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Aug2 the Grip

Aug2 the Grip

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Published by: Jessica Williamson Gregory on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ocials o the Grin-Spalding County SchoolSystem have completeda cross analysis involvingselect Kennedy RoadMiddle School students'grades and CRCT scores. This action was taken whenan investigation in early2012 determined that Dr.Brenda Ford, then principalo the school, had coercedor intimidated teachers tochange the grades o someailing students.According toSuperintendent CurtisJones, Ford had anunwritten policy that wasnever approved by anyschool system ocial thatrequired teachers to makecontact three times with theparents o ailing students.I the teacher was unableto document having madethose three contacts, Jonessaid Ford required theteacher to give the studenta grade o 73 – the lowestpossible C.Jones said ater identiyingstudents who weresuspected o having hadtheir grades changed,the cross analysis wasconducted to determine i they had passed or ailedthe CRCT. The nal tally indicated thata suspected 206 gradeswere changed – 54 in math;11 in English/language arts;
Around town signs have been poppingup and trac averted or the lming o the new Sundance channel mini-series,Rectiy.Jared Kurt, location manager or theshow, explains why Grin was perector lming the show and how theexperience has been so ar. "[Rectiyis a] character driven story, with veryspecic location requirements. [Grin]t the ctional town o Polly; oldelements o downtown surroundedby big business, typical small townAmerica.”Some scenes have been lmed in thesurrounding areas, but the majority o the lming takes place within the citylimits. “Grin has been very helpuland supportive, and has much to oercinematically,” said Kurt. The series ollows the character DanielHolden, (Aden Young), who has spentthe last 19 years o his lie on death rowor a crime he did not commit. NewDNA evidence exonerates him , leavinghim to pick up the pieces o his old lie.Young starred in
The Killer Elite
and isin the upcoming
I, Frankenstein
set toair next year. The show also eaturesAbigail Spencer (
Cowboys and Aliens,This Means War 
) and Adelaide Clemens(
 Xmen origins: Wolverine, Silent Hill 3D
).All o the actors are working, but noneare yet super stars. “We wanted theshow to have a very indie eel to it. It isa very location [and] character orientedshow. We wanted to use good actorsbut not super well-known,” said Kurt.
 Jessica Williamson Gregory, Publisher jessica@the-grip.net
Display advertising: ryan@the-grip.net |770.584.7677Story ideas/submissions: sheila@the-grip.net
770-229-3559 | PO Box 2251 Grin GA 30224
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Grip strives or accuracy in all its editorialcontent. I you have a question, comment, orconcern about articles or photos published in TheGrip, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.
filming, p.6 »
TSplOST, p.7 »
AUG 2 - 16 , 2012 VOL. 02 NO. 15
markeT, p. 3
graDeS, p. 7
voted down
organicmarket& gourmetpopsicles
on hill street
gypsy gourmet
production company
in many
downtown griffin
school officials suspect
krms grades were
 Though the soon-to-open Hill StreetMarket and GourmetPops still has littledecoration, one itemalready in place hasbecome the ocalpoint o both thephysical locationand principle o thebusiness: large metalletters that spell theword “local.Co-owner couplesBen and Ashley Trotter and Dustinand Meredith Graveswant to provide theGrin area with reshand organic productssourced rom armsand companies as
 Jared Kurt sits in ront o his computer and collage o location photographs,including many rom the Grin area.
Ashley and Ben Trotter (adults to the let) and Dustin and Meredith Graves (to the right) are opening a market in downtown Grin, inspiredby providing organic ood options or their children (Harris and Emma Grace Trotter and Zadee Graves , l to r) and local amilies.
