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English Vocab!

English Vocab!

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Published by Nelson Chen

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Published by: Nelson Chen on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.conventional (100)based on accepted practice; traditional; customary;normal; ordinary; orthodox (convention,unconventional)2.undermine(99)to hurt, weaken, or destroy, often in anunderhanded or sneaky way3.dismissive(90)rejecting anothers thoughts or ideas, usually as notworthy of consideration; condescending(dismiss)4.aesthetic(86)relating to what is beautiful; beautiful; pleasin(aesthetics, aesthete, unaesthetic)5.objective (77)based on facts rather than personal feelings;unbiased; not personal; not subjective;true(objectivity)6.reconcile(75)to adjust the differences between things; to reachan agreement, especially after an argument; tomake up; to overcome discord; to try to be inclusive(reconciliation, conciliatory, irreconcilable)7.speculative (74)taking a chance; risky; uncertain; cannot beconfirmed (speculate, speculation)8.accessible(71)being able to enter or approach a place;approachable; friendly; genial; gregarious(access,inaccessible)9.decorum(68)proper; correct behavior or etiquette; goodmanners; refinement(decorous, indecorous)10.impulsive(67)tending to act on impulse and without thought;rash; impetuous; unrestrained; capricious(impulses)11.deride(67)to ridicule something; to laugh at something asridiculous; to mock;to satirize(derision, derisory,risible)12.suppress(67)to stop something from rising or coming out byholding it down; to repress(suppression)13.complacent(66)overly pleased with an accomplishment;overconfident; self-satisfied; so unwary as to befoolish (complacency)
14.reverent(66)deeply honoring or respectfuland so not jokinaround; venerating(revere, reverence, reverential,irreverent)15.disparage(65)to insult or put down; to offend16.relevant(65)relating to the subject at hand; important orsignificant; pertinent(relevance, irrelevant)17.prudent(62)careful; cautious, especially about money; havingood judgment; circumspect; wary(prudence,imprudent)18.refute (62)to prove wrong or false (refutation, irrefutable)19.inevitable(61)certain to happen; unavoidable (inevitability)20.innocuous(60)harmless; not dangerous at all; not likely to provokea strong reaction; inconsequential21.convey(60)to make something known; to reveal; tocommunicate; to depict22.profound (59)wise; deep; beneath the surface (profundity)23.ironic (59)a statement or situation that conveys a secondmeaning at odds with the apparent meaning;humorous (irony)24.ambivalent (58)undecided; feeling positively and negatively towardssomething (ambivalence)25.pragmatic(58)getting things done in an effective way; practical;emphasizing the practical; expedient(pragmatism,pragmatist)26.innovative(58)new; revolutionary (innovation)27.rational(57)based on reason rather than emotions; logical;sensible (irrational, rationale, rationalize)28.abstract(57)based on general ideas; not solid or concrete; vague;hypothetical(abstraction)
29.distinct (57)clearly separate from others; not identical;different; clear; conspicuous; lucid(distinction,distinctive, indistinct)30.felicitous(56)well-chosen; especially appropriate; pleasin(felicity, infelicity)31.resolute(56)determined to succeed; not easily discouraged;persistent; tenacious(resolution, irresolute,resolve, unresolved)32.diverse(55)varying; something composed of distinctor unlikeelements or qualities (diversity, diversify)33.trivial(53)unimportant; insignificant; negligible;inconsequential(trivialize, triviality)34.discern(53)to notice; to see clearly; to distinguish; todiscriminate (discerning, discernment,indiscernible)35.enhance(53)to strengthen; to improve (enhancement)36.redundant(52)extra, so not needed; extraneous (redundancy)37.tempered(52)mild; not severe or extreme; controlled; moderate;restrained (temperate, temperance, intemperate)38.dubious (52)doubtful, and probably untrue; implausible39.depict (51)to represent in words or pictures; to describe ascene or situation; to show; to convey (depiction)40.compelling(51)to arouse a feeling irresistibly; forceful; incisive;provocative; engaging (compel, compulsion,compulsory)41.indifferent(51)not caring about somethingsuch as an outcomeone way or the other; apathetic(indifference)42.embellish(50)to decorate; to make beautiful or aesthetic;to makeadditions to, especially as in adding fictitiousdetails to a story (embellishment)

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