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Education - Keller

Education - Keller

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Published by Advantec Srl
Prodotto distribuito in Italia da Advantec, maggiori info su http://www.advantec.it
Prodotto distribuito in Italia da Advantec, maggiori info su http://www.advantec.it

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Published by: Advantec Srl on Oct 10, 2012
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CASE STUDY: Wirelessly Enhancing Student Performance in Texas
 Keller Independent SchoolDistrict, Keller, Texas 
 36-location, K-12 school district
Motorola solution
 802.11n WLAN supportingdistrict’s move to a digitalcurriculum with adaptivearchitectureMotorola RFS 7000wireless controllersMotorola AP 7131 dual-and tri-radio access pointsMotorola AirDefenseWireless Security andCompliance SolutionMotorola AirDefense NetworkAssurance (AdvancedTroubleshooting) Solution
Solution features
 System-wide throughputof up to 300 MbpsHigh-quality video andmultimedia education contentdelivery to large numbers ofstudents over wirelessHigh-speed connectivity forK-12 campuses over an areaof 51 square milesAutomatic intrusion androgue protectionCentralized, easy-to-useremote troubleshootingto resolve connectivitychallenges
Situation: the need for high bandwidth wireless local area network(WLAN) connectivity to support multimedia learning at a multiple-locationK-12 school district.
Located in north Texas, Keller Independent School District (Keller ISD) isone of the state’s fastest-growing school districts. Serving more than 30,000K-12 students, the district is implementing its long-term strategic vision ofhow to improve student performance system wide. Keller plans to move toa digital curriculum to support one-to-one (1:1) instructional objectives andenable a more personalized learning experience. Crucial to this vision is areliable, easy-to-use high-speed wireless infrastructure capable of deliveringbandwidth-intensive multimedia learning materials to students across thedistrict’s 36 locations.
Solution: Motorola 802.11n wireless LAN infrastructure that meets andexceeds the district’s demands for throughput, coverage and reliability.
Initially, Keller installed a video-on-demand and digital media managementsolution to deliver rich multimedia content to classrooms across the district.The district’s legacy wireless system, however, was incapable of supportingthis system. Keller chose a Motorola 802.11n WLAN infrastructure and theMotorola AirDefense Security, Compliance and Network Assurance (trouble-shooting) solutions. The deployment includes Motorola’s unique adaptivearchitecture and the AP 7131 intelligent wireless access points. The solutionprovides exceptional network coverage, performance and quality for dozensof simultaneous users who need to stream video and quickly download largedata les to many different wireless devices. The exibility and security ofthe solution, along with its proven cost effectiveness, made it particularlyappealing to the school district.
Result: the Motorola 802.11n solution delivers high-quality digitalcontent in classroom environments and on personal computing devices.
Rolled out across all of Keller’s school district campuses, the Motorola802.11n WLAN network is providing the bandwidth and reliability necessaryto ensure that the school provides an excellent education for their students.The network reliably delivers streaming video, interactive applications,collaborative environments and peer-to-peer connections so that studentsand teachers have a trouble-free connected learning experience.
Wirelessly Enhancing StudentPerformance in Texas
Keller Independent School District demonstrates thatMotorola’s 802.11n technology and innovative adaptive architectureare the keys to optimizing the student learning experience
program, but stresses that life is about more thanjust academics. Continues Veitenheimer, “[Life]includes love of art and music, participation on teamsand experiences that allow you to work togetherwith other students.” Within its commitment tocreate more well-rounded students, Keller ISD isworking to integrate advanced technology intovirtually every aspect of the learning process.
Technology Planning Committee
At Keller, technology goals and initiatives areoverseen by a strategic District TechnologyPlanning Committee that meets regularly. “Thecommittee is comprised of parents, students,teachers and corporate sponsors,” says Joe Grifn,chief technology ofcer at Keller. To facilitate themove to a digital curriculum and more 1:1 learningenvironments, the committee examined a varietyof software and educational applications — suchas streaming video and collaborative tools — thatwould help students not just in their schoolworkbut in their lives. “Keller ISD recently installed thevideo-on-demand and digital media managementsolution from SAFARI Montage to deliver rich digitaleducational content to classrooms,” reports Grifn.The next step was planning and deploying a robust,easy-to-use wireless network to support this andother bandwidth-intensive applications.
Robust Wireless Network
Keller ISD knew it needed a robust, easilymanaged wireless network with speed, reliabilityand cost-effectiveness for their large-scale environ-ment. Although the district had a wireless networkin place, it proved incapable of supporting the newdigital curriculum requirements to support mobilemultimedia applications across all campuses. “Ourexisting wireless system wasn’t designed for 1:1computing or dense coverage,” notes VaughanHamblen, Keller ISD director of network services.The old system’s unreliability caused muchfrustration. “I would take a classroom full ofstudents up to the computer lab, and we would goto get on and it wouldn’t work,” says teacher andinstructional technology facilitator Vicki Hart. “Andthere you are, stuck as a teacher as in, ‘What do I donext?’ It was very frustrating for me as a teacher. Itwas frustrating for the students as well.” Adds JoeGrifn, “[Some teachers] quit using technology atall because it wasn’t reliable for them.”
New Network Necessities
