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Analysis of Previous Students A2 Work

Analysis of Previous Students A2 Work

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Published by: xx-charlotte-brown-xx on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Analysis of Previous Students’
A2 Work
Digipak & Magazine Advert
Amy Bartlett
Button to show the popularsingles that have already beenreleased off the album and thatthe artist is going to mostrecognised for.
Artist’s name is clearly visible.
The text is consistentthroughout the digipak and will
form part of the artist’s identity.
 The rose is a prop from the video for
‘Video Games’ and acts as a reference.
It also sets the colour scheme of red,grey and white for the digipak.The title of the albumis clearly displayedand the font isdisjointed along withthe image.Additionally, it standsout on thebackground as thecolours arecontrasting.The samecostume(eyelashes) isused on thecover as it is inthe video. Itcreates aniconographyand specificimage for thestar, whilstreferencing thevideo.
The lyrics to ‘Video Games’ are
displayed on the first insidepage to emphasise that this isthe song that is mostsuccessful from the artist andmost familiar for the audience.One again, the costumefrom the video is shownto connect the digipak tothe video and suggest thestyle of the artist.The playing cards reinforce the
‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme
within the video and create anostalgic tone to the digipak.Her hair is red tocomplement thecolour schemeand the imagehas been editedto look disjointedand original.
The background is a floral pattern and usesa muted red colour to comply to the colourscheme. The pattern highlights the rosethat appears in the video and on the coverand suggests its importance.The actual CD is covered in animage of a rose, again highlightingthe ongoing theme of the digipakand the iconography of the artist.The same text is used here onceagain as it is on the cover of thedigipak to show consistency andMaking the text become part of 
the star’s image.
 Roses are used here as thebackground and it is the same rosethat is pictured on the CD, againhighlighting an ongoing theme.The lyrics to the debut single
‘Video Games’ appear on the first
fold and allow the audience tolearn them if they are a fan.The artistappears againand the costumeis again thesame. No directeye contact isgiven creating a
‘barrier’ between
the audience andthe star.

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