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Outdoor - Chattanooga

Outdoor - Chattanooga

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Published by Advantec Srl
Prodotto distribuito in Italia da Advantec, maggiori info su http://www.advantec.it
Prodotto distribuito in Italia da Advantec, maggiori info su http://www.advantec.it

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Advantec Srl on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C’ BrdBd V
City of Chattanooga, ennessee
• Local ovenment
ve 175 P 7181 802.11nmesh wie aea access pointsinstalle of ove 400 plannene Point Wieless Manage
• upeio thoughput, netwokeliability, high netwok capacity• mpove efciency an costsavings though applicationintegation acoss govenmentepatments soli infastuctue founationfo new innovations antechnologies
Like any city, Chattanooga is faced with budgetconstraints and the need to do more with less.The city needed to increase bandwidth andcoverage to achieve its goal of improvedefficiency across the many city departments.To provide the foundation for future technologyadvances and growth, the city knew it had toupgrade its wireless infrastructure—without tapping into taxpayer dollars to foot the bill.
“Evey city has the same types of issues. What makesthem iffeent is how they appoach it,” says Mak Keil,C fo the City of Chattanooga. s a pogessive citythat is no stange to elying on technology to solveeal-wol poblems, Chattanooga was looking fo asolution that woul allow its employees to sevicelage aeas an be moe effective at thei jobs—whilepoviing a platfom fo even futhe innovations.“We ae a vey pogessive city,” says roge Jenkins,Pesient an Chief Executive ffice of Excalibuntegate ystems, nc. “While thee’s always anoppotunity to fix poblems, sometimes people othings because they’e thinking ahea.” leay, ove56 wieless applications ae being put in place inChattanooga. But, as Keil puts it, “govenment is notbase insie a builing. We cove evey inch of ouegion. aving all of these applications was geat, butwe foun out vey soon that evey single entity ooganization was vastly impove if you wee ableto elive a high level of communication.”
A complete wireless infrastructure solution fromMotorola with over 400 AP 7181 802.11n meshwide area access points planned including OnePoint Wireless Management software. Withover 175 access points currently installed, thiscombination of hardware and software is givingChattanooga the tools it needs to continue onits quest to be one of the most technologicallyadvanced cities in the country—if not the world.
C’ BrdBd V
he City of Chattanooga woke with Excalibuntegate ystems, nc. ove seveal yeas befoeientifying the ight solution to meet its toughequiements, an its peseveance pai off. Jenkinscomments on the pocess, “We inteviewe a lotof cities, we visite them, put a poject plantogethe—an then we hone in on the besttechnology to use.” With the new Motoola meshnetwok in place, city employees can instantly accessata, vieo an voice communications fom wheevethey may be in the egion. “he quality has beengoo an we’ve been exceptionally please withthe thoughput an the istance that we’e gettingout of it,” epots Jenkins.
“Te combination of te ber bacboneand te ireless mes gives our cityan infrastructure capable of providingsometing truly remarable andefcient, maing our vision a reality.”
Ron Littleeld, Mayor, City of Chattanooga
The City of Chattanooga has experiencedincreased efficiency in every department that’susing the new wireless network, leading tohigher productivity, lowered crime rates andimpressive cost savings. Additionally,Chattanooga’s recent technological advancescontribute to its growing reputation as a tech-savvy city and are attracting newbusinesses—and jobs—to the area.
Chattanooga is eaping the benefits of its new meshinfastuctue but some of these gains can be hato quantify. Keil explains, “When you’e opeating acity, r can’t just be about how much money yousave. r coul also come in the fom of a save life.Vieo suveillance, fo example, povies offices withknowlege of what’s occuing uing a cime, so theyhave a bette unestaning of what type of situationthey may be walking into. he city is up an unning,eploying ove 56 applications using the wielessnetwok, but Keil knows that this is just the tip ofthe icebeg. “We ha geat applications befoe themesh, but it’s like we wee iving 60 miles pe hou.ow, we’e oing 120 miles pe hou because we’e nolonge thinking about what kin of infastuctue wenee to suppot these applications. u wieless maeit so that banwith is no longe a bottleneck to theeployment of innovation.
With a visionay Mayo an a iven Chief of taff,Chattanooga has embace communications technologywith open ams. his paaigm shift lane the cityon the ntelligent Community Foum’s shot list ofntelligent Cities in 2011. “f you’e going to be inthe top seven cities in the wol, you have to havesomething istinctive about you,” sai Keil. “n, believe we showe them that the key to a smatcity is smat govenment.he city’s unique appoach to aessing poblemswith technology has won the buy-in fom bothmunicipal employees an citizens. By illustatingthe eal-wol benefits of new technology, the cityhelpe employees an citizens unestan what it willmean fo them, gaining thei suppot. n tems of cityemployees, Keil states, “We challenge ou people tothink about what poblems they have o what they wantsolve, athe than focusing on technology. We askthem to think about the pupose of what they wantin thei mission, an we solve it with innovation.”
