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Divine Will Healing Errata

Divine Will Healing Errata



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Published by Vinay
This book draws inspiration from the teachings of My beloved Gurudeva Paramahamsa Yogananda from whose writings the articles have been extracted from and this is just an peep through to his wide array of knowledge and which he dedicated to his beloved devotees and to this mankind of the present age.

Jai Gurudeva .
This book draws inspiration from the teachings of My beloved Gurudeva Paramahamsa Yogananda from whose writings the articles have been extracted from and this is just an peep through to his wide array of knowledge and which he dedicated to his beloved devotees and to this mankind of the present age.

Jai Gurudeva .

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Published by: Vinay on Jan 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Mary KretzmannSeptember 2000
Please note: All articles in this book are from the original writings of Paramhansa Yogananda unless other wise noted.This booklet was created as a resource to accompany myEnergy Healingseminar on the Divine WillHealing Techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda. However, it is also a useful resource for anyone whowould apply these teachings with sincerity and devotion both for their own healing, and for the healingbenefit of others.
I have served as the director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry since 1989, and the information that Ihave compiled in this book has been of great help in assisting those who approach us for prayers for healing in body, mind and spirit. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that "Healing depends on the power of the healer and the receptivity of the patient."One can increase that receptivity through opening one's heart to God, and by taking simple, yet powerfulsteps toward improving one's condition, whether that suffering or lack is in the body, mind, relationships,material concerns or spiritual life. I often open my healing classes by saying, "The most importantquestion to ask in any healing matter is, 'How can I apply positive energy to this situation?'" May you findpractical answers within these pages.
Also, a very important tool of healing is the Energization Exercises which one can learn through theAnanda Course in Self Realization. Paramhansa Yogananda developed these exercises and made verystrong references to their healing benefit for body, mind and soul. In fact, we have heard of two stories inwhich people came back from full body paralysis by doing the exercises mentally. So, there is much for us all to discover along the way!
The important thing is to begin by taking a positive step. Something simple yet extremely powerful andeffective is to memorize a suitable affirmation from Paramhansa Yogananda's book, Scientific HealingAffirmations (available in most bookstores). Do it with the power and dynamism that you will learn about inthis book. Your thoughts, as they become powerful and focused, can heal you. Read his words on healingas contained in Scientific Healing Affirmations and in this volume that you now hold. As you apply thisknowledge you will find yourself on a lifelong journey of Divine Will Healing, both for yourself and for thebenefit of others.
For further information please contact:The Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry14618 Tyler Foote RoadNevada City, CA 95959530-478-7561, extension 7028 fax: 530-478-7562e-mail:prayers@ananda.org 
Table of Contents
"Lord, give me Thyself, that I may give Thee to all"- Paramhansa Yogananda
1. Dynamic Rules of Health
Compiled from the original writings of Paramhansa Yogananda
2. Spiritual Qualities of Foods
3. The Divine Magnetic Diet
Physical and mental methods for rejuvenation
4. Important Energizing Exercises (Praecepta lesson #34)
Magnetic Exercises for Healing Specific Body Parts
5. The Law of Divine Healing - Part I
How to pray dynamically
6. The Law of Divine Healing - Part II
The causes of disease and how to prevent illness
7. The Law of Divine Healing - Part III
The Heliotropic method of Self Healing (consciously drawing sunlight into the body)
8. Vibratory Healing
How the power of sound, will and vibration can empower your prayers for healing
9. The Art of Spiritual Healing
Affirmations for subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious methods of healing
10. Techniques for Healing at a Distance
How the powers of sound, will and vibration can empower your prayers for healing
11. Will Draws Energy from the Cosmos into the Body
How the will is crucial to healing; also how to send healing energy to others
12. General tools for developing health in body mind and spirit
Summaries of Praecepta Lessons
The Power of Thought, Will and Karma, from Essence of Self-Realization
The Second Coming of Christ: How Christ Healed
The Second Coming of Christ: How Jesus Healed18.The Second Coming of Christ: Jesus' Healing Power 
The inner meaning of the psalm: the inner spine and journey of Self-Realization
20. The Seven Chakras - diagram21. Chakra Chart
derived from teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda
22. Super-conscious Living Exercises
- from Swami Kriyananda
23. Quick Tips on Using Affirmation Dynamically
Mary Kretzmann
Mary Kretzmann
25. "How Can I be a Spiritual Healer?"
Mary KretzmannA thoughtful answer to a frequently asked question
Chapter ThirteenThe Eight Aspects of GodfromThe Essence of Self-Realization, by Paramhansa Yogananda
"There are eight aspects in which God can be experienced: as Light, Sound, Peace, Calmness, Love,Joy, Wisdom, and Power.
"To experience Him as
during meditation brings calmness to the mind, purifying it and giving itclarity. The more deeply one contemplates the inner light, the more one perceives all things as made of that light."To experience God as
is to commune with the Holy Ghost, or Aum, the Cosmic Vibration. Whenyou are immersed in Aum, nothing can touch you. Aum raises the mind above the delusions of humanexistence, into the pure skies of divine consciousness."
is an early meditative experience. Peace, like a weightless waterfall, cleanses the mind of allanxiety and care, bestowing heavenly relief."
is another divine experience. This aspect of God is more dynamic and more powerful thanthat of Peace. Calmness gives the devotee power to overcome all the obstacles in his life. Even in humanaffairs, the person who can remain calm under all circumstances is invincible."
is another aspect of God–not personal love, but Love infinite. Those who live in ego-consciousnessthink of impersonal love as cold and abstract. But divine love is all-absorbing, and infinitely comforting. Itis impersonal only in the sense that it is utterly untainted by selfish desire. The unity one finds in divinelove is possible only to the soul. It cannot be experienced by the ego."
is another aspect of God. Divine joy is like millions of earthly joys crushed into one. The quest for human happiness is like looking around for a candle while sitting out of doors in the sun. Divine joysurrounds us eternally, yet people look to mere things for their happiness. Mostly, all they find is relief from emotional or physical pain. But divine joy is the blazing Reality. Before it, earthly joys are butshadows."
is intuitive insight, not intellectual understanding. The difference between human and divinewisdom is that the human mind comes at things indirectly, from without. The scientist, for example,investigates the atom objectively. But the yogi becomes the atom. Divine perception is always from within.From within alone can a thing be understood in its true essence."
, finally, is that aspect of God which creates and runs the universe. Imagine what power it took tobring the galaxies into existence! Masters manifest some of that power in their lives. The expression,'Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,' describes only one side of Jesus' nature. The other side was revealed inthe power with which he drove the moneychangers from the temple. Just think what magnetism it took tocombat single-handedly all those men, entrenched as they were in habits and desires that had beensanctioned by ancient custom!

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