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Lesson Plan Where in the World Handout

Lesson Plan Where in the World Handout

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Published by Barbara Durham

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Published by: Barbara Durham on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan: Where in the worldis __________________________
Name: _______________Class Period: _________
Lesson Plan:
Where in the world is…
General information:
Our world is made up of many wondrous places. Your mission is to find out lots ofinteresting information about a specific area of the world. You will then share thisinformation with the class.You will work with your group to identify certain characteristics and information abouteach continent and sub-region. Your group will create a display (a Power Point, a poster board, etc.) with all necessary information. Your group will also do an oral presentationwith the display. Each person in the group will also turn in this packet filled outentirely. This will require your group to work together to share information. Yourrubric for the project is included in this packet.You will have research time in class throughout the next two weeks. You will have classtime to finish this project, but you may also need to work at home on the project. Youcan get books from the library. You may also use the computers at the library and in theclassroom during the appropriate times.How your group divides the work is up to your group. Everyone must work andparticipate. It might be easier if each person researches one or two regions, theneveryone can participate in the display and oral report. You will be graded onparticipation as well as the work completed.You do not have to complete the packet in order. If you find information about imports
and exports before you find out about the climate of a region, it’s okay
 , as long as youcomplete the entire packet.Research the area, keeping the questions from the packet in mind. Then complete thepacket. Once the packet is complete, the display should be very easy to finish with theinformation you have in the packet.I have provided lines to answer questions. Please use whole sentences and spell ascorrectly as possible. If you need more room, continue on another sheet of paper. Unlessotherwise noted, please use a pencil.
Lesson Plan:
Where in the world is…
Continents and regions:
The world is divided into seven continents. The continents are divided into sub-regions.The continents and sub-regions are listed below:
Africa: Asia:
Northern Africa Western AsiaCentral/Middle Africa Central AsiaEastern Africa Eastern AsiaSouthern Africa Southern AsiaWestern Africa Southeastern AsiaNorthern Asia
Europe: North America:
Eastern Europe Central AmericaNorthern Europe United StatesWestern Europe CanadaSouthern Europe Caribbean
South America: Oceania & Antarctica: **
Northern South America AustraliaEastern South America ZealandiaAmazon Basin Pacific IslandsSouthern South America Antarctica**Antarctica is its own continent and not a sub-region. However, there is little researchfor this continent so I placed it together with Oceania.

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