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Dattaatreya Upanishad

Dattaatreya Upanishad

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Published by RB joshi

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Published by: RB joshi on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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rahma the creator asked Lord Narayana about the efficacy of the taaraka-mantra to which the latter replied:s think of Me and My glory, and be in commune with Me in the attitude ‘I am Datta, the great Lord.’ Such onte thus do not swirl in the ver-recurring course of worldly existence.”ingly, after meditating on Lord Vishnu (Dattatreya), Brahma said: “Yes. The Brahman that is the infinite ands alone remains as the residuum after negation of everything else.”e-, six-, eight-, twelve-, and sixteen-syllabled mantras of Dattaatreyaaraka monosyllable is ‘Daam’. He is the haMsa established in all beings. ‘Daam’ in the lengthened form is theaatman. The six syllabled one is ‘OM, Shriim, Hriim, Kliim, Glaum, Draam.ht-syllabled one is ‘Dram’ or ‘Draam’ and then adding to it the syllables ‘Dat, taa, tre, yaa, na, maaH.” The poreya’ is of the character of knowledge, existence, and bliss, and that of namaH is of full-blown bliss.elve-syllabled formula is ‘Om, Aam, Hriim, Krom, ehi Dattatreya svaahaa.’ The sixteen-syllabled formula is Orom, Kliim, Cluum, Hraam, Hriim, Hruum, Saum (nine) and the five syllables constituting Dattaatreyaaya, anllable svaahaa. The whole formula is ‘Om, Aim, Krom, Kliim, Cluum, Hraam, Hriim, Hruum, Saum Dattaatrea.’ushhtubh-mantra of Dattaatreyaportions of the mantra are said to be in the vocative forms right through as ‘Dattaatreya Hare KRshhNaaananda-daayaka, digambara, mune, baala, pishaaca, jn~aana saagara.’oola-mantra of Dattaatreyathen given as:amo bhagavate Dattaatreyaaya, smarana-maatra-samtushhtaayalutations unto Lord Dattatreya who is propitiated by remembrance (devotion),-bhaya-nirvaanaaya, mahaa-gyaaana-pradaaya, cidaanandaatmanethe dispeller of great fears, who bestows the highest character of sentience and blissmatta-pishaaca-veshaaya’in the guise of a child, a mad-man, a devil, thus:yogine avadhuutaya, anasuuyaananda-vardhanaayatri-putrayayogin, is the enhancer of the bliss of Anasuya (His mother), is the son of the sage Atri,aama-phala-pradaaya, bhava-bandha-mocanaaya,stows the fruits of all the desires of the devotee’s heart, the redeemer of the bonds of worldy existence,vibhuuti-daaya saadhyakarshhaNaaya sarva-manaH-kshhobhaNaaya, ciram-jiivane vashi-kuru, vashi-kuru,hhaya-akarshhaya, vidveshhaya, vidveshhaya, uccaaTaya-uccaaTaaya, stambhaya-stambhaya, maaraya-maar, saMpannaaya, namaH saMpannaaya, svaahaa poshhaya, poshhaya, para-mantra para-yantra para tantraa

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