Spalding County voters turnedout at the polls Tuesday,speaking loudly, with aresounding 6,473, or 69.7percent, voting no on theregional Transportation SpecialPurpose Local Option Sales Tax(TSPLOST). The nal outcome o the TSPLOST was determinedby the total vote across the10-county region, whichincluded Butts, Carroll, Coweta,Heard, Lamar, Meriwether, Pike,Spalding, Troup and Upsoncounties. With all 10 countiesreporting, the unocial resultwas 57,013 votes – or 69.28percent – opposed to thereerendum, and 25,275 – or30.72 percent – in avor o theone cent sales tax.City o Grin CommissionerJoanne Todd, an outspokenproponent o the TSPLOST, saidthe reerendum was an uphillbattle rom inception.“The TSPLOST was an imperectbill rom the beginning – theway the legislators wrote it,”
Spalding County ocialsare responding to residentsconcerned with what someview as the sweeping natureo its emergency managementordinance.County Manager WilliamWilson said the Board o Commissioners approved themeasure in the days ollowingthe April 27, 2011, tornadothat resulted in widespreadlocal destruction.“It was because o thetornado,” he said.Like all proposed ordinances,the emergency managementordinance had to be presentedor a rst and second reading.However, rather than thattaking place on two separatedates, both readings occurredon May 4, 2011, with the rstduring an organizationalretreat in the morning andthe second at a public hearinglater that aternoon. Wilsonsaid there is no requirementthat the readings take placeon separate days.“We can do that or anemergency and that's whywe did it – because o April27,” Wilson added. “Both wereBoard o Commissionersmeetings.”According to the minutes orboth May 4 meetings, theordinance was not originallyon either agenda, but wasadded as a revision.“I know this looks bad– it looks bad,” Wilsonacknowledged. “But as I said,this was in an emergency time.It had been recommendedby ACCG (the AssociationCounty Commissioners o Georgia), who said it wouldhelp us get our money(reimbursements or tornadorecovery expenses) aster. Wehad a natural disaster, andwe needed mutual aid. Weneeded to be reimbursed.”He said that the currentordinance updated theprevious, which dated back toSept. 23, 1981, and that it, too,contained broad powers suchas, “the power to seize, takeor temporary use or condemnany private property or theprotection o the public.”However, Wilson said he isaware o some residents'concerns, which may resultin review o the ordinance,particularly in light o revelations that at least oneportion is in violation o statelaw.“Any changes that needto be made based onthe recommendation o GEMA, GMA (the GeorgiaMunicipal Association)or ACCG (the AssociationCounty Commissioners o Georgia), we would put thoseon the agenda or utureconsideration,” he said.Wilson also said portions o the ordinance may be overlybroad, particularly with regardto the granting o authority.As it currently reads, in part,“In the event o an actual orthreatened occurrence o adisaster or emergency thatmay result in the large-scaleloss o lie, injury, propertydamage or destruction orin the major disruption o routine community aairs,business or governmentaloperations in the county...the chair o the Board o Commissioners or his/herdesignee may declare a localemergency or SpaldingCounty.”“The way it's written, it(the BOC chair's designee)could be anyone rom thecounty manager to thechair's daughter,” Wilson said.“Perhaps we do need to go inand narrow that down.” Ω
 The Emergency Managementordinances that have beenadopted by the city o Grinand Spalding County, whilenot identical, are both basedupon a drat ordinance jointly crated by the GeorgiaEmergency ManagementAgency (GEMA), the GeorgiaMunicipal Association (GMA)and the Association CountyCommissioners o Georgia(ACCG). Another similarity isthat each ordinance grantslocal ocials certain authoritythat GEMA now says violatesexisting state law.Ken Davis, public aairsdirector or GEMA and theGeorgia Oce o HomelandSecurity, says at least onesection has been revised.Both the city o Grin andSpalding County ordinancesprovide local ocials withthe authority “to suspend orlimit the sale, dispensing ortransportation o alcoholicbeverages, rearms,explosives and fammableliquids or substances,” whichDavis conceded is in violationo the Ocial Code o GeorgiaAnnotated.