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Drilling Engineering Ahmed-1.5

Drilling Engineering Ahmed-1.5

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Published by Loh Chun Liang

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Published by: Loh Chun Liang on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rig components
The most important rig components include:1.Engines;2. Derrick and substructure;3. Hoisting equipment( hoisting element)4. Rotary equipment;5. Mud pumps;6. And blowout preventers (BOPS).
The drawworks is the key component of the drilling rig. Its completetasks in the whole drilling operation: making round trip-tripping in and trippingout, handling downhole accidents, driving the rotary table to make up andbreak out and performing any other auxiliary operation. The drawworks isfurnished with roller bearings and alloy steel shafts.pressure lubricated chains at both high speed and low speed ends,ventilated type air-tube clutches are fitted. The brake rim is cooled forcefullyby the circulating water, the rim surface is medium frequency inductionhardened, having the good abrasion resistance and the long service life.Transmission of the developed power to various parts of the rig isachieved either mechanically or electrically. In mechanical transmission, thepower developed by each engine is gathered in a single arrangement, termedthe compound. The compound delivers the engines power to draw-works androtary table through roller chains and sprockets. In mechanical transmission, rigpumps are powered by the used of large belts.In electrical transmission, diesel engines are mounted on the groundsome distance away from the rig and are used to drive large electric generators.The generators produce electricity that is sent through cables to electric motorsattached directly to draw-works, rotary table and mud pump.

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