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Huawei statement regarding US Congress Select Committee Investigation

Huawei statement regarding US Congress Select Committee Investigation

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Published by simantics

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Published by: simantics on Oct 08, 2012
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Statement regarding HPSCI’s report
The United States is a country ruled by law, where all charges and allegations should be basedon solid evidence and facts. The report conducted by the House Permanent Select Committeeon Intelligence (the Committee), which took 11 months to complete, failed to provide clear information or evidence to substantiate the legitimacy of the Committee’s concerns. We had hoped to ensure that the investigation would be fact-based and objective in its reviewof our business activities and the global issue of cyber-security. Over the past 11 months,Huawei has cooperated with the Committee in an open and transparent manner, and engagedin good faith interaction: our top management team carried out multiple rounds of face-to-facecommunication with the Committee members in Washington D.C., Hong Kong, and Shenzhen;we opened our R&D area, training center, and manufacturing center to the Committee andoffered a wealth of documentation, including the list of members of the Board of Directors andthe Supervisory Board over the past 10 years, and the annual sales data since our establishment in 1987; we also made the list of our shareholding employees, the shares theyhold, as well as information about our funding resources and financial operations available tothe Committee. We adopted a transparent approach in providing this information to ensure theresults are fact-based and unbiased, hoping the Committee’s objective review of our businessactivities and the global cyber security issue can clarify the misperception of Huawei.However, despite our best effort, the Committee appears to have been committed to apredetermined outcome.
The ranking member of the Committee stated at the hearing that the investigation by thecommittee “is not political jousting or trade protectionism masquerading as national security”.Unfortunately, the Committee’s report not only ignored our proven track record of networksecurity in the United States and globally, but also paid no attention to the large amount of factsthat we have provided. Even before the investigation began, the Chairman of the committeeadvocated to media that “I stand by my caution to the American business community aboutengaging Huawei technology until we can fully determine their motives”.
The report released by the Committee today employs many rumors and speculations to provenon-existent accusations. This report does not address the challenges faced by the ICTindustry. Almost every ICT firm is conducting R&D, software coding and production activitiesglobally; they share the same supply chain, and the challenges on network security are beyonda company or a country. The Committee’s report completely ignored this fact. We have tosuspect that the only purpose of such a report is to impede competition and obstruct ChineseICT companies from entering the US market.Huawei is a global Fortune 500 company owned by its employees. For the past 25 years, wehave held an upstanding record. Our customers and partners are fully aware that this reportcannot change the fact that the safety and integrity of Huawei's solutions are well-recognized bythe industry. Currently, the integrity of Huawei's operations and the quality and security of our products are world-proven across 140 countries around the world. They are deployed by over 500 operators and our products have served almost 3 billion people worldwide. Thesecustomers know and trust Huawei and they know our commitment to their company and to their customers who rely on them for their communications service. Huawei has introduced bestpractices of Western management to construct standardardized and process-orientedoperational management systems, including product development, supply chain management,financial management, human resources, and quality control. Huawei's annual financial reportsare audited by KPMG. The United States has become the world's largest economic entity in a short period of time duein large part to the open policy it has been implementing over the past 200 years. We believethat the United States will continue with this spirit. Huawei is no different from any start-upenterprises in Silicon Valley, and our growth and development relies very much on our entrepreneurial spirit, the commitment and hard work of our employees, as well as our unwavering dedication to innovation. Moving forward, we will continue to do the best we can toprovide our customers with safe, convenient, and equal access to information andcommunications services.
Huawei is committed to being a long-term investor in the U.S. market, to providinginnovative products and service for our U.S. customers and consumers, and to being aresponsible investor, tax payer and corporate citizen.
Huawei is a partner to the U.S. high-tech industry. Since launching our North Americaoperations in 2001, Huawei has purchased more than USD 30 billion in technologies and

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