“That has been revised – therearms restrictions – basedon urther review o thestatute,” he said. “That hasbeen removed. That particularitem was put in there bymistake, apparently.” The specic code sectionDavis was questioned about– 16-11-173 – states in part,“No county or municipalcorporation, by zoning or byordinance, resolution, or otherenactment, shall regulatein any manner gun shows;the possession, ownership,transport, carrying, transer,sale, purchase, licensing orregistration o rearms orcomponents o rearms;rearms dealers; or dealers inrearms components.”When questioned about thedrat ordinance reerence toexplosives, as it specicallypertains to ammunition, Davisrst said he was unaware o any review o that aspect o the drat ordinance. However,when pressed on ammunitionbeing a rearm component, aswell as potentially explosive,he stated, “It's being, or willbe, brought to their attention,as well. That whole item willprobably be removed. I'm notsure, but anything that's not incompliance with Georgia code16-11-173 will be removed.”Davis explained that the dratordinance was a combinedeort o GEMA, the GMA andthe ACCG, and was basedon various proessionalorganizations rom across thecountry.“That came rom modelordinances rom probablyaround the country, and that(rearms restrictions) wasput together or Georgia bymistake,” he said. “It's beingremoved rom Georgia'smodel ordinance and localauthorities are being madeaware o the situation, i theyaren't already.”In response to additionalconcerns residents haveexpressed regarding theordinance granting localgoverning bodies theauthority to commandeerprivate property or its use,Davis initially said he wasunaware the ordinanceaddressed private property.However, upon having bothGrin and Spalding County'sordinance quoted to him, hestated, “The model ordinancesare just recommendations.Whether a jurisdiction adoptsit or not is their call. I'msure the entire emergencymanagement document isbeing reviewed." Ω
2 Aug 2 - 16, 2012
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 We climb high toremove your
liability, one tree ata time.
770.228.0760Coleman Tatum
The dental practice of Magusiak and Morgan welcomed Dr. ChastityBrown, of Jackson, Georgia, to the partnership in January of this year.Brown graduated summa cum laude from North Georgia College andState University in 2004 with a degree in Biology. After completing herundergraduate program, she attended the Medical College of Georgia’sSchool of Dentistry. Dr. Brown received her DMD degree in 2008.Dr. Brown practices Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.She is a member of The American Dental Association, The GeorgiaDental Association and The Georgia Central District Society and also volunteers with the Griffin Dental Mission.
663 South 9th Street (770) 227-9693 www.mmbdentistry.com
“I just cannot see anythingthat would supersede theUnited States Constitution,”said Spalding CountyCommissioner ChipperGardner, in reerence toresidents' concerns thatthe county's emergencymanagement ordinancegives local ocials toomuch power. “TheConstitution wouldsupersede any ordinance,even one dealing withemergencies and disasters.Gardner spoke out atera number o people inrecent weeks expresseddispleasure, and in somecases, outrage, that ocialshad adopted the ordinancewith sweeping powerssome say inringe uponpersonal liberties andConstitutional rights.“I can assure you SpaldingCounty never had theintention o putting itsel in a position to supersedethe Constitution or takingpeople's rights away,” hecontinued. “I hate it that we,as commissioners, did notcatch some o these thingsabout guns, and someother concerns, that are inthere. I'm just really sorrywe didn't catch it ahead o time.”He did acknowledge heunderstands many o theconcerns that have beenexpressed, and in act, nowshares them.“It would have to be areally bad, bad situationbeore any SpaldingCounty ocial would saywe're going to take yourproperty to use, but yes,it's in the document. I'm just glad people are payingattention and I'm gladthey're concerned. It's [theordinance] is very broad. I'llgive you that; I agree withthat,” he said. “There is a loto mistrust in the ederalgovernment, and peopleare beginning to take acloser look locally. I do notagree with a lot o thingsthat come down rom theederal government, andthe state government isbecoming a lot like a smallederal government.”Gardner then attributed thecounty ordinance to theoverreach o ederal andstate government that localocials experienced in theatermath o the April 27,2011 tornado that rippedthrough Spalding County.“The ederal government,in their guidelines, have allthese strings attached tothe receipt o their money. There's just all kinds o stu in there. A lot o thisstu just comes down andyou take it or granted,” hesaid. “There are things inthe back o your mind, butwe had just experiencedthe tornado in SpaldingCounty.”He said that as ocials werein the midst o recoveryeorts, it was learned thatthe county was requiredto have numerous mutualaid agreements in placein order to receive ederalreimbursement, and thatthe Board o Commissionersopted to utilize the dratordinance that wasprovided by outsideagencies.