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Notes on Nazi Germany

Notes on Nazi Germany

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Published by Minchul Park
Macleans College Year 10 Social Studies notes
Hope this helps =D
Macleans College Year 10 Social Studies notes
Hope this helps =D

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Published by: Minchul Park on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Notes on Nazi GermanySocial and Economic conditions of Germany after WWI:
Low morale over loss of WWI and the harsh conditions of the Treaty of Versailles
Germany became a republic after the war but in a bad state with no popularity
Inflation occurred
The German government did not have enough money to cope with the inflation so theyprinted out more money which resulted in Hyperinflation
Recession started as people had no confidence in business investments
13% of German territory was given to Czechoslovakia, Poland and France
All Germany
s overseas lands were confiscated and German army was reduced from 6million to 100,000 men
All important German industrial areas were to be controlled by the Western Allies
The Formation of the Nazi Party
In 1919, Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers
Party and made himself valuable to the GermanWorkers
Party members as he was a powerful, hypnotic speaker who drew bigger audiences eachtime he spoke. Hitler changed the Party name to the National Socialist German Worker
s Party.The German initials were NSDAP, and the first two words run together to form NAZI.
The Beliefs of Hitler and the Nazi party:
The nation was more important than any person in it
There would be only one leader of Germany
Germans were the blood descendants of Aryan people
The Germans were the
master race
All other races other than the Germans were inferior
Germans were the natural leaders of everyone else around them
Germans had the right to expand their country
Germans had a duty to unite all German people everywhere
s First Rebellion
Hitler tried to overthrow the Bavarian government in 1923. This incident is known as theBeer Hall incident (Munich Putch)
Failed and was tried for treason
In the prison Hitler wrote his autobiography called Mein Kampf (My Struggle) whichcontained Hitler
s ideas and beliefs
How did Hitler achieve total control of Germany by 1934?
Many Germans were bitter about the loss of WWI and the harsh terms of the Versailles Treaty
The SA secured meetings and disrupted opposition party rallies. They gave the impression of order and discipline. Young men and ex-soldiers were attracted to the uniform, symbols andcamaraderie of the SA3.
Goebbels masterminded the propaganda and election campaigns that won increasing supportfor Nazism. Hitler used aircraft so he could make speeches in a number of cities in the sameday4.
Hitler was a mesmerising and emotive speaker who aroused patriotic feelings and got peopleto believe in him5.
In 1923, hyperinflation wiped out the savings of the middle classes. Hitler promised to makeGermany great again, solve economic problems and restore pride. Many Germans wanted tobelieve him6.
By 1933, six million workers were unemployed in Germany Hitler promised to find them jobs7.
By 1933, the Nazi party was the largest in the Reichstag with 40% of the votes. This is twiceas many as any other party. President Hindenburg hoped that Hitler would be less disruptiveif he was appointed chancellor and form coalition government8.
After the Reichstag fire, Hitler declares a state of emergency and forces parliament to passthe Enabling Act, which gave him the power to dissolve parliament and outlaw other parties9.
In 1934, Hindenburg dies and Hitler gets the SS to carry out the
Night of the Long Knives
inwhich the leaders of the SA (Sturm Abteilung or stormtroopers or brownshirts) were executed.
Ernst Röhm
, the leader of the SA was executed also because the wanted his brownshirts tobecome the new German army (with him in charge of course). This won the support of industrialists and the loyalty of the army. Hitler was now Fuhrer and had total power over theGerman nation
s effects on Germany
A Role for women:The role of women in Germany was to have many children as possible. The Hitler
s governmenteven gave awards to women who gave birth to many children. This was effective because Hitlerthought the more people a nation had, the more powerful it usually was.Role for men:
To work for long hours without questioning for wages and working hours
To be involved in public work projects. For example, the Autobahn highway system werebuilt by unemployed workers called the
Labour Army
To farm and provide food to the army and its people
To be involved in the armed forces and prepare and get ready for warThe ChildrenThe children of Germany had to act like Nazis and were taught to spy on their parents. They were
taught the old glories of the Warrior tribes of Germany and how badly Germany had been treatedby its neighbouring countries after WWI. Physical education was important as Hitler wanted thechildren to be strong, tough and fast. The children were expected to be involved in organizationssuch as Hitler youth and League of German maidensThe Hitler YouthAge Boys Girls6-10 Pimpfen (the Little Fellows)10-14 Jungvolk (the Young Folk) Jungm
delbund (Young Girls)14-18 Hitler-Jugend (Hitler Youth) Bund Deutsche M
del (League of German Girls)These five Hitler Youth organizations taught loyalty to Hitler and trained the youth with militaryskills
The Holocaust
Groups of people executed through the Holocaust:
6 million Jews which includes men, women and children
5.5 million in total: Romani (Gypsies), Polish Nationals, Homosexuals, Jehovah
s Witnesses,Political criminal & othersDuring the late 1930s German Jews were:
Stripped of German citizenship
Forbidden to marry Germans
Unable to operate their own businesses
Stripped of their bank accounts, homes and possessions
Humiliated and beaten in the streets
Made to wear a yellow Star of David badgeReich Church: Reich church was a new church in Germany that Hitler made to change Christianityso he could even control people
s beliefs in Christianity. This came to effect as the Christianchurches were speaking out, condemning Hitler
s harsh treatment of people who opposed Hitler
The escalating aggression against the Jews
Mein Kampf 
published. Hitler outlines his thesis that there is a
Jewish peril
orconspiracy to gain world leadership. He says Judaism and Communism are the two mainevils in the world and his aim is to eradicate them2.
Registration and restriction. Jews removed from government jobs. Jews bannedfrom teaching in sate schools and universities. All Jew had to register. Race biology wasintroduced to the school curriculum that teaches Anti-Semitism3.
The Nuremburg Laws. Segregation made official policy. Jews cannot attend stateschools, theatres, cinemas or state vacation resorts. Intermarriage with non-Jews is

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