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October 2012 Newsletter

October 2012 Newsletter

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Published by Glenda Kunze

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Published by: Glenda Kunze on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tri-Center Newsletter 2012
High School 485-2257 Middle School 485-2211 Elementary 485-2271www.tri-center.k12.ia.us
Superintendent’s News and
…Brett Nanninga
The Annual Progress Report for 2011-2012may be found on the Tri-Center website atwww.tri-center.k12.ia.us. 
Tri-Center Community Schools 
Mission Statement 
CommittedtoMaximizingStudent Potential
Tri-Center Community SchoolsDistrict Goals
Align Curriculum (Pre-K through12)Promote Community InvolvementRefine Classroom InstructionImprove Student AchievementStrengthen Life Skills
Tri-Center Community SchoolsBelief Statements
All students can learn and succeed, although indifferent ways and at an individual pace.Learning should take place in real-life contextsand should reflect the interrelated nature of subject areas. Using resources in thecommunity can help students to understand howpresent learning is connected to future work experiences.Learning should be approached as a life-long,continual process.In order to function in a global society, studentsneed to understand individual and culturaldiversities.It is the responsibility of everyone associatedwith the school to develop a climate that fosterspositive self-concepts and self-esteem.Learning occurs best in a safe, clean, attractive,and comfortable, non-threatening environment.Students learn best when their unique personal,social, and academic needs are met by caringteachers and administrators.Excellence will be achieved by hiring,nurturing, and retaining innovative teachers whoare leaders in their field.
Learning occurs best when students are involvedin a variety of academic and extra-curricularactivities.Self-discipline, personal responsibility, respect,and a commitment to a strong work ethic will beencouraged, expected and exemplified.Family and community support enhances thelearning process.Functional families are an integral part of student achievement.
Tri-Center Community SchoolsStudent Achievement GoalsStudents who graduate from Tri-CenterCommunity Schools will:
Respect self and others2.
Communicate effectively3.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle4.
Use resources effectively5.
Be life-long learners7.
Demonstrate responsibility8.
Live and work cooperatively9.
Set and implement realistic goals10.
Meet Tri-Center academicstandards/requirements
Encouragement . . . Opportunity Knocks
It is a proven fact that people (children andadults) need affirmation and encouragement in life.Opportunities usually abound for us to complimentor positively reinforce someone
 —we don’t have to
look real hard for those instances and they usuallycost us nothing more than a little time.Unfortunately, we tend to notice more things thatare wrong and end up applying unnecessary energyor drama that often results in making matters worse.We must take time to tell our kids, other kids, andthose that influence the lives of all kids (teachers,coaches/sponsors, support staff, and administrators)that they are doing a fine job and need to keepmaking a difference. This far-from-perfect world isvery adept at promoting the negative or tragic issuesin society. We must remember that it is part of ourresponsibility to recognize what is right and good,and apply some of our energy toward making moreof the same happen. Watch for the opportunity toaffirm or show gratitude, and then watch the resultsof your encouragement. We could all benefit frommore acts and words of kindness.
“The most important profession in the
world is parenting.The second is teaching, and everyone is a
teacher to someone.”
 --John Wooden
From the Principal’s Desk 
… Angie Huseman
 October 19
: End of 1
Quarter.Power School
Remember, you can check your child’s
grade at anytime through the Power School System.All you need is Internet access. If you do not haveInternet access, call me, and we can figure out away for you to stay
as informed about your child’s
academic performance as possible. If you see
something on Power School that you do not feelmakes sense, make sure you contact the teacher.
It is vital for your child’s progress in school
to be involved in his/her daily activities. Let yourchild know what your expectations are for him/her,and talk frequently about what is going on inschool.
As with everything that happens at the highschool, if you have any questions that I can answer,please call 485-2257.
New Parent Log-Ins, Apps and Alert Numbers
A few changes have been made in thePowerSchool system of which you may or may notalready be aware.First, parents will need to create a newaccount with their own chosen user name andpassword. You will need to enter the Parentusername and information listed following thisparagraph into the Parent Log-in site to accomplishthis. You can access this location by going to theTri-Center website: www.tri-center.k12.ia.us.Once you are in our website, click on the PowerSchool Student link located on the left handcolumn. Then, click on the red Apple PowerSchool logo at the top of the page. You will see nearthe bottom of that page. Click on "CreateAccount". Complete the information on the form,selecting your own user name and password; thiswill become your username and password for all of your children. At the bottom of the form, you willtype in the name(s) of your child(ren). You willneed to use your old parent log-in information forthe Access Ids and Access Passwords for yourstudent(s).If you have more than one student, you willbe getting this same letter for each of your children,but you should enter all of your children on thissame page when you first create your account. THESYSTEM IS CASE SENSITIVE, SO IF THEREARE CAPITAL LETTERS, USE CAPITALLETTERS. This will enable you to have one log infor all of your children. Hit enter when all of thefields are full. Also, you now have access to the freePowerSchool apps on iPhones and iPads. You justneed to search for PowerSchool, install the free appand put your newly created user name and passwordin once.Second, YOU NOW HAVE THE ABILITYTO SET UP AND CONTROL YOUR OWNACCESS TO THE DISTRICT WIDE ALERTSYSTEM. We have a new notification system thatallows parents to update any and all contactinformation at any time by simply logging into theirparent account and clicking on PowerAnnouncement in the side bar. Once you haveclicked on Power Announcement, you should click on EXPAND ALL. Now you have the power to tellus if you want to be notified by text, email, phoneor any combination. You can add a lot of numbersor just one. That is up to you. We do need to haveat least one number so we can reach you in case of emergency. This information was given to you allat registration, and it was sent home with your childduring the week of September 24
.If you need additional help, please do nothesitate to call any of the building secretaries orprincipals. The help you will need is close at hand.
About Sportsmanship…
 The following was something I found in alegal alert that I believe is appropriate to include atthe beginning of the new school year. I hope youwill take a few minutes and read this over. I expectall the Tri-Center students to display goodsportsmanship and class at all of our many events.This is a much easier job when parents providethem with good role models.PARENT SPORTSMANSHIP PLEDGE1.
I will encourage good sportsmanship bydemonstrating support for all athletes,coaches, and officials at every game,practice, or athletic event.2.
I will place the emotional and physical well-being of children ahead of any personaldesire to win.3.
I will support coaches and officials workingwith my child to provide a positive,enjoyable experience for all.4.
I will not encourage any behaviors orpractices that would endanger the health andwell being of athletes.5.
I will treat other players, parents, coaches,fans and officials with respect and refrainfrom verbal digs.6.
I will teach my child to play by the rules andto resolve conflicts without resorting tohostility or violence.7.
I will respect the coaches and officials andtheir authority during games and will notquestion, discuss, or confront coaches at agame site.8.
If I have concerns to discuss, I will take timeto speak with the coach at an agreed upontime and place.

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