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S1S2 Mechanical Assignment 1

S1S2 Mechanical Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 of S1S2 BME..
Assignment 1 of S1S2 BME..

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Published by: Kailas Sree Chandran on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What are the factors affecting the air-standard efficiency of Diesel cycle?2.
Define Intensive and Extensive properties with examples.3.
Write the similarities and difference between heat and work.4.
State First law of thermodynamics and show that energy is a property of the system.5.
What is the significance of Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics?6.
A Carnot cycle works between the two temperatures 327°C and 27°C. Find out thethermal efficiency of the cycle. Also find the heat supplied during the heat additionprocess, if the net work done is 120KJ.[Efficiency = 50%, Heat supplied = 240KJ]7.
A theoretical engine works on Carnot cycle. At the beginning of isothermal expansion,the pressure, temperature and volume of air are 2MPa, 300°C, and 0.03m
respectively.The ratio of isentropic compression is 5 and isothermal expansion is 2. Find out (i)pressure and temperature of air at each salient point in the cycle. (ii) efficiency of thecycle (iii) work done per cycle (iv) mean effective pressure. Take
= 1.4.[P2= 1MPa, T2=573K, P3=0.10506MPa, T3=301K, P4=0.2101, T4=301K, Efficiency =47.58%, WD = 19.79KJ, mep = 0.0733MPa.]8.
An engine working on Otto cycle has a compression ratio 6. Find the air standardefficiency of the engine. Take
= 1.4. What is the percentage change in efficiency, if thecompression ratio is reduced to 5.[Efficiency = 51.6%, % change = 7.21%]9.
The bore and stroke of the cylinder of an engine working on Otto cycle are 125mm and250mm respectively. The clearance volume of the engine cylinder is 0.9 litres. Find thetheoretical efficiency of the engine. Take
= 1.4.[Efficiency = 44.71%]10.
The pressure ratio between the end and beginning of compression in an engine workingon Otto cycle is 14. Calculate the air standard efficiency of the engine. Take
= 1.4.[Efficiency = 52.95%]11.
An engine working on Otto cycle takes in air at a pressure and temperature of 100Kpaand 300K. Find out the air standard efficiency of the engine if the clearance volume of the engine is 16% of the cylinder volume. Also find the maximum pressure of the cycle,if the maximum temperature is limited to 600°C.[Efficiency = 51.95%, P3 = 1818.79KPa.]12.
An engine having a swept volume of 0.065m
operates on Otto cycle. The condition of air at the beginning of compression are 100KPa and 57°C. The compression ratio of theengine is 6 and the heat supplied per cycle is 75KJ. Find out the values of pressure,

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