right now, the City of Chattanooga’s netwok suppotsove 56 iffeent wieless applications acoss the city’sepatments. “he city is amplifying an expaning itssevices by oing things smate an faste athe thanthowing moe people at the poblem,” says Jenkins.Police offices ae using the technology fo vieosuveillance, d veification an to testify in coutwhile out on the steet. Builing inspectos ae usingthe mesh netwok to access plans an to file epots.Fie pesonnel can now tell whee caustic chemicalsae locate insie builings befoe going insie.nteopeability has been achieve in a egion-wieomelan ecuity aio system that spans statelines. he list goes on an on—an continues to gow.Jenkins conclues, “he city’s employees have beenencouage to each out an fin new ways to usethe system bette to gain efficiency.
“Fom an economic point of view, thee’s no oubt thenew technology ha an impact,” says Jenkins. heeae many examples of this. fte analyzing the timesavings affoe by the new wieless capabilities, thecity feels it’s achieve the equivalent of putting 18 newoffices on the steet—an this is because offices cannow hanle many of thei aministative uties whileon the steet, away fom thei esk. By takingavantage of the mesh system to eliminate the nee
“With the mesh network it’sfascinating to see that youhave the city acting veryinnovatively to roll out lots ofdifferent applications.”
J. E Maston, Chambe ofCommece, City of ChattanoogaMesh access points
C’ BrdBd V
to physically wie each of the city’s taffic contolunits, Chattanooga has been able to cut the costs ofits new taffic incient management system by at leasthalf. n, by hooking up evey steet light in the city tothe mesh netwok, stuies show the city will save ovea million a yea in tax ollas.While these cost savings ae significant, othe factoscontibute to r as well. Keil explains, “Cetainly wenee to figue out ways to save money, but thee aeothe aspects to consie such as euce cime ateso impove safety fo fiemen. hese ae things thatcities eal with evey ay an we’e fining thattechnology can help solve these issues.” n one testcase scenaio, police offices wee sent out with 17waants. hanks to impove communications, theteam was able to make 35 aests, moe than oublingthei pouctivity. nothe example? he city ha itspolice epatment monito the suveillance cameasat a local pak. Within a week, a mue suspect wascaught, a stolen vehicle was bought in an two illegalweapons wee taken off the steet. ll of this povesthat not only is the new wieless netwok impovingpouctivity an efficiency, it’s also pomoting asafe community.
fte yeas of stuying othe cities’ wieless solutionsan builing a business plan, Chattanooga was eay topuchase equipment with the guiance of the team atExcalibu ntegate ystems, nc. “Chattanooga waslooking fo a veno who ha a sustainable businessmoel—a lage, stable company,” sai Jenkins.“We knew it woul be at least five o six yeas befoewe coul move to new technology, so long-temsustainability was impotant.” hat left two playeson the boa, but in the en, the city went withMotoola’s mesh solution.“Motoola ha just elease the P 7181 when we fistmet. We ealize eally quickly that this pouct wasexactly what we wee looking fo an that we coulbuil on it,” sai Jenkins. Keil as, “Motoola hanewe technology than othe venos. he solutionfom Motoola also ha built-in smats, an in’tequie people smats. We neee a solution thatwouln’t be ha to implement—but woul meet hatechnical equiements.o fa, the city has been impesse with the eliabilityof the netwok. “ on’t want to jinx it, but it’s almostscay because we’ve ha no failues up to this point,”sai Keil. e also sai that even though a tonaoippe though the aea leaving many without powefo weeks, none of the P 7181 units came off theipoles o sustaine any amage fom ain o win—a testament to the equipment’s physical quality.
“he City of Chattanooga—paticulaly its Chiefof taff—has been ingenious about funing thispoject. f you look at putting a mesh netwok insieof the City of Chattanooga an oing it ight, you maybe talking about a $15 to $25 million olla poject.t is a big poject. Most cities on’t have that kin ofmoney lying aoun,” sai Jenkins. Ultimately, thecity was able to fun the poject though a combinationof Feeal gants an savings gleane fom theefficiencies gaine fom the new netwok.When it came time to apply fo vaious govenmentgants—the omelan ecuity gant, the mati gant an the depatment of Enegy gant toname a few—the city mae sue to inclue thewieless infastuctue in its poposals. his alloweChattanooga to pocue the lion’s shae of the poject’sfuning. he city was also able to put the bugetollas save fom its taffic incient managementsystem towas the new technology. n, since policeoffices an othe mobile city employees woul nolonge nee cellula ai cas in thei vehicles, theollas set asie fo that cost wee also usetowa the netwok infastuctue.elling the solution to key stakeholes in’t hut,eithe. “What’s the pupose of a new solution? Whyae we oing it? By taking the ationale own to thiscommon enominato, we’ve mae it easie to funnew technologies by going to multiple soucesan geneating excitement aoun the poject,”explains Keil.
Mesh access points

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