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Secret Service Must Investigate Obama Credit Card Fraud

Secret Service Must Investigate Obama Credit Card Fraud



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Published by jb_uspu
This document includes evidence of massive fraud within the Obama 2012 Campaign to re-election, involving foreign campaign contributions from unknown sources via fraudulent credit and debit card activity.
This document includes evidence of massive fraud within the Obama 2012 Campaign to re-election, involving foreign campaign contributions from unknown sources via fraudulent credit and debit card activity.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: jb_uspu on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Secret Service Must Investigate Obama Credit Card Fraud
By JB Williams jb.uspu@gmail.com 
The Obama campaign is reporting that it raised a record $181 million in the month of September alone. According to campaign FEC filings for September, the money came from 1.8 million individual donors,many overseas, and over 500,000 of whom had never donated before.Did YOU donat
e to Obama? You might have, just follow the trail… The same thing happened in
September of 2008.We later learned that most of that huge cash infusion came from foreign countries, insmall denominations, just like September 2012,averaging $53 each from millions of undisclosed donors, most of them abroad.The
re are Federal Laws making it “illegal” to accept “foreign campaign contributions,” yet Obama just
took in almost $200 million, most of it from overseas donors. The FEC must immediately investigate the source of these overseas funds.
The neat part is who those “first time donors” are… it is YOU.
And it is YOU who must demand that theFEC and Secret Service immediately investigate the massive overseas funds pouring into the Obamacampaign.The Government Accountability Institute  just issued a 109 page report detailing the massive campaign finance fraud taking place in the 2012 campaign.
From the report
“Campaigns are not required to disclose donations from individuals who gave less than $200 in a campaign
cycle unless the campaign is audited. Furthermore, campaigns do not even need to keep records of thosewho gave less than $50. Presidential candidates are raising large amounts of money that fall under the $200threshold and audits are rare unless a campaign accepts federal matching funds. To this date (September 26,2012), the Romney campaign has raised $58,456,968 and the Obama campaign has raised $271,327,755 incontributions under $200 for the 2012 campaign cycle. In the 2008 presidential elections, the Obamacampaign raised $335,139,233 in donati
ons under $200.”
Given the state-of-
the art digital sophistication of the President’s re
-election campaign
includingsocial media, micro-targeting and data-mining
its online donation system contains at least threemajor security vulnerabilities:
1. The absence of the industry-standard CVV and unknown use of AVS anti-fraud security for online creditcard donations2. The presence of a branded, major third party-owned website (Obama.com) redirects its 68% foreigntraffic to a campaign donation page3. Active foreign solicitation using indiscriminate email solicitations and exposure to social media
Obama Campaign Lacks the Industry-Standard Level Of Credit Card Security For  Donations, But Uses It For Merchandise Purchases:
To purchase Obama campaign merchandise, thecampaign requires buyers to enter their credit card CVV security code, but does not require the credit card
security code to be entered when making an online campaign donation (see page 61). By GAI’s estimates,the Obama campaign’s failure to utilize industry
-standard protections potentially costs the campaignmillions in extra processing fees.
(with purpose)
The BIG Picture is Massive Fraud
There are reasons why the Obama campaign would use CVV code security technology for merchandising. In short, the CVV code on the back of your credit or debit card is there to ensure that the individual usingthe card is you, or someone authorized by you to use the card.Most Credit Card fraud does not happen with a stolen card, but rather a stolen card number. Because thefraudster does not actually possess the card, but only the card number and expiration date for the card,they will not have the CVV code on the back of the card in most cases.When the campaign is selling and shipping merchandise, they use CVV code technology to secure eachtransaction before shipping merchandise.But when nothing is being shipped, as in the case of campaign donations, they have CVV codetechnology turned off. Why? Because, the transactions coming from overseas on stolen card numbers,will not have the CVV code.
They also won’t have 
AVS information,which the Obama campaign alsoturned off on its donations account. They are stolen card numbers, most of them from Americans.Address Verification, (AVS) like CVV code verification, are industry standards for blocking fraudulentonline transactions. Why has the Obama campaign turned off both of those security functions for donations, but not for merchandise orders?With these security functions turned on, the system would DECLINE transactions
as “fraudulent” if theywere missing a matching CVV code. So, to allow “fraudulent” donations on stolen card numbers, theywould have to turn off the CVV security function, thereby allowing the “fraudulent” transactions to
APPROVE without any CVV code match.
This raises three obvious questions?
Who are these individual donors? (Including via bundlers?)2.
Why are we allowing foreign donations from overseas?3.
How many of those donations are made on stolen U.S. card numbers?Only a full scale investigation into the massive donations from September 2012 (and 2008) can answer
these and other questions. However, what we already know is this…
Obama is not supposed to accept any foreign campaign donations, but he is.
The Obama campaign is familiar with and using CVV code technology on merchandise, but noton campaign donations.
Without the CVV code, fraudulent donations can be made with stolen card numbers and they are.
The CVV code technology was intentionally turned off for Obama donations only.
The Secret Service is responsible for investigating and prosecuting Credit Card Fraud.
 The Secret Service must immediately investigate the huge sums pouring into the Obama campaign fromoverseas donors, looking closely at the campaigns misuse of CVV code technology to open the flood gates for fraudulent transactions.The Obama Campaign used these same tactics in 2008, for more than $200 million in foreign unsecuredonations from undisclosed donors.Because they are committing fraud in small denominations, $25-$50 each, most American cardholders
won’t even notice the charge on their statement. Even if they do notice on their next billing statement and
issue a chargeback,
it won’t be until after the election is over.
 Meanwhile, Obama can take in hundreds of millions in foreign fraudulent transactions billed to stolenU.S. card numbers and use those funds to win re-election. By the time people figure out they donated toObama when their statement arrives, the election will be over.To raise this issue with Secret Service, contact your closest Field Office.  Contact the FEC here 
and demand an immediate investigation into Obama’s foreign campaign
contributions.Whether or not the average reader can grasps the gravity of this fraud or not, I can assure you that theSecret Service and F.B.I. fully understand. They know exactly why someone would turn off thesestandard security features. They know that it represents an intentional opening of the flood gates forfraudulent online donations.What the people need to know is what these Law Enforcement groups are going to do about it and if theyare going to do it, before another election is stolen by fraud?Are they loyal to America?
In an explosive report set to send shockwaves through official Washington, the GovernmentAccountability Institute (GAI) released a 108-page GAI investigation into the threat of foreign andfraudulent Internet campaign donations in U.S. federal elections
(visit  campaignfundingrisks.com  to  download the full report)
Breitbart News obtained an advance copy of the bombshell report which reveals that the Obama.com
website is not owned by the president’s campaign but rather by Obama 
bundler Robert Roche, a U.S.citizen living in Shanghai, China. Roche is the chairman of a Chinese infomercial company, AcornInternational, with ties to state-
controlled banks that allow it to “gain revenue through credit cardtransactions with Chinese banks.”
There’s more.

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k_gunnell added this note
At Jay Gatsby...Your response has been noted...Now, go relax and have another glass of obama Kool-Aid...BTW, the "random stuff" that Far Right People "pull out of their bottom" is usually Far Left Anti-Americans...
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Jay Gatsby added this note
So because you think there are illegal foreign contributions, there must be? And you've confused the Secret Service with the Federal Elections Commission. As for the "CVV" theory, many websites don't require the user to enter that verification number when placing an order. Should they all be investigated for purported credit card fraud? Far-right people just pull random stuff out of their bottom
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