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Safety Design

Safety Design

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Published by: Mohan Pegu on Oct 10, 2012
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Safety by design
Eliminating manual handlinginjuries in road transport
Safety by design
Eliminating manual handlinginjuries in road transport
This guide was first published in 1996.Second edition September 2001.
Prepared by Tore J Larsson, Ph.D, FSIA, Director, Institute for HumanSafety and Accident Research (IPSO) and George Rechnitzer, B.Eng.,M.Eng., MIEAust., CPEng., Senior Research Fellow, Monash University Accident Research Centre.
1.Introduction12.Good design helps23.The cab3Seating3Cab access44.Access to the tray and cargo area6Climbing on the truck10Tarping105.Loading and unloading11Handling of cargo11Provide options136.Product packaging and containers167.Forklift trucks and traffic management178.The receiving end19Who is responsible?19Equipment219.Special purpose vehicles22Concrete and tanker trucks22Trucks for transporting barrels (beer, chemicals, etc.)23 Vehicles for the transport of people with disabilities24Other special purpose vehicles2510. Safety of other road users2811. Taking note of legislative requirements2912. Key points to remember3013. Checklist31Do look for and specify . . .3114. References32Contact details33 Acknowledgments34

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