“We were only going torecover 75 percent o whatthe county was spendingor the tornado recovery.I we didn't get that 75percent, we would havebeen orced to shut thingsdown or raise taxes to coverthe recovery costs,” he said.“That's my understanding– in order to be eligible toreceive reimbursementduring a disaster, we hadto have these agreementssigned. We were trying tobe scally responsible tothe taxpayers o SpaldingCounty. We were spendingmoney on the recovery thatwasn't budgeted.Gardner said he nowbelieves the currentordinance must bereviewed, and he will do just that.“Did we trust and rely toomuch on the documentsthat were presented byGEMA, GMA [the GeorgiaMunicipal Association]and ACCG [the AssociationCounty Commissioners o Georgia]? Perhaps moretime should have beenspent reviewing them,” hesaid. “This stu needs tobe discussed and peopleneed to ask questions, butthey need to be preparedto listen to the answers.Do these things need tobe changed? Yes, theyprobably do, but can itbe done tonight withoutshutting the governmentdown? No.”However, that theordinance will be reviewedis certain, he said.“Well, obviously the wholething needs to be re-lookedat. All I can say is this wasn'tour intent,” he said. “I'm gladthe questions have come upbecause they're aectingchange and things need tobe changed. It's almost likewe're experiencing anotherAmerican Revolution, onlythis one's being oughtwithout guns. I'm kind o encouraged by it.” Ω
citizen activism convinces county commissioner that change is necessary
ordinance draft violates state law
County emergency management ordinance wasnot presented to public prior to approval
 food & art
Aug 2 - 16, 2012 3
Slice the roasted garlic bread into our uniorm hal-inch slices and butter one side o each slice. Set aside. I use my handy-dandy electric skillet, but eel ree to use whatever pan suits you best. I set myskillet to about 225-245 degrees, about medium heat, and pre-heat skillet. Once hot, place slices o bread butter sidedown, and cook until golden brown, adjusting heat i needed or a consistent browning. When they’re done, removeand set aside until ready to assemble. Next put enough butter in the skillet to ry your eggs (a pat or two). Everybodylikes their eggs dierently, so I’m not going to tell you how to do yours. Scramble them i you want; it’s all about whatyou like. I happen to like mine with the whites done and the yolks a little runny, or over medium. While your eggs arecooking re-warm the bacon in the same pan. It doesn’t take but thirty seconds or so on each side and is worth theeort. When the eggs are almost done, salt and pepper them to taste, gently place two slices o bacon atop each egg,and divide equally the pepper jack cheese between the two portions. Cover or 30 seconds to a minute to melt, andremove to assemble the sandwich. Slice sandwich in hal and serve.
Until next time folks, eat well, laugh often, be free, and be you!
The Gypsy Gourmet callsGrin her home, having been a Damn Yankee/ transplant or over a year in our little commu-nity. She is a che, a truck driver, a blogger, areelance writer, and a renegade oodie scour-ing the country in search o the perect bite.
Necessity is and always has been themother o invention. Get hungry, run outo options, and see how creative you get!Many small towns across America are muchlike ours, running on basic 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.schedule, excluding Sundays.Now, grocery stores and convenient storesare generally a sae bet, but you can neverbe sure in Small Town, USA. Think ruralKansas, 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning, with twotired and hungry travelers. Every placewe’ve stopped or over 100 mileshas been closed.Pickings are slim tosay the least.Supplies arerunninglowbut not completely tapped, and I’mmotivated by two bellies to ll.I started rummaging through the cabinetsand the ridge in the rig. Finding someroasted garlic artisan bread letover romdinner the night beore, two arm reshbrown eggs, our slices o pre-cookedpeppered bacon (B.L.T’s two days previous),and about a third o a cup o shreddedpepper jack cheese, I realize I’m not as sorryout o luck as I once thought.Stealing a bit o inspiration rom an unlikelysource, having watched Adam Sandler’sSpanglish a ew days beore, I set to makingthe same kind o sandwich he did, with myown twist on scavenged letovers. Servewith your avorite Greek yogurt and ruit orwhatever suits YOUR tastes, budget,and availability. This recipe is allabout using your resources,however limited, so becreative and work your pantry!