Keller understood exactly what it needed from itsnew wireless network. “We needed a cost-effectivesolution that could provide high-speed, district-wide coverage and ensure seamless delivery ofThey grow everything big in Texas, including K-12school districts. With 36 campuses located in a51-square-mile area in north Texas, Keller Indepen-dent School District is large and still expanding.“Keller ISD is not nished growing yet,” says JamesVeitenheimer, Keller ISD superintendent. “Wecontinue to build new schools [because] there arestill parents and students coming into our systemall the time.” Adds director of security Jeff Baker,“We currently have just under 32,000 students inthe district [and] expect to be built out in a few yearsto between 36,000 and 40,000 students.” Keller ISDis one of the fastest growing K-12 school districts inthe state.
Academics and More
Like most school districts, Keller ISD is focused onimproving student performance. But Keller doesn’tstop there. “[Our] expectations are for well-roundedstudents,” explains Veitenheimer. The districtmaintains a signicant focus on its academic
CASE STUDY: Wirelessly Enhancing Student Performance in Texas
Improving Student Performance byIncreasing Network Performance
Motorola’s adaptive access points adapt automaticallyto constantly changing network conditions. These self-healing capabilities ensure high availability and reliableconnectivity. Motorola WLAN access points also providethe dual function of access and network management,by running Motorola AirDefense solutions on an integratedradio. Now for both security and compliance, NetworkAssurance solutions are run on a single access point,eliminating the expense of separate dedicated sensors.
CASE STUDY: Wirelessly Enhancing Student Performance in Texas
wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure and a collectionof Motorola AirDefense solutions including wire-less security and advanced troubleshooting. Thedistrict found that the Motorola solution performedbest in delivering streaming video and fast contentdownloads simultaneously to high densities of users,which is critical in classroom environments.The Motorola WLAN solution enables Keller todeliver crisp, clear video and multimedia contentover a cost-effective WiFi network. The networkleverages Motorola’s RFS 7000 wireless controllersand its two- and three-radio adaptive AP 7131access points (APs) that eliminate the expenseand complexity of deploying separate sensor radiosdedicated to security and troubleshooting. TheMotorola WLAN has proven to be the ideal networksolution from the very earliest planning stagesthrough providing the scalability that allows forseamless network growth.
Planning and Installation
The district’s IT professionals and its systemsintegrator used Motorola’s comprehensiveLANPlanner software for network design, allowingthe team to identify the correct number of APs thatwere needed, and the optimum locations for theirinstallation. That’s especially important in a largedistrict with 36 locations. “LANPlanner really helpedus be able to determine where the devices neededto be placed,” says Hamblen. “It gave us a good lookat exactly where equipment needed to go based onthe structure of each facility.” That upfront planningmade installation faster, easier, a lot less costly withoptimal wireless coverage.
High-Bandwidth Performance
As the new network is being rolled out, the districtis at last getting the robust bandwidth to delivervideo and other multimedia content with extremelyhigh performance and without frustrating reliabilityissues. The district no longer has to place computersin xed locations. “Previously, students could justuse computers only at certain times, usually at theback of a classroom,” says Grifn. “Now, they arecarrying devices with them all throughout thebuilding… and have access to the technologythroughout their whole school day. Students canuse their tablet computers, their smart phones andPDA devices and various types of teaching andlearning tools wirelessly… in their classroom,from outside, from anywhere on the campus.And they have the ability to collaborate with peersand teachers.”
Security and Network Assurance
Keller ISD also turned to Motorola for enhancednetwork management and security. “Security on awireless network is always a concern,” saysGrifn. The district installed components of theMotorola AirDefense Security and Compliance andNetwork Assurance Solution for 24/7 wirelesssecurity, including proactive monitoring, advancedmultimedia content to students and teachers, whilesupporting our efforts to expand these capabilitiesto all classrooms.” states Grifn. The district neededreliable, 24/7 high-speed mobile access with thecapability of delivering video and streaming multi-media content seamlessly. It also needed to provideaccess to the curriculum not only from schoolcomputers, but also from the proliferation ofpersonal devices — computers, netbooks, iPods,smartphones, PDAs and more — used by today’sstudents and teachers. “We were looking for asolution that would be device-agnostic,” continuesGrifn, “so no matter what kinds of wireless deviceswere being used, the wireless infrastructure wouldbe in place to support them.
Motorola 802.11n WLAN Solution
As Keller ISD moves to a digital curriculum it iscrucial, Veitenheimer says, “to have a reliable andeasy-to-use wireless infrastructure in place tosupport our 1:1 instructional objectives and enablevisual teaching district-wide.” After researching anumber of wireless solutions, Keller ISD and itssystems integrator chose Motorola’s 802.11n
SAFARI Montage providesK-12 school districts with acomprehensive educationsolution for their digitalmedia networking andvisual instruction needs.The full suite of integratedproducts provides a singleinterface for accessing allvisual resources from insidethe school district Intranetor from students’ orteachers’ homes. TheVideo-On-Demand andDigital Media Managemententerprise solution helpsschool districts reducecosts by utilizing intelligentdigital media delivery,while facilitating visualinstruction and learning inthe classroom.

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