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Published by Kym Mumford

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Published by: Kym Mumford on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(1927) Dir Fritz Lang
 Metropolis is a German expressionist science-fiction filmdirected by Fritz Lang in 1927.
One of the biggest productionsof its time, Metropolis still holds its own when set design andspecial effects are compared.
(Galecawitz, 1999). The film wasinspired by a book that Fritz Lang
s wife had written. The filmbegins in a futuristic utopian society named Metropolis. You areintroduced to Freder Fredresen who is the son of Joh Fredersenthe founder of Metropolis. Freder one day spots a beautifulwoman with a group of children, trying to follow her hediscovers the underground world of the workers, who keep theentire city functioning. Freder leans that the women is Mariawho has a vision to join the workers and those above together.Freder wants to help the workers achieve a better life. When hisfather finds out about this he devises a plan with the help of anold colleague Rotwang, an inventor, who works towardssquashing the uprising. Joh is unaware that Rotwang has his ownagenda. Together they kidnap marie and replace her with arobot of Rotwang
s design that looks exactly like her. The robotstarts to cause chaos and shuts down all the machines, whichbrings chaos to the utopian city above. Eventually Frederbecomes the mediator and brings the working class and theupper class together, in harmony.A lot of praise seems to be given to this film for its remarkablesets or innovative graphics for the time. Such as Jochen Lotke
Beautiful sets and cinematography make this film quiteremarkable. The costumes, too, are fabulous in the extreme.
 (Lotke, 2007) The sets were very futuristic and influences of them are seen in films such as
The Fifth element,
the whole concept of robots taking over or havinghuman form is an idea that plays innumerous films today. One of the mosticonic shots of the film is shown in Fig. 2,so in many respects the film was beyondit
s time. However not much praise isgiven to the storyline, in some opinionsit
s thought to be overly simplistic orsimply just not make sense. In others it just drags out a very simple story into avery long film that leaves the viewerslightly bored. H. G Wells being one of those who thought the film lacked incertain areas.
I have recently seen thesilliest film. I do not believe it would beFig. 1
Original 1927 theatrical release poster 
 Fi. 2
possible to make one sillier.
He further went on to say
Possibly I dislike this soupy whirlpool nonethe less because I find decaying fragments of my own juvenile work of thirty years ago, The SleeperAwakes, floating about in it.
(Wells, 1927)In conclusion the films concept, set and costume were all ahead of their time and their influencescan been seen in films today such as C3PO in
Star Wars
bears a remarkable resemblance to therobot in this film. And whether or not the plot is very good the fact remains that this film has stoodthe test of time, and it
s original.

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