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Fire Safety Inferences

Fire Safety Inferences

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Published by Maria Guy Del Duca
Infefrences Fire Safety
Infefrences Fire Safety

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Maria Guy Del Duca on Oct 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I’m on top of a fire
engine. I am opened upand climbed on to rescuepeople and animalstrapped in buildings.What am I?
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You find me on the street.Fire fighters use wrenchesto hook me to a hose andfight fires. What am I?I am worn on a
firefighter’s face to help
him/her breathe in smokefilled places. What am I?I am worn on a
firefighter’s head to keep
him/her safe from fallingdebris. What am I?I am worn on a
firefighter’s legs to keep
his/her clothes fromcatching fire. What am I?I am worn on a
firefighter’s feet to protect
them from fire and heavyfalling objects. What amI?
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I am the person in chargeat the fire station. Whoam I?I am used to break downdoors so firefighters canreach people and animalstrapped inside burningbuildings. What am I?I am the thing that firefighters use to fight fires.I spray water. What am I?I am the thing that makesa loud noise letting allpedestrians and driversknow a fire truck iscoming down the road.What am I?I am the vehicle thatfirefighters drive whenarriving at a fire. Whatam I?I am worn on a
firefighter’s hands to
protect them from beingburnt. What am I?
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I am the thing that makesa beeping sound if I detectsmoke in your house?How many of me shouldyou have in your house?This is place you shouldcall if you see a fire orsmell smoke. Whatnumbers do you push?This is the route youshould follow if there is afire in your home.This is what you shoulddo if you see a fire orsmell smoke.This is what you shoulddo if your clothes havecaught on fire.I am the person whoinvestigates anddetermines how a fire wasignited. Who am I?

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