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Aug 16 the Grip

Aug 16 the Grip

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Published by: Jessica Williamson Gregory on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kya Haywood, of Upson County, whoco-starred in thehit comedy "TheCampaign," spoketo The Grip abouthis experienceworking with some of Hollywood's biggestcelebrities. The 10-year-old's latest movie is intheaters now.
Sta writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
Roughly 31,000 Spaldig Couty propertyowers have ow received revaluatiootices, ad a umber are questioighow ocials arrived at the assessed valueo their homes ad busiesses.Accordig to Spaldig CoutyMaagerWilliam Wilso, a couty-wide revaluatio, i which everytaxable property is assessed, had otbee udertake sice 1964. Such audertakig was beyod the ability o couty employees, however,which ledthe Board o Commissioers to approvethe expediture o$750,000 to cotractwith Ad Valorum Tax Appraisal adCollectioServices (ADTACS) to perormthe process o assessig local propertyvalues.
 Jessica Williamson Gregory, Publisher jessica@the-grip.net
Display advertising: ryan@the-grip.net | 770.584.7677Story ideas/submissions: sheila@the-grip.net
770-229-3559 | PO Box 2251 Gri GA 30224
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Grip strives or accuracy i all its editorial cotet. I you have a questio, commet, or cocer about articlesor photos published i The Grip, please do ot hesitate tocall or e-mail us.
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AUG 16-30, 2012 VOL. 02 NO. 17
Birds of a Feather 
133 S. Hill StreetDowntown Griffin678-603-2115
Thursday, Sept. 6 6-9 p.m.
new vendors • new merchandisestorewide savings • door prizes and drawingssip & shop catered event
Rectiy cast sits down with local drama students... P.6
With an "Inside the Actors Studio" atmosphere, seven cast members and the producer o the pilot episode o Rectiy sat down with local high school drama students on Friday, August 10 to answer questions regardingtheir careers and roles in the mini television series that has been lming in Grin over the past ew months.
Sta writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
 Followig the airig o a Atlata televisio statio'sexpose' regardig the city o Gri Solid WasteDepartmet trash collectio services, its rates adresidets' lack o choice i selectig a idepedetservice provider, The Grip cotacted Gri Directoro Cetral Services Phill Fracis or a more i depthdiscussio o this issue. Accordig to the report, oecompay was cited as providig weekly collectioservice or $10 per moth. Fracis said comparig thatcompay's rate to the city o Gri's is tatamout tocomparig apples ad orages, as the rate reportedis oered i Gwiett Couty, where the govermetmadates residets' trash collectio providers by dividigthe coverage area ito zoes that may cosist o 30,000resideces, compared to Gri's total populatio o roughly 8,500.However, the questio remais -- should this service beprovided by the local govermet or private idustry?
Clearing the stink aroundcity trash services
Existing airport to be transerred toAirport Authority
Officials say plans for new airport not now feasible followingTSPLOST defeat
With the resoudig deeato the TrasportatioSpecial Purpose LocalOptio Sales Tax (TSPLOST)reeredum, local ocialshave temporarily set asideplas to move orward withthe proposed ew Gri-Spaldig Couty Airport.
