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Explanation of the Lesson Planning - 9th Course

Explanation of the Lesson Planning - 9th Course

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Published by galon Ariannin
Lesson Plan Guide for ESL teachers
Lesson Plan Guide for ESL teachers

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Published by: galon Ariannin on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson 11-Presenting material and exploiting characters to familiarize learners with thematerial(the pre-lesson step)
teacher presents the comic strip by visual aids on the board and asks learners if they understood it, who the characters are, what the comic trip means, why itis funny or not, and what teenegers laugh at nowadays.
2-Exploiting material to engage learners in funny activities before presentinggrammar section(the while- lesson step)
Communicative task; focus on meaning: comprehension, interaction and production.`Tell the story’
Teacher will cut up a set of the pictures from a comic trip and will give it inseparate frames to learners (in groups) to re order the story. Learners may notshow the pictures until they’ve arrived at logical order through describingthem. Share the production orally
Using another comic strip, teacher will remove the last picture of the strip andstudents (in groups) may think of an ending. The different groups will vote for the best ending
through a slot-filler activity, teacher will ask learners to match a series of sentences provided under each picture in a new comic strip.Communicative final task of the lesson (the post-activity in the lesson)
Learners in pairs, will choose a comic strip they like most and complete a guidechart. They will also use the following questions to interpret the facts they areasked by compleiting the chart-What makes your character special?-What can she/he do?-What does she/he like ?-What are her/his interests and ambitions?
Lesson 2Strategies teacher will use:
Volume and repetition, to make learnes produce or perceive examples of grammar structures
Success-orientation: to encourage self-confidence, interest and motivation (as awider pedagogical implication)
 Nouns as Subjects in a sentence; verbs as Predicate
Pre-lesson task:
a Task Based Learning through multiple choice based on meaningand giving opinion.
Teacher presents a new comic strip and has a feedback session with learners,talking about character, setting, meaning and so on
After that, learners will guess the possible topics;‘Lucy being the Big Sister’‘Charlie Brown has a serious chat with Lucy’‘Lucy is a Feminist’
While- lesson step:
emphasizing and repetiton as enabling activities.
The teacher gives worksheets with some concepts to learners, accordingly
Teacher will divide the class into As, Cs and Bs, which will work on differentcomic trips highligthing nouns and verbs; subjects and predicates.
Learners will work in groups and when they`ve finished they will share their work with the others to peer-correction. Finally, one representative of each group willshare the solutions in front of the whole class, may be using the board as a sourceto correct themselