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Warehouse Receipt Actrevised

Warehouse Receipt Actrevised



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Published by Marc Boyer
This short 2-page article needs to be read and networked in order for the message to work. Regrettably no one does this with anything i write.
This short 2-page article needs to be read and networked in order for the message to work. Regrettably no one does this with anything i write.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Marc Boyer on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This short essay outlines the nature of WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS that created instant cashfor bankrupt nations after WW2 -
In Canada, this Ponzi Scheme started with the 1947Vital Statistics Act, and became heavily altered with dirty Maggie's Reign. [aka: Q.E.-II]- Back in 1950's, a WAREHOUSE RECEIPT created $1million in Instant cash when YOU werefirst handed over to this paper queen in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, by your mother,who signed this fraudulent 'dotted line' document called a Statement of Birth, andIN SO DOING your mother converted you into being 'goods' [after all you're not bad] andbecause of this charitable act, your BIRTH CERTIFICATE converted you into a 'negotiableschedule II warehouse receipt'. This created $1million of collateral that was pooledtogether, and this enabled the building of public bridges, hospitals, and Institutions
Schedule II
Warehouse Receipts
[defined as] are Receipts given by the owners of warehouses,-, etc.,acknowledging the possession of 
chattel property (SOB)
stored, or kept for the owners
of suchchattel property.
The ownership of the property may be changed on purchase
, by theendorsement and delivery of the warehouse receipt. These receipts are used largely as
collateral security
. They are given to bankers
, and others along with their notes, as securityfor further advances of money....
( W 
ith your 'Statement of Birth', o
ur mothers converted you intochattel to back the value of money, in order to generate money needed for the economy to recover after the war)
The creation of Warehouse Receipts funded the rebuilding of the infra structure of everycountry bankrupted by WW2
The creation of your Warehouse Receipt created, in the 1950's, whatwas called the Baby Boom, which created an economic boomed because Banksters created out of thin air$1million for every Certificate, and gave it to the BAR/Treasury. Incidentally, babies today are worth over$8.5million each AND from the onset it's understood that all of this money is created by [for example]- To back the issuing of a 20-year mortgage for a hospital, or contributing to the greater good by theissuing of 40-year initiatives that built public projects like cities, highways or ports, with 40-year bonds.
The entire concept /notion behind WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS is all about macro economics
.The banksters prepaid the total output of every person in the nation – and this money is secured in thenation's real estate value /fixed assets, and a healthy GNP - The fact is that these agencies /institutions[that filled these buildings] created an income that paid for the the real operating cost of their enterpriseactually paid this debt with our real 'labour-backed' money, by we, the warehouse receipts. IN OTHER WORDSit all floated. In Canada, there were no defaults on any government or institution mortgages, or bond issued.- In fact, everyone of these bonds, paid back the principle and interest accrued on time. That's not the case, withdefault governments who simply could not justify where the money went - there was no tangible fixed assets to justifyadvancing further funds.
Frankly the real pay-back for everyone [especially the banksters] is with a positive GNP
Back in the 50's, the notion of Warehouse Receipts were promoted & accepted as a win win foreveryone because of the positive spin, created by media
- BUT that's not what happened [so far]The mortgage /bond that was backed by our warehouse receipts really was money 'created out of thin air',AND who ever took the mortgage /bond, got the loan because they held a comprehensive plan on how to payback this mortgage /bond. IN OTHER WORDS it promised to pay for itself, once the infra-structure was built
- BUT the money paid back was not created out of nothing
 – this money was all real labour-backed money.- It's understood that the banksters get to keep the lion's share NAMELY: the interest on the mortgage/bond- BUT the $1million principle of that mortgage/bond actually belongs to 'we, the cargo', stored on the ship.
- in terms of a baby boomer born in 1950, our warehouse receipt backed three 20year mortgages, and that means there's $3million in principle that actually belongs to a real human, being like you.
From a macro economic perspective, this money belongs in a pool.
This pool comprises of the 20 millioncitizens handed over in the 1947 Vital Statistics Act, and the 20 million Canadians born in the '50 [= 40millionreceipts - each worth $1million] This created $40 trillion of real labour backed principle, every 20-years OR$120trillion in a bank account for us, AND this is only the money /principle owed to those who are now retiring.

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FOR THE RECORD this is THE WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS ACT http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/stat... It's very convoluted language and it outlines how screwed we are by being a negotiable warehouse receipt - My defense is that I'm a non-negotiable warehouse receipt [due to my abnormal birth -1Cor15]
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