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Bjorem Unit Plan Text Set

Bjorem Unit Plan Text Set

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Published by Kyle Bearhome

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Published by: Kyle Bearhome on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Text InformationSummaryRelation to UnitSupport MaterialNotesBenedict, P. (2010). Miracle boy andother stories. Winston-Salem, NC:Press 53. ISBN: 978-1935708018Short story collection.The primary text othe unit. Threestories: "MiracleBoy"; "Bridge of Sighs"; "TheWorld, The Flesh,and the Devil".Some stronglanguage.Benedict, P. (1987). Town smokes:stories. New York: Ontario ReviewPress. ISBN: 978-0865380585Short story collection.Earliest collectionby same author.Some stronglanguage.Benedict, P. (1992). Wrecking yard.New York: Nan A Talese. ISBN:978-0385511193Short story collection.Second collectionby same author.Some stronglanguage.Benedict, P. (1994). Dogs of God.New York: Doubleday. ISBN: 978-0385511131Novel.Novel by sameauthor.Some stronglanguage.Campbell, J. (2008). The hero with athousand faces. Novato, Calif: NewWorld Library. ISBN: 978-1577315933Overview and analysis of dominantthemes in world mythology.Investigation intothe history of narrative lessonthat occurs early inthe unit. Analysisof symbol,metaphor,structure, etc.Diagrams, photos,glossary, index,maps.Hasheider, P. (2007). How to raisecattle : everything you need to know.St. Paul: Voyageur Press. ISBN:978-0760328026Information on cattle ranching."Bridge of Sighs"involves cattleranching.Photos, glossary,index.Monk, R. (2005). How to readWittgenstein. New York: Norton.ISBN: 978-0393328202 Accessible introduction to thethought of philosopher/linguistLudwig WittgensteinRelevant to theshort intro lessonabout the nature of language.GlossaryTolstoy, L. (2005). The kingdom of God is within you. New York: Barnes& Noble Books. ISBN: 978-0760765524Leo Tolstoy's interpretation of Christianity, with emphasis onSermon on the MountRelevant tothemes of compassion andreaction toviolence in thestories.Santelli, R. (2004). The Appalachians : America's first andlast frontier. New York: RandomHouse. ISBN: 978-1400061860History and photgraphs from theregion Author is from theregion and storiesare set there.Photos.Caudill, H. (2001). Night comes tothe Cumberlands : a biography of adepressed area. Ashland, Ky: JesseStuart Foundation. ISBN: 978-1931672009 Another take on the Appalachianarea. Author is from theregion and storiesare set therePhotos.Eller, R. (2008). Uneven ground : Appalachia since 1945. Lexington:University Press of Kentucky. ISBN:978-0813125237Focus on the modern era of theregion. Author is from theregion and storiesare set therePhotos. Aulaire, I. (2005). D'Aulaire's Book of Greek myths. Garden City, N.Y:Doubleday. ISBN: 978-0440406945Picture book introducing the mythsand legends.Investigation intothe history of narrative lessonthat occurs early inthe unit.Connectionbetween myth andmodernstorytelling.Illustrations, index. Aulaire, I. (2005). D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths. New York: New YorkReview of Books. ISBN: 978-1590171257Picture book introducting the mythsand legends.Investigation intothe history of narrative lessonthat occurs early inthe unit.Connectionbetween myth andmodernstorytelling.Illustrations, index.
Erdoes, R. (1984). American Indianmyths and legends. New York:Pantheon Books ISBN: 978-0394740188Large collection of stories from manyNorth American tribes.Investigation intothe history of narrative lessonthat occurs early inthe unit.Connectionbetween myth andmodernstorytelling.Illustrations, index.Gardner, J. (1991). The art of fiction: notes on craft for young writers.New York: Vintage Books. ISBN:978-0679734031In-depth analysis of how fictionworks and is created effectively.Investigates thetechnical aspectsof fiction, as wellas terms,structures, pov,theme, etc.Diagrams, glossary,index.Gardner, J. (2000). On moral fiction.New York: Basic Books. ISBN: 978-0465052264Treatise on the power of fiction tofortify right-action and civility.Particularlyrelevant to mythand these storiesby Benedict.O'Connor, F. (1990). The completestories. New York: Noonday Press.ISBN: 978-0374515362 All of Flannery O'Connor's shortstories. A unit with anelement of shortfiction by aSouthern writer would beincompletewithout. Adler, M. (1972). How to read abook. New York: Simon andSchuster. ISBN: 978-0671212094The concept of heirarchal "levels" of reading. Close reading and analysisbroken down.Close reading andcritical anaylsissupplement.Bloom, H. (2001). How to read andwhy. New York: Touchstone Books.ISBN: 978-0684859071Why wide reading is vital to personal/ cultural growth and improvement.Close reading andcritical anaylsissupplement.Index.The Mammoth book of fighter pilots.(2002). New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers. ISBN: 978-0786710669Stories, history, and photos."The World, TheFlesh, and TheDevil" has a fighter pilot protagonist.Photos.Crane, S. (1977). The portableStephen Crane. Harmondworth,Eng. New York: Penguin Books.ISBN: 978-0140150681Short stories and novels by the early American writer.Early example of  American shortfiction, connects toBenedicts work intheme, butcontrasts instyle/structure.Clark, R. (2006). Writing tools : 50essential strategies for every writer.New York: Little, Brown, and Co.ISBN: 978-0316014991Technical strategies and habits thatlead to more effective writing.Supplement for students as theyimplement thedrafting processfor their summaries.Index, glossary.Simont, M. (2001). The stray dog.New York: HarperCollins. ISBN:978-0060289331 A picture book about a stray dog."The World, TheFlesh, and TheDevil" also has astray dogcharacter.Illustrations.Wallace, D. (2009). This is water :some thoughts, delivered on asignificant occasion about living acompassionate life. New York: Little,Brown. ISBN: 978-0316068222Commencement address by latewriter David Foster Wallace,focusing on breaking out of the"default setting" of selfishness.Relevant todominant themesin Benedict'sstories.Bloom, H. (2002). Stories andpoems for extremely intelligentchildren of all ages. New York:Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 978-0684868745Large collection of stories, poems,folktales, etc., from many times andplaces. A history of accessiblenarrative.Illustrations.Offutt, C. (1999). Out of the woods :stories. New York: Simon &Schuster. ISBN: 978-0684853765Short story collection.A similar writefrom the samearea of thecountry.Some stronglanguage.White, N. (2010). In the sanctuary of outcasts : a memoir. New York:Harper Perennial. ISBN: 978-0061351631Memoir of a prison/leper colony."The World, TheFlesh, and TheDevil" includes anelement of anabandoned leper colony.Photos.Some stronglanguage.

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