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32 Major Systems Problems in Dallas ISD

32 Major Systems Problems in Dallas ISD

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Published by: The Dallas Morning News on Oct 08, 2012
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ItemSystem problemImpact/ notesAssigned to:NLT Date forsystemic solution1Create a culture focused oncontinuous improvement
The technology committee, which reported its findings in July2012, noted that the District lacked a culture of continuousimprovement. Employees are overall satisfied with modestgains or minor changes to the status quo. We need to buildan organization that strives for excellence and thatunderstands the need for significant change.Mike Miles1-Jul-14
2Raise the level of accountability
Prior to this school year, key actions or goals were not closelytied to indicators of success. The degree to which actions andgoals were accomplished were not rigorously assessed. Poorperformers have not been held accountable (for example,weak teachers and principals have been moved to differentpositions). If we are going to maximize effectiveness, wemust raise the level of accountability.Mike Miles1-Jul-14
3Develop a culture of instructionalfeedback
What gets feedback gets done better. Teachers andprincipals are not used to getting regular and effectiveinstructional feedback. There will be some resistance tochanging this paradigm, making it harder to keep the focus oninstruction.Sylvia Reyna1-Jul-13
4Implement Appropriate HRMSand End User capabilities
Data is currently lacking integrity given numerous loopholes,patches, work-arounds, and lack of consistent departmentaland business unit reconciliation. This makes talent planningand need identification extremely difficult and hard tovalidate.Charles Glover1-Jul-14
5Streamline hiring systems
When a principal is looking for a teacher to fill a position, shehas to go through numerous applications. It sometimes takesa couple of months to hire a candidate; in any case, we arelosing numerous strong candidates because it takes too longto hire a person.Charles Glover1-Oct-13
Major System Areas Needing Improvement
revised 1 Oct 2012
Philosophy/ CultureHuman Capital Management
ItemSystem problemImpact/ notesAssigned to:NLT Date forsystemic solution6Design and build performance-based selection and recruitmentmodel
Currently we do not have effective processes to identify andrecruit high performing individuals for our schools,classrooms, and central office positions. This model must bepredictive of success in the new paradigm.Charles Glover1-Jun-13
Redesign teacher and principalevaluation processes to make themfair, accurate, and rigorous (FAR)
By most accounts, evaluations are perfunctory. Teachers arenot observed regularly and their evaluations are neitheraccurate nor rigorous. Principal evaluations are similarlyroutine and meaningless.Charles Glover/ MikeMiles1-Jul-14
8Establish effective positioncontrol mechanisms
Without effective position control, schools are improperlystaffed and human resources are not used effectively. Ourcurrent processes are weak. Poor position control alsoincreases the time positions remain vacant.Charles Glover/ SylviaReyna/ Kevin Smelker1-Jul-13
9Establish an effective levelingprocess
We should not wait until October to adjust class sizes and"level." The process should also take into account studentenrollment trends, programmatic requirements, and hard tofill subjects.Charles Glover/ SylviaReyna/ Kevin Smelker1-Oct-13
10Monitor and drastically improvesystem to transport students toand from school
The entire process of developing routes is flawed and resultsin numerous problems (especially in the first month of school). Dallas County also is not delivering high qualityservice (for example, not having enough bus drivers). Thisresults in numerous students not attending school or beinglate to school.Kevin Smelker1-Oct-13
11Revamp custodial services
Given the decrease in the number of custodians and the newexpectations for building cleanliness, we must implement anew work schedule and effective processes to meet higherstandards with fewer employees in this area.Kevin Smelker1-Jul-13
ItemSystem problemImpact/ notesAssigned to:NLT Date forsystemic solution12Establish high standards for thecleaning, maintenance, andrepair of schools
The standards for the cleaning and maintenance of ourbuildings and grounds are too low. Again there is lowaccountability for doing a poor job. We need to work moreeffectively by restructuring the organization, automatingwork order inspections, and developing procedures tosupport initiatives.Kevin Smelker1-Jul-13
13Prioritize non-bond work orders
There is currently no process to prioritize non-bond relatedwork orders. This causes operations to be reactive and doneon a "first-come, first-served" basis regardless of the impactof the problem.Kevin Smelker1-Jul-13
14Create processes to managefacilities and assets and toeffectively distribute studentenrollment
We need to improve the analysis of student enrollmenttrends and anticipate growth and decline of numbers of students in different areas of the District. We must assess ourcapital assets and infrastructure and more effectively use ourschools and other buildings to meet the needs of studentsand the District.Kevin Smelker and AlanKing1-Jul-13
15Update financial software
Implement plan to upgrade financial software to take intoaccount loss of support of Oracle and to align with HCM andother software.Alan King/ Kevin Smelker1-Jul-13
16Update processes for filing andtracking purchasing contracts
The filing system for contracts and bid documents must becentralized in one location with all the necessary supportingdocumentation. System should be consistent and readilyaccessible by anyone in the purchasing dept. In addition,contracts must be controlled so that board approvedauthorizations are not exceeded. This includes improvingsupply request processes and the delivery of supplies to theAlan King1-Jul-13
17Align resource use and allocationwith Key Actions andinstructional priorities
Currently, the District budget is not driven by instructionalpriorities and key actions established by the Department of School Leadership and the other departments. We mustestablish an action planning and budgeting process that ismore tightly aligned.Mike Miles/ Alan King1-Jul-13
Budget and Finance

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