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Popular Science: The Big Book of Hacks

Popular Science: The Big Book of Hacks



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Published by: Weldon Owen Publishing on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Customize Your Welcome MatOrganize Your Entryway with Recycled CansGive a Doorknob a New SpinSet Up a Secret DoorMake Invisible SpeakersMonitor Your Home with a Laser Security SystemSnooper-Proof Your WalletInstall an Electrical-Outlet Wall SafeCarry a Film-Roll KeychainMake a Musical Stash for Your CashTurn Your HDTV Into a Magic WindowCraft a DIY Digital Photo FrameGive an Old TV a RerunHack the Perfect Gaming ChairMake a TV OscilloscopeHack a TV Console into a SeatInstall an Aquarium in an Old TVBuild a Boob-Tube BarSet Up a DIY Drive-inHang a Liquid LampImprovise a PlanetariumPut On a Liquid Light Show Jam Out to a Sound-Reactive Light BoxWave an LED Lighter at a ConcertParty with an LED Glow StickYou Built What?! An LED-Lit Disco Dance FloorMake a Sonic Tunnel of FireTurn Your Campfire GreenHold a Flaming Ball in Your Bare HandSet Off a Spinning Fire TornadoIgnite a Homemade SparklerWreak Havoc with the Ultimate Squirt GunMake a Mini CatapultPlay with a Bike-Part SpirographTurn Junk Mail into PencilsSet Up a Turntable ZoetropeYou Built What?! The Real Iron Man SuitMix Magnetic Silly PuttyCook Up FerrofluidCatch a Thrill on a Backyard CoasterSet Up a Pinball Game at HomePlay DIY Skee-Ball Build a Mint-Tin RacerShake Up a Martini in a Mint TinStrum a Mint-Tin GuitarCarry a Pocket Billiard SetBuild a Mini Arcade GameCinch a Nintendo-Controller BeltSet Up a Supersize Game of OperationPlay Giant CheckersMake a Reflection HologramWield a DIY Light SaberHack Your Magic 8 Ball Go Anywhere with Virtual-Reality GlassesFile-Share with a USB Dead DropBuild a BristlebotMake a Mini Whirling MotorRig an Animatronic HandYou Built What?! The Electric GiraffeCreate Audio Art out of Cassette TapeScratch a Pizza-Box Turntable
You Built What?! The Ultimate All-in-OneBeer-Brewing MachineDrink Booze from a MelonBreak into Your BeerInstall a Shower Beer CaddyChill Your Beer Really, Really FastDisguise Your BrewReuse Those Red Party CupsYou Built What?! The Drink-Slinging DroidServe Shots in Jell-O CupsMake Drinks Glow in the DarkFreeze LEGO Ice CubesCook a Hot Dog with Electrical CurrentMod Your Toaster for Far-from-Average ToastWield a Potato Launcher
by Jacob Ward
by Doug Cantor
Put Together a Soldering KitLearn Soldering BasicsStudy Circuit ComponentsBuild a CircuitChoose a MicrocontrollerProgram an ArduinoKnow Basic Woodworking ToolsMake a Straight Cut in WoodMaster Woodworking JointsDrill a HoleSuit Up with Metalworking ToolsCut Metal Pipes and SheetsLearn to WeldMold a Retro Lamp BaseCreate a Mesmerizing Persistence-of-Vision ClockTell Time with a Dart ClockMake a Modern Mag RackSew an Easy eBook Reader CaseTurn a Printer into a High-Volume Document ShredderSort Mail with Old CDsImprovise a Postage ScaleTurn Your Roomba into a SentryMake a Robotic ArtisteRemove Rust with ElectricityClean with a Toy-Car BroomRig a Superpowered Scrub BrushTrack Your Food’s FreshnessMod a Crumb-Collecting Cutting BoardHarvest Fridge Magnets from an Old Hard DriveDo Stuff with Bottle CapsAvoid Burning Your Mouth with a Smart CoasterPut an Old Coffee Can to Good UseYou Built What?! Dinner to Go in a Nitrous-InjectedDining TableImprovise a Sous-Vide CookerBuild a DIY SmokerSet Up an Umbrella Solar CookerConstruct a Toilet-Powered Zen FountainDouble Your Showerhead ActionCraft a Toilet-Paper DispenserHang a Magnetic Stud FinderTurn Your Hard Drive into a Tool GrinderCapture Screws with a Magnetic WristbandRig the Poor Man’s Laser Level Kit Out an Instant-Charge ScrewdriverMake a Mini ScrewdriverRemove a Stripped Screw with a Rubber BandMake a Rubik’s Cube–Inspired Chest of DrawersSand Tiny Trim with a RazorMake Duct Tape Do Double DutyCreate a Life-Size Cardboard CutoutLounge in a Cardboard HammockChat on a Cardboard TelephoneHang Up Cardboard BlindsPirate a Vinyl RecordCraft a Boom Box Duffel BagMake Your Tie Glow in the DarkPut Headphones in Your HoodieUse a Glove on a TouchscreenPump Jams through an Old-School PhonographAmplify Music with Paper CupsMake Custom-Fit EarbudsPut a New Spin on an Old CDGet Your Air Drum On with Electrified DrumsticksAmuse Yourself with a FlipperdingerPlay a Pocket Theremin