Property valuation procedures difer amongprivate appraisers and county ocials
What toknow if youwant tosuccessfully appeal yourhome'srevaluation
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TRASH, p. 7
AIRPORT P. 7 
Sta writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
  The Spaldig Couty Oceo Homelad Security isearly through with theorgaizatioal processo ormig a CommuityEmergecy Respose Team, which will provideselected residets withtraiig ad equipmetcrucial i the atermath o alocal disaster.“It will be basic disasterpreparedess traiig,like basic re suppressioprocedures; rst aid suchas patiet assessmetad triage, CPR, how tocotrol bleedig adtreat patiets or shock ad patiet trasport;utilities cotrol; hazardousmaterials cotrol; lightsearch ad rescue; addisaster psychology, thigs
Thomaston 10-year-old stars in 'The Campaign'
P. 3 
Image credit: Rick Blackshear 
CERT, P. 7 »»»
CERT program will provide emergency training
Aug 16 - 30, 2012
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Spaldig Couty ocialshave oly recetly learedthe outcome o a couty-wide revaluatio processthat will set the tax digestor scal year 2012-2013,but the budget or thatsame time period was setmore tha 45 days ago.Some may ask how ocialsca possibly establisha budget without rstkowig how much moeythe local govermet willcollect i property taxes toud the digest. Accordigto Spaldig CoutyAdmiistrative ServicesDirector Jia Garriso, itca be doe successullywith careul plaig addeliberatio.“I have o idea why ourscal year is set the way itis. That’s just the way ouroreathers decided to do it,”she said o the process shereereced as backwards.“Typically, there is little too problem. now, this lastyear, we set a budget, gotthe tax digest i Septemberad it ell about $900,000short, so we had to gothrough ad make somecuts.”Garriso explaied thatmeetigs with eachdepartmet head are heldbegiig i February o each year, which allowsthe presetatio o eachbudget request.“We base it o a at or zero-growth (tax) digest, with obudget icreases ad oicrease i the millage ratebecause the commissioersidicated earlier i the yeardurig their retreat thatthey would ot like to see atax icrease,” said Spaldig
Sta writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
Spaldig Couty residetswho dispute the amouto their recet propertyrevaluatio have theoptio o lig aappeal with the Board o Assessors, ad ocials areoerig advice o how tobest take advatage o thatprocess.Accordig to LarryGriggers, a cosultatwith Ad Valorum TaxAppraisal ad CollectioServices(ADTACS), thecompay hired by SpaldigCouty to coduct localrevaluatios,ocialsproject 10 percet o property owers mayappeal their valuatios,ad each will be allottedoly 15 to 20 miutes orthe primary appeals, adbecause the issue teds tobe such a emotioal oe,that time is ote misusedo topics that are ot evegrouds or a appeal.“They’ll say there’s o waytheir house has icreasedi value that much sicelast year,” Griggers said. “I’lltell them, ‘You’re exactlyright, but the value was’tset last year. It may havebee set i 2000. Priorvalues also may ot havebee a air represetatioo value. Some wereudervalued ad somewere overvalued. Evethe, sayig the propertyvalue has chaged is ota basis or a appeal. Theoly thig that ca beappealed is what is thevalue o your home oJa. 1, 2012. How muchit chaged sice last yearcaot be the basis or aappeal.”He said otetimes,homeowers arecompletely uaware o their home’s actual worth,ad that the geeral belie that the real estate marketis dow overall is otaccurate.“Oe o the thigs I’mgoig to poit out to themis that most people, othertha appraisers, really olykow the value o theirhome at oe time – whethey purchase it,”he said.“Some areas (i the realestate market) have aredrather well. Whe peoplecome i ad say they’revaluatio is icorrectbecause their house ca’tbe worth that much, I’mgoig to ask them,’How doyou kow that?’ We haveplety o evidece to back up what we did, ad we’llexplai it.”Griggers said a secodruitless approach mayhomeowers take iprimary appeal process isto say they ca’t aord thetaxes.He said he uderstadsthis is a very real adrighteig dilemma somed themselves acig,but said that is ot a validgroud to appeal theassessed value o theirhome.