Roasted Garlic
4 slices roasted garlicartisan bread4 slices thick cutpeppered bacon, cooked2 resh brown eggs1/3 cup shredded pepper jack cheese, divided ortwo sandwiches (may alsouse two slices)About a ¼ cup real butter,enough to spread on oneside o each slice o breadand to cook the eggsSea salt and resh crackedblack pepper to taste
On the road and in the kitchen with Gypsy Gourmet
In-homehospice and inpatient hospice inGrin & Surrounding Areas
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED3247 Newnan RoadGrin770-467-9930
949 Experiment St • Griffin
local as possible. They planto carry a locally-madeGreek yogurt, local honey,grass-eed bee romRocking Chair Cattle Ranch(Forsyth), and producerom the Graves’ own two-acre garden.“Providing local productsis important to us or tworeasons; one, the closeryou can get the item, themore you’re supporting thelocal community, and two,the closer you buy yourproduct, the resher it is orthe consumer,” says Ashley.Hill Street Market will alsosell gourmet popsicles,handmade by Dustin andMeredith themselves. TheGraves have made all-natural, organic popsiclesor the last two years,selling them at regionalarmers’ markets. Theybegan making the popsshortly ater nding outthat their young daughter,Zadee, has severe oodallergies.Laynie Bug’s Sweets and Treats has been sellingRizzy Pops, as they callthem (Zadee’s nicknameis Rizzy) or the last ewmonths. But the small icecream shop didn’t reallyhave enough room to allowthe Graves to make theirpopsicles there, causingthem to look into otheroptions.On a chance meeting in the Third Ward Park one day,the Graves and the Trottersmet and began discussingopening a market."It was on a whim and wasthe perect collision," saidDustin, who said withina month o having thatconversation they signed alease on the space at 104CS. Hill Street.Opening a market togethercombined the Graves’sneed o a brick-and-mortarlocation to make andsell their pops and ruitsmoothies, while allowingAshley to realize her dreamo owning an organicmarket. The expanded roomallowed the Graves topurchase a machine thatreezes the resh pops ina mere 15 minutes, givingthem a much creamiertexture than what they hadbeore. "The aster reezingtime causes the ice crystalsto be smaller," Dustinexplains. The Trotter amily made thetransition to eating organicood sometime in the lastyear, Ashley says, because“the media today makesit where you understandwhat’s really in your ood.Once you know that, it’shard to go back and eed itto yoursel and your kids.” The Trotters and Gravesbelieve that both o the business aspects,the organic market andgourmet pops, are llingan overlooked niche indowntown Grin, sincethere's not a smoothie baror grocery store with alarge organic selection. They plan to make resh juice and smoothies,oering an option or amorning crowd looking ora coee alternative. Their organic produceselection will be muchbroader than what canbe ound at chain grocerystores, but at the similarprice point. “I don’t wantto have that reputation asexpensive,” said Meredith.“I think our organics willbe on par with the priceso other stores’ organics,”added Ashley. The couples plan to openthe market doors at 104CS. Hill Street (two doorsdown rom Angelo’s ItalianRestaurant) on Saturday,August 11. They are stilldebating what the storehours will be, saying thatthey will “ollow the crowd,”adjusting their hours towhen they see the mostactivity ater a ew weeks o being open. Get the latestupdates on the Hill StreetMarket and Gourmet Popson their Facebook page. Ω
Dustin pours a mixture o pure ruit puree and agave nectar intopopsicle molds (l). Fiteen minutes later, Zadee perorms a taste test(it took our to reach the decision that she approved.)
116 s. sixth street ::: downtown griffinwww.stachestudio.net ::: 770-229-6599
saturday, august 18 10am - 4pm
stop by to peruse & purchaselocal artists’ works and/orpaint your own masterpiece!
open studio &art market
art vendors needed!
want to sell your work? emailsome pictures of you work tojessica@stachestudio.net

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