Set Up a High-Speed Audio-Triggered FlashYou Built What?! A Camera That ShootsHuge Photographs
Rig a DIY Polygraph TestListen In with a Foxhole RadioTack Up a Dipole AntennaCraft a Cell-Phone “Cantenna”Boost Wi-Fi with a SteamerHang HDTV-Antenna ArtMod an Xbox 360 Controller into an iPhone CaseMake a Phone “Bounceable”Build a Hands-Free PhoneMake a Remote Display for Your ComputerRig a Smartphone ProjectorCharge a Phone with Solar RaysMake a Smartphone TripodTurn Your Old Netbook into a Touchscreen TabletFashion a DIY Stylus for Your Touchscreen DeviceProtect Your Touchscreen with Thin Vinyl Stash a Flash Drive in a CassetteMake a Pink-Eraser Flash DriveFake It with a Sawed-Off Flash DriveHouse a Flash Drive in a LEGOHack a Foot-Operated MouseYou Built What?! Man’s Best Friend Getsa High-Tech HomeMake an Automatic Pet FeederBuild a Cat DoorPut Together a Homemade Wind Mill Hook Up a Solar ChargerMake a Geodesic Dome out of PVC PipeReuse an Old Garden HoseMake the Lazy Man’s MowerSet Up DIY Grow LightsBuild a CD-Case GreenhouseYou Built What?! The Ultimate SnowblowerTrick Out Your Computer Tower with EngravingTurn Your Laptop into a WhiteboardDye Your LaptopMake a Steampunk-Inspired Laptop CaseTurn On Your Computer with a Magnet SwitchPrint Secrets with Invisible InkFake Out Thieves with a Desktop HackShield Your Screen from Prying EyesSet Up a Laptop Cooling SystemControl Your Mouse from AfarMake an External Hard DriveAdd Keyboard ThumbtacksRig a Superportable KeyboardCreate a Glowing MousepadUpcycle an Old Circuit BoardMake a Laptop Stand from a BinderBuild a USB Hub into Your DeskStash Your Printer in a DrawerMount Stuff behind Your MonitorOrganize Loose CablesMake a Floppy-Disk BoxGet Pumped with a CD Dumbbell Assemble a Cereal-Box SpectrometerRig a Supersimple Radiation DetectorSet Up a Plasma Globe Inside a Simple LightbulbIlluminate Sketches with Homemade Conductive InkHack Infrared GogglesDecimate Stuff with a DIY Laser CutterYou Built What?! A 3D Printer That Runs on Sun and SandShine a Mini FlashlightBrighten Up a Standard-Issue FlashlightBeam a Batman-Style SpotlightRepurpose Foil for Techie UseImprovise a TripodMount a Camera to Your BikeBuild a Time-Lapse Camera StandRig a Plastic-Bottle DiffuserMake Your Camera Waterproof Create a Peephole Fisheye LensAdapt a Manual Lens to Your DSLRSnap a Self-Portrait with a DIY Remote Shutter Release
Ride with a Grease-Free Pant LegReinforce Your Tire with a Seat BeltStay Safe with a Beer-View MirrorKeep Your Handlebar Grips TightBring the Party with a Bike SpeakerStay Warm on Chilly RidesMake a Unicycle Out of a BikeNavigate with an Old-Fashioned GPSMake Your Bike’s Tires Snow Proof Protect Your Bike Saddle from TheftReuse a Busted Bike TubeShred on a Fan-Propelled SkateboardGive Your Motorcycle a Futuristic VibeLight Up Your Motorcycle HelmetYou Built What?! The Vrooming Hot-Rod HaulerMount a Rad Hood OrnamentHang a DIY Air FreshenerBlack Out Your TaillightsInstall Air Horns in Your CarFend Off Fender Benders with a Sonic Distance SensorHack an Emergency USB ChargerShift with a Custom Gear KnobBuild a Bed in Your VanRig a Camping ShowerKit Out a Solar-Charging Messenger BagStay Cool On the Go with Ad Hoc A/CRefill a Tiny Toothpaste TubeAssemble a Collapsible Travel HangerGive Your Suitcase the Gift of WheelsPack Your Razor SafelyTake Aerial Photos with a Weather BalloonMake a Mini HovercraftLaunch a Mini RocketBuild a Better Canoe PaddleUpgrade Your Kayak into a SailboatYou Built What?! The Incredible Amphibious TankHack an Oversize Air Hockey PuckScore with Ping-Pong Paddle GlovesAssemble a PVC-Pipe Soccer Goal Transform a Bike into a B-Ball HoopServe Up a Tennis Ball Turn Your Backyard into a Badminton CourtMake a Mini-Golf CourseInstall an At-Home Rock Wall Hang PVC Fitness RingsYou Built What?! A Tilting Ping-Pong TableThat Throws Off OpponentsOrganize Cords On the GoRun in No-Slip ShoesYou Built What?! The Motorized Easy Chair

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