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56298587 Tangling With Ty Jill Shalvis

56298587 Tangling With Ty Jill Shalvis

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Published by navkar

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Published by: navkar on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tangling with Ty
Jill Shalvis
“Nicole, I’m going to put my hands on you.”Ty could still see wariness in her jaded eyes as she turned to look at him.“You already have, Ty.”“I’m going to put more hands on you.” He edged closer to her.“Why are you announcing this?” He noted that she didn’t move away, so he moved closer again.“So that you don’t kick my ego into next week, my warrior princess.” Cupping her face, he tiltedit up. Slowly. Giving her plenty of time to settle in. Or back away.She didn’t back away.“I’m going to kiss you now. Say yes.”“Ty—”“Yes or no, Nicole.” He looked deep in her eyes, waiting for her answer.“Yes. Okay? Yes! Put your hands on me.” Her arms snaked around his neck, her hands fisted inhis hair. “Kiss it all away. Can you do that?”“Oh, yeah.” His hands slid from her face to her hips and he pulled her close. “I can definitely dothat.”Dear Reader,We’re back to South Village for Nicole’s adventure into love. Adventure? Maybe I should say her fall straight into love. The genius Dr. Nicole Mann doesn’t take to anything that doesn’t involvework. Dedicated to her profession and little else, she’s what you might call a one-track woman.That is, until Ty comes along and distracts her with a sexy Irish lilt and a smile that doessomething funny to her insides. I hope you enjoy her fall!And next month be sure to catch my third book in the SOUTH VILLAGE SINGLES series,Messing With Mac, where we’ll see if the last of these three friends can hold on to her vow of singlehood.I wish you all happy reading!Jill ShalvisP.S. I love to hear from readers! You can reach me through my Web site, www.jillshalvis.com, or  by writing me at P.O. Box 3945, Truckee, CA 96160-3945.Books by Jill ShalvisHARLEQUIN TEMPTATION742—WHO’S THE BOSS?771—THE BACHELOR’S BED804—OUT OF THE BLUE822—CHANCE ENCOUNTER 845—AFTERSHOCK 861—A PRINCE OF A GUY878—HER PERFECT STRANGER 885—FOR THE LOVE OF NICK 910—ROUGHING IT WITH RYANHARLEQUIN BLAZE63—NAUGHTY BUT NICE
HARLEQUIN DUETS28—NEW AND…IMPROVED?42—KISS ME, KATIE!HUG ME, HOLLY!57—BLIND DATE DISASTERSEAT YOUR HEART OUT85—A ROYAL MESSHER KNIGHT TO REMEMBER Jill ShalvisT ANGLING W ITH T YTo Megan Nicole, my warrior princessContentsChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Epilogue1A NAKED MAN would have changed everything, but there wasn’t one in sight. So, as always, Nicole Mann got up with the alarm. As always, she showered, dressed and nuked a breakfast burrito in less than eight minutes.And as always, she was out the door of her apartment at top speed to get to the hospital for whatwas likely to be a double shift due to a late-spring flu outbreak.Yes, her life was completely dictated by her work. So what? Being a doctor was a dream-come-true, and if she’d worked at that dream-come-true nearly every waking moment, forsaking justabout everything else—including naked men—she could live with that. Being a doctor was whatshe’d wanted since she’d graduated high school fifteen years ago at the perfectly extraordinaryage of twelve.“Psst.”For a woman who prided herself on nerves of steel, Nicole nearly leapt out of her skin at theunexpected whisper coming out of the darkened hallway of her apartment building.But it wasn’t the boogey man or any other menacing threat. It was just the owner of the buildingand her friend, Taylor Wellington, peeking out her door. Taylor was nice and beautiful—reasonenough to hate her—but she also happened to be in possession of that disarming ability to talk until Nicole’s eyes crossed. It completely wore down her defenses.

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