridgesy Mark& AdamPrusakowskiJulius aesarasoneof the most amousndnfluentialmperorsn Roman istory.During isconquest f Gaul, n circa 4 B.C, e edheRoman rmyandmarchedhem o theRhineRiver o confrontmaraudingermanicribes.When hey reachedhe river, hey could havecrossedt by boat,but Caesarecided o builda bridge nstead. ewanted o show hatnothing ouldstandnhe way of the mightyRomanEmpire. romhe commentarieshathewrote,we know hat hisbridgewasa featof engineering,nllsting tateof the art echniquesn construction.hearmy ammed ouble imberpilingsntoheriverbed ith winchesndusedseparatepstreamllingssprotectivearriers.When inished,he bridgewas750 o 1300 eet long, ndwent hroughwaterhat was30 eet deepat lmes. t wascompletedn ten daysand strongnough o support hecrossing f the 40,000 oldiersandheirhorses)hat madeup he Romanrmy.EvenFrank loydWrightwould havebeenmpressedy he amountof thoughtanddesignhatwas used obuildsucha marvelous tructuren such hort ime. SpringGrove,Pennsylvania,irca 072.Over wo millennia fter he constructionof Caesar'shineridges. urrently, bridge sbeinguiltor,or want ofabetterword,reconstructed)hatwillspanCodorus reek. hedetourstarted n May 29,2012. hebridge projectwas nitiallyxpectedo lastaround280 days,ut due o multipleelayst mayakelonger. ontractorsstimatehe costof the 150 oot longbridge t over 54.3million. hisnewbridgesonly /srh 1/llrt\ n engthompared ith the woodenbridge uiltover2,000 earsgo,but twillakenearly0 imesas ong o build.The econstructionf thisbridge sespeciallyffectingocal usinessesike ALittleBitofHeaven",smuchof thecoffee hop's evenuesgainedrom customers ho areustpassingby'.Already wo businessesCurvesnd Highpointtudios)avelosed ince heprojecttarted.Lack ftraffic n downtownSpringGrovemayhavebeena contributingactor. Otherconsequencesf the detour:1) lncreasedravel imes or the 17,500motorists ho use he bridge achday2) Longerravel outes or school uses3)Increasedccidentsn Old HanoverRd,due o poorroadconditions nd he roadnotbeing uitableor large rucks4)Increasedoaddamage ue o large rucksusing maller ack oadsThe econstructionf the Route116Bridgesa very mportant rojecthatwillbenefitSpringGrove oryearso come.However,t iscarryingmanyunnecessaryosts ndproblemsthat maybe avoidedf wetakecertainmeasures. ven monthor two after heprojectbegan.we foundout that he workers ad barelyvenstarted.he ongerhisprojectakes, hemoret

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