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Google Spreadsheets - Understanding and Working

Google Spreadsheets - Understanding and Working

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Published by Dheeraj Gupta
A how to guide to start working with Google Spreadsheets with some basic advantages over traditional spreadsheets
A how to guide to start working with Google Spreadsheets with some basic advantages over traditional spreadsheets

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Published by: Dheeraj Gupta on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Google Spreadsheets is a Web-based application created and owned by Google that allow usersto create, update, and modify Spreadsheets and share the data live online. It is an Ajax-basedapplication, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel and CSV (comma-separated values) files.You can also save Spreadsheets as HTML.Google Spreadsheets is a part of Google Documents service. Apart from Spreadsheets, you canalso create docs, presentations, drawings, forms and folders by using this service. However, youcan't embed spreadsheets into docs and vice versa, so these are really separate services with acommon log-in.
Features of Google’s Spreadsheet are as follows:
Allows you to add, delete and sort rows and columns.
Enables multiple, geographically dispersed users to collaborate on a spreadsheet inrealtimeand chat through a built-ininstant messagingprogram.
Allows you to upload spreadsheets directly from your computer.
Incorporates Google Apps Script to write code within documents in a similar way to VBA inMicrosoft Office. The scripts can be activated either by user action or by a trigger in response toan event.
Automatically saved to Google's servers (after certain interval) to prevent data loss.
Automatically maintains a revision history so that past edits may be viewed (although this onlyworks for adjacent revisions, and there is currently no way to find and isolate changes in longdocuments).
Allows formatting and formula editing so you can calculate results and make your data look theway you would like.
Allows you to create charts and gadgets.
Allows you to embed a spreadsheet in your blog or website.
Before starting with Google spreadsheet, take a look on its key benefits giving an edge over traditionalspreadsheet software:
Open Source, you are not required to pay any license cost.
No installation required on your computer.
Create, work and save your documents from your home, office or on the move.
Publish and share with your friends, co-workers or anyone else you want. No More emailattachments required.
Collaborate with two or more persons and update document simultaneously on real-times basis.
There are only two pre-requisites to get start with Google Spreadsheets:
Internet Connection
Google Account
Getting Started
Google Spreadsheets requires you to be logged into a Google account. If you don't have one, it promptsyou to create one.
Creating a Spreadsheet 
There are different ways of getting started using Google Spreadsheets: you can create a new Googlespreadsheet, you can upload a spreadsheet from a computer, or you can use a template from thetemplates gallery. You shall explore various other options as you start digging into the application.As of now, we are taking you to some very basic steps to start with your first Google spreadsheet:1.
and click
as shown inFigure 1
Figure 1: www.google.com
You will be redirected to the login page, as shown inFigure 2: 

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