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BC0050-Oracle and Distributed Databases-MQP

BC0050-Oracle and Distributed Databases-MQP

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Published by Nainil Bhatt

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Published by: Nainil Bhatt on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Model Question PaperSubject Code: BC0050Subject Name: Oracle & Distributed DatabasesCredits: 4 Marks: 140Part A (One mark questions)
1. A schema is a collection of all objects that a user has created.A) SchemaB) DataC) DatabaseD) Relation2. The ______ attribute is used to declare variables based on definitions of columns in a table.A) %TYPEB) %ATTRIBUTEC) %ROWSETD) %NOTFOUND3. The DBA creates a account in the database for each user who needs access.A) bankB) fictitiousC) userD) nominee4. ____ security includes monitoring and assigning users permissions to the various objects inthe database.A) DatabaseB) RelationC) FunctionalD) Data5. Procedures and Functions are stored in the ______________ 
A) PackageB) MemoryC) Oracle DatabaseD) RAM6. A _______ is an Oracle object that holds which holds other objects within it.A) PackageB) MemoryC) Oracle DatabaseD) RAM7. Procedure declaration resembles a function declaration except that there is no _______.A) DataB) Data TypeC) Function typeD) SQL Type8. A _____is a data base object, like a table or an index.A) databaseB) viewC) SynonymD) trigger9. The combination of HTTP clients, Application Server, and Oracle database together is called _________.A) SuiteB) Developer SuiteC) Oracle 9i Developer SuiteD) Oracle database10. The ______ offers a comprehensive set of middle – tier services.A) Client ApplicationsB) Server ApplicationsC) Business logicD) Application Server
 11. Opening a _____ executes the query and identifies the active set that contains all the rows,which meet the query search criteria.A) CursorB) TriggerC) TableD) View12. Whenever any cursor (explicit or implicit ) is opened and used, ORACLE creates a set of _______system variables via which ORACLE keep track of the "current status" of the cursor.A) OneB) TwoC) FourD) Three13. A ________reliably manages a large amount of data in a multiuser environment so thatmany users can concurrently access the same data.A) ServerB) DatabaseC) ClientD) User14. The ___________ objects are the logical structures that directly refer to the database's datawhich include structures like tables, views, and indexes.A) DatabaseB) ServerC) SchemaD) Software15. Oracle stores records relating to each other in a _______.A) tableB) fieldC) columnD) cursor

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