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HTSr Rec Center Assessment 2012 10

HTSr Rec Center Assessment 2012 10

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Published by Scott Roberts
HTSr Rec Center Assessment 2012 10
HTSr Rec Center Assessment 2012 10

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harry Thomas Sr. Rec Center 2012 Assessment II
By I.S. & H.Y.
Harry Thomas Sr. Recreation Center2012 Assessment
Interview with Staff 
By: Ileana Schinder & Hugh Youngblood
 About the Authors
Harry Thomas Sr. Rec Center 2012 Assessment II
By I.S. & H.Y.
Communication is KEY; 
it’s the 
next best word to Love.
Ernest “Pee
” Kinard (HTSr Rec Center Staff)
 Introduction This report documents the results of a meeting between the authors,
Ernest “Pee
 Wee” Kin
ard (HTSr Rec CenterStaff), and Greg Poag (DPR Ward 5 Manager), held on October 2, 2012, at Harry Thomas Sr. Rec Center. The discussion focused on three main topics: challenges, successes, and vision for Harry Thomas Sr RecreationCenter. Challenges involve all topics that affect the functionality of the venue and the usability of the facility. Successes involve
all topics that have proven to attract users and improve their quality of life. Vision encompasses the staff’s view of what w 
ouldmake this Recreation Center an ideal venue to serve neighbors.For clarity the issues discussed were organized under the following groups: communication; building infrastructureand equipment; rules and regulations; and activities and programs. However, by reading the whole document it is evident thatall topics are interconnected and need to be addressed as an integrated system of facilities, coordination, and communication.Challenges
Coordination to promote activities in the center via print and digital media requiressignificant improvement. Minimal information is available online, and DPR distributedan insufficient supply of program books to maintain a stock onsite for visitors toconsult. The Rec Center staff currently lacks channels of digital communication with thecommunity.Flyer production is insufficient to reach the full breadth of the target audience in thecommunity.
Building, infrastructure andequipment
 Access is an issue. Adjacent neighbors and organizations often disagree with MPD asto whether the gate to the practice field facility should remain open or closed beyondthe posted hours of operation.Capital improvements are needed.Playground equipment needs to be upgraded and made more aesthetically pleasant. Visibility of outdoor play areas is a problem.Bench spaces on the grounds would make it more welcoming to parents and caregivers
Harry Thomas Sr. Rec Center 2012 Assessment II
By I.S. & H.Y.
although they could also attract the homeless population based upon previousexperience
 There’s a conflict between exterior lighting and landscape. Trees block the lights,
treetrimming efforts have fallen significantly behind schedule, and/or lighting types requireredesign to accommodate existing trees.Homeless people trying to access the center is an issue. The front door of the centeroften remains locked as a deterrent. Lack of communication systems and visibility between entrances and interior office spaces impede visitor entry when doors remainlocked. The posted hours of operation require update from the previous summerschedule to the current fall schedule. The existing building is the result of a partial construction of the original design thattook place in 2000. Abandoned concrete foundations on the grounds reveal thelocations of additional recreation buildings demolished in 2000 that were scheduled tobe rebuilt during the renovation/construction. Vandalism is a big issue in all Rec Centers. When changes are made, vandalismprevention measures should be taken in consideration for interior and exterior features. The pool currently operating outdoors was designed for indoor applications resulting in excessive maintenance requirements.
Rules and Regulations
Recently updated ID policies for pool use remain unclear and challenging for someusers, especially youth.Students gathering and loitering at nearby bus stops often behave in mannersdisrespectful to adjacent homeowners.Having adults using the grounds after operating hours would be welcome by the staff but would conflict with current DPR policies. Staff recognizes the benefit of having outdoor facilities fully utilized.
 Activities and Programs
 This facility functions as primarily as a Community Service Center rather than as aRec/Athletic Center80% Social activities
20% Athletic activitiesStaff sees the benefit of having Capital Bikeshare and other transportation sharing equipment on site. A gymnasium remains the greatest need, as it would serve the broadest group of usersspanning the entire age spectrum. The lack of a Gym puts this center in a disadvantage

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