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Nine Principles

Nine Principles

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Published by egersira

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Published by: egersira on Oct 08, 2012
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NinePrinciples forConsciousLiving
Bill Harris
Nine Principles forConscious Living
Bill Harris
For further information on products or programs,call Centerpointe Research Institute at:800-945-2741 or 503-672-7117 or write to:1700 NW 167th Place, Suite 220, Beaverton OR 97006
None of the information in this document should be construed as a claim or representation that Holosync® audiotechnology, or any other products, services, or advice of Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc., are intended for use inthe diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease or any medical or mental health condition. In dealing with any medical or mental health condition, always consult a physician or mental health professional. Copyright © 2007 Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this booklet may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of Centerpointe Research Institute.Holosync® is a registered trademark of Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.
Nine Principles for Conscious Living
Bill Harris, DirectorCenterpointe Research Institute
One of my duties as Director of Centerpointe Research Institute is leading the retreats we hold several timeseach year. At these retreats we create an environment where people become very intimate and very trusting in just a few days. People feel such safety that they share their deepest fears, problems, concerns, and traumas. Inreturn, they are supported, nurtured, and cared about as they work through as much healing and personal changeas they’re ready to deal with.In wondering how to give those who cannot attend a Centerpointe retreat the same benefits, I realized thatin these retreats, I teach a series of principles that, if mastered, can totally change a person’s life. I want to sharethem with you.Every presenting problem we deal with, whether mental, emotional, or spiritual, can be traced back to a violation of one or more of these principles. If a person follows these principles, life goes along pretty nicely, witha lot of happiness, inner peace, and personal power. ese principles overlap, but that’s okay. ey are differentfacets of the same diamond. I know they will be helpful to you, as they have been to many thousands of peopleall over the world.
Principle Number One: The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay
e amount a person suffers is directly related to how much they resist the fact that “things are the way they are.” All suffering and discomfort, regardless of the appearance, is a result of some form of resistance. is meansthat ending resistance ends suffering.To the degree a person is willing and able to let whatever happens be okay, they do not suffer. Attachmentsto people, situations, or things being different than they are can be upgraded to preferences, so when “what is”is not what you want, you do not suffer. When this happens, your happiness and peace are not controlled by outer circumstances.People with many rules about how things are suppose to be suffer more, because no matter how much they try to get the world to follow their rules, the rules are often violated.Letting whatever happens be okay does not mean you can’t work toward making things they way you wantthem to be; it just means you
the outcomes you seek rather than being addicted to them. e key, then, tohandling challenging situations, thoughts, and feelings is not in resisting them, but rather in becoming as fully accepting of them as possible. Accept what happens, and what you think and feel, even if it is uncomfortable.
ough it looks as if discomfort is created by what we resist, in actual fact it comes from the resistance itself.
Stop resisting, and the discomfort stops also. rough acceptance, you empower yourself to heal, transform,or release unresolved mental or emotional material. When you sense resistance, meet it with acceptance. Ironically,once you stop resisting, you are much more effective in creating any external change you may have a preference(not an attachment) for.
Principle Number Two: The Principle of Threshold
Every person has a personal threshold for what they can handle from their environment, based on the

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