Fiscal yearbudget isset prior toreceivingconrmedtax digest
Larry Griggers, a ADTACScosultat,said the eortbega i July 2008 adwas completed i Jue2012,ad the result wasa “virtually at” 2012 taxdigest oly$64,000 uder2011 gures. To reach that coclusio,Griggers said a appraiserphysically visited 99.9percet o the couty’staxable properties addetermied the airmarket value o each. Advalorum taxes are basedo 40 percet o thatamout, ater all applicableexemptios.While there are somesimilarities betwee theprocess ADTACS appraisersutilized to assess valuesor the couty’s tax digestad those a real estateappraiser employs todetermie a property’sair market value, stark diereces also exist. This may explai whysome Spaldig Coutyhomeowers were shockedto discover the couty’sappraised value o theirhome exceeded that o aprivate appraiser.Carol Boggus, ower o Orchard Hill Appraisals,said her work ivolvesa complete homeispectio,potetiallyicludig attics ad crawlspaces.“Obviously, we have toispect the house, bothiterior ad exterior,” shesaid. “You’re lookig tosee i there’s ay deerredmaiteace, or damageto the home, ad also orupgrades, ad a lot o the value is based o thesquare ootage ad thesize, coditio ad eatureso the lot. You have to look at everythig, but those arethe key actors.”I cotrast, Griggerssaid ADTACS appraisersevaluate oly theproperty’s exterior,measurig or overallsquare ootage ad lot size.He said there are twoprimary reasos they doot examie a property’siterior. Firstly, they wouldot be able to ispect theiterior o each property, sothey would rather ispectoe or uiormity.“number two, we’re thegovermet,ad that’skid o why we brokeree o Eglad – or ourreedom,”he said. “Thegovermet does’thave ay busiess goigi people’s homes orispectios.”Aother key dierecei the two processesis the cosideratio o comparable home sales.Griggers said assessmetsor the purpose o advalorum valuatio iscoducted by massappraisal, which he calledthe atiowide stadard. This process ivolvesthe compariso o salesprices o similar homesthroughout the couty,regardless o locatio.Reerred to as thecoeciet o dispersio,appraisers measure theuiormity o sales pricesacross the couty. ISpaldig, Griggers said theprocess was doe blidly,with o property idetiedby ower, but rather by aparcel umber, to esureairess.“It has to be pretty closeto 40 percet o the value,”Griggers said, addig thatthe complicated ormula ismoitored by the GeorgiaDepartmet o Reveue.“It has to all withi thestate’s parameters. All thestadards by which thestate is goig to measurethe (tax) digest, SpaldigCouty passed with yigcolors.”Boggus explaied that thestate also has guidelies orprivate appraisers, who usethe ee appraisal methodrather tha the massappraisal techique.“Georgia law says youhave to stay withi thesubdivisio – you haveto use sales gures romwithi the subdivisio,”Boggus said. “That helpskeep the value air. It keepsit withi the rage o theeighborhood.”She said there arecircumstaces that wouldallow a private appraiser toutilize home sales outsidethe subdivisio, such as thehome beig sigicatlylarger or smaller thaothers or it beig i muchbetter or worse coditio,but the goal is to work withhome sales data i as closeproximity to the home ireview as possible.“You ca go outside theeighborhood,but youshould still use at least tworom there to bracket thevalue,” she said. “It’s olygoig to be worth as muchas that eighborhood isgoig to allow it to be.” Ω
officials say the differencesbetween thetwo processescan be thecause of valuediscrepancies
appraisals v.revaluation
Sta writer; sheila@the-grip.net 
Couty Maager WilliamWilso. “We will actually setthe millage rate probably iSeptember. We are waitigutil the 45-days (orappeals) is over beore wedo that.Garriso said budget talksbetwee couty ocialsad departmet headsis such a tedious processbecause “they start withzero ad have to justiyeverythig that’s i theirbudget lie-by-lie.”She said they are otallowed to come to thetable with a ope-ededrequest or ay icreasesover the previous year’sbudget, such as vepercet more or ocesupplies. Istead, theywould have to speciywhat each expediturerepreseted.“We put the budgettogether ad preset it tothe commissioers,” shesaid. “They give us iputad we make the chages.We do this based o whatwe thik the tax digest willbe. All that time, we’re idiscussios with the chie assessor.”Earlier i the revaluatioprocess, ocials o the TaxAssessor’s Oce projecteda decreased tax digest –at oe time estimatigas much as a 30 percetloss beore lowerig thatestimate to ve to sevepercet.Wilso said the explaatioor the level digest i lighto the grim predictios isthat earlier estimates werebased o icomplete data,as ot all commercial adidustrial properties hadbee assessed.“now, we’ve bee toldit’s goig to remai level. There’s o huge icreasead there’s o hugedecrease, but depedigo what happes with theappeals, it could causeit to go dow,” Garrisosaid. “I it goes dow, thecommissioers will haveto decide how to balacethe budget. They’ll have todecide i they’re goig tocut services, raise taxes or acombiatio o both.” Ω
How to have a successul home revaluation appeal
AppEALS, p. 7
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Aug 2 - 16, 2012
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In your latest project, you playDylan Huggins in
The Campaign
.What was your reaction whenyou learned you had gotten therole?
