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Published by Sujit Das

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Published by: Sujit Das on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Sujit Das
The chains men bear they forged themselves. Strike off their chains and theywill weep for their lost security
 John Passmore
Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and thosewho dare not, are slaves
George Gordon ByronIn a country when Muslims are a minority they demand more and moreprivileges and rights for minorities from the host country. When their number growsby birth or immigration, they want to impose the Sharia law. When they becomemajority, they show their true color by bringing destruction to the host nation andstart ethnic cleansing of the aboriginal in the name of Allah. This is the worst typeof disloyalty and hypocrisy.
Allah wrote in the Qur’an,
O my sons! Allah hath chosen the faith for you; then die not except in the faithof Islam
”. (Q: 2.132)
 If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) never willit be accepted of him
…” (
Q: 3.85)
 Do they seek for other than the Religion of Allah? While all creatures in theheavens and on earth have willing or unwilling bowed to His Will (accepted  Islam) and to Him shall they all be brought back 
.” (Q: 3.83)
 It is He who hath sent His apostle with guidance and religion of truth to proclaim it over all religions even though the pagans may detest (it).
” (Q: 9.33)
 All the above verses proclaim, in no ambiguous terms, that Islam is the best andshould be the only one on the face of the Earth. Few more quotes,
 Allah will perish all religions except Islam.
” (Sunan of Abu
-Dawood: 4310)
 Allah’s religion is the religion of Muhammad. We are satisfied with it.
(Ishaq: 580)Muslims have a different type of relationship with their god. They are slaves of 
A slave’s activity is not spontaneous activity.
It belongs to another; it is theloss of his self. This is odd because the Gods of the Kafirs
don’t want slaves.
TheGods want them to be strong and free men and women. The Kafirs honor theancestral Gods. The Gods are their Kin; they descended from them.Islam is not a respectable religion; it is a vicious cult that creates a blindingslave mentality among Muslims. A common Muslim name is Abdullah, which
literally means “servant of Allah” or “slave of Allah”. Allah
makes it clear thathumans are his slaves, and slaves have no freedom, except do what the masterorders. Though the infidel government spends in billions to protect their citizen,they often fail to see this point. Little do they understand that it is impossible for aMuslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation toconvert them to Islam by force or by deception. Anyone who has put a single grainof trust on
Muhammad and his Qur’an fills up his mind with unjustified hate and
paranoia.Muslims are not only slaves of Allah, but their slavery extends to Muhammadalso. Let us consider these texts
from the Qur’an,
Say: O My slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgiveth all sins
.” (Q: 39.53)
Say: O My slaves who believe, be afraid of your Lord and keep your duty to Him. Good is for those who do good in this world, and Allah's earth isspacious! Only those who are patient shall receive their rewards in full, without reckoning.
” (Q: 39.10)
 The first verse is a message of consolation or comfort and the second one is amild threat. Allah addressed to th
e believers, whom he calls “my slaves”.
For somereason, the author of this verse decided to change the verse from a direct speech of Allah to a command to Muhammad to speak these words
 by putting the word “Say”
(in Arabic
“Qul”) before it, i.e., “Say (O Muhammad, the following words)”.Adding the word “Say” before the sentence means that the speaker now changes
from Allah to Muhammad. Now there is a serious problem -- Muhammad said
and/or was supposed to say: “
O My Slaves …
The question is -- are Muslimbelievers the slaves of Muhammad?
 No doubt whoever made the decision to add “Say” at the beginning of this
verse had overlooked the problem. We cannot call it simply a human error, because
the Qur’anic claim is that God is the actual author of this book.
 Thus Allah actually confirms that Muslims are not only slave to Allah, but toMuhammad also. T
here is a considerable amount of evidence that the Qur’an
elevates Muhammad to the level of God in various ways. Praising Muhammad is anintegral part of the daily prayers of the Muslims
 La ilaha illa Allah wa- Muhammad rasul Allah
”. This is called Shahada (Muslim declaration of faith). Itmeans; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God”. A
Muslim utters those words several times a day. The Shahada is also recited in the
muzzein’s call to prayer, included in the Salat (daily ritual prayer) and incorporated
in Sufi meditative prayer. It is also recited in the moments before death. Muhammadassociated himself with Allah in such a way that practically they became
inseparable. By recitation of this confession of faith, the Muslims affirm theirbondage to Muhammad. One poet (cited Noor Allah Marqadah, 2010) was not shyabout it.
 Muhammad Ki Ghulami Hay Sanad Azaad Honay Ki.Khuda Kay Daman-e-Tauheed Mein Abaad Honay Ki. Muhammad Ki Muhabbat Deen-e-Haq Ki Shart-e-Awwal Hay. Agar Is Mein Ho Khami Tow Sab Kuch Na Mukammal Hay
 (Slavery of Muhammad is the guarantee of forgiveness of Allah. It is the onlyway to get to the divine light. True love with Muhammad is the first conditionof true Islam. If there is any doubt in it, nothing is complete or acceptable toAllah).When members of al-Qaeda, Islamic jihad, al-
Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and
Hamas were asked why they were killing the non-Muslims, th
ey said, “
 Islam. We
are following Muhammad’s orders
” (Winn, 2004, letter to the reader).
Muhammad is directly responsible for today’s Islamic terrorism.
A logical mindedperson wonders how could a man, so devoid of humanity, honor and self-respect,and a demonic god have such an astonishing influence over the Muslims. Thoughslavery of any form is distasteful to us, the greatest success that a Muslim believercan achieve in life is being a slave to Allah and Muhammad. How do we explainthis?To search
for an answer, let us look at the Marx’s theory of alienation.
Marxwas a true Humanist, and nothing was more attractive to him than human beingsthemselves. Alienation, for Marx, is the estrangement of humans from aspects of their human nature. The man does not experience himself as the acting agent in hisgrasp of the world, but that the world and he himself remain alien to him. Theystand above and against him as objects, even though they may be objects of his owncreation. Alienation is essentially experiencing the world and oneself passively,receptively, as the subject separated from the object. When man bows down to an
imaginary power, he often transforms himself into a “
lifeless object
He transfersto this imaginary power the attributes of his own life, and instead of experiencinghimself as the creating person, he is in touch with himself only by the worship orslavery of that power.Islam is a dictatorial religion. In this religion, man is controlled by a higherpower. Allah is entitled to obedience, reverence, worship and praises. But the reasonfor worship, praise, reverence and obedience lies not in the moral qualities of thedeity, not in love or justice, but in the fact that the deity has control, i.e., has powerover man. Allah, the higher power, has the right to force man to worship him andthat lack of reverence and obedience constitutes sin. Therefore Allah is the solepossessor of what was originally belonged to man. The more perfect Allah becomes,the more impe
rfect becomes the man. Qur’an says,
Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds
.” (Q: 1.2)
 He is Allah, than Whom there is no other Allah, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy

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