Very excited! I literally jumped up ad dow adscreamed ucotrollably!
How many rounds o auditionswere you involved in?
My rst auditio was therst week o October 2011.Ater my rst tapedauditio, I wet to oeproducer/director callback i new Orleas adbooked the job the extday.
When did you begin lming, andwhere did that take place?
I bega lmig the week beore Thaksgivig2011 ad lmed throughFebruary i new Orleas,Louisiaa.
Was it dicult to be gone or solong?
I loved new Orleas adit is a secod home to meow. Mom ad Dad oudplety o kid riedly thigsto occupy my ree time.I met a lot o iterestigrieds that I pla to visitor years to come.
Do you ever get homesick?
Mom ad Dad took tursstayig with me, but yes,sometimes I missed theoe who was't there, adI missed my brothers whowere i school here. Mybrothers visited me o setseveral times though. Myo-set mom, Sarah Baker,also helped. She was verylovig ad sweet to mead she laughed at my jokes just like my momdoes. She gave great hugs,also.
What do you miss the most whileyou're away?
My pet turtle, Little MaJames.
As or the lming process, whatis lie like on the movie set? Howlong do you work each day?
I do school rst each day,ad the o to lmig. Lieo set is u! I betweescees, I would play withZach Galaiakis. Oe day,the director, Jay Roach,taught me a game heplayed with his brotheras a child. We had pletyo time to goo o adhave u. I also had logchats with my good ried,Dyla McDermott both oset ad o. He is a specialried ad metor to me.Lots o laughig wet oat work.
What is the atmosphere like?I know you're all proessionalsand you're there to do a job, butit seems like it would also bea lot o un. Is that the way itactually is?
Yes I had loads o u. Ihad a awesome directorad big stars who madesure the kids ejoyed theirtime o ad o set. I youwatch the blue ray ad theouttakes, you will see howmuch u we had!
Speaking o some o yourcostars, what is it like to workwith some o Hollywood'sbiggest actors?
 They are just ormalpeople. They do their job,the we all laugh aboutit. They were just as icewhe I would ru itothem i public o work.Zach eve let me call himDad i public.
So, you elt really comortablearound them?
 Totally, but I've evermet a strager yet. I treateveryoe the same, omatter what they haveor have't accomplished. That's the way to makerieds.
How did they react towards you?
 They laughed at my jokesad played aroud withme. Dyla was my gymbuddy. We wet to thegym together most ights.He gave my parets somegood advice about mycareer, ad I taught himhow to “Dougie.” I stilltalk to them via e-mail,Facebook, Twitter adSkype.
 You were in Hollywood lastweek or the premiere. How didyou eel about walking the redcarpet? Was it as exciting as itseems it would be?
YES! I still do't kowhow all those as kewmy ame! Savvi ormalwear hooked me up witha sharp tux to pose i. Iloved goog o o thered carpet with Zach adSarah (mom ad dad) adWill Ferrell. Photos o theiteret show the u wehad. I love my photo o me ad Dyla o the redcarpet.
How did you react to seeing themovie or the rst time?
I laughed ad laughed! It isicredible to see your owame roll i the credits soclose to the top!
So, you do want to continueacting?
Yes! I love my job. Somedays I'm paid to be good,some days I'm paid to bebad ad some days I'mpaid to have a hadsomeace or hads. My uturegoal is to become a mariebiologist ad work or theDiscovery chael.
Do you think you'll beauditioning or new roles anytime soon?
I'm always auditioig.I auditio or hudredso roles, ad I'm luckyeough to book some o them. I have a excelletaget i Atlata ad I justsiged with a L.A. agetad maager, so I'm surethey pla to put me back to doig what I love. Ihave lots o rieds I seeat auditios ad classes,ad we're rieds, otcompetitors or a role.
This would be a really big dealor anyone, but especially orsomeone who's only 10-years-old. Do you think you're a starnow?
I'm ot a star. I'm just akid havig a lot o u! I'mthakul that my paretsallow me to do what I loveby drivig me all over theU.S. Ω
Kya Haywood, o Upson County, is seen on the red carpet with anumber o the stars o the hit comedy
The Campaign
prior to itsHollywood premier.
Local young actor stars in blockbuster movie,
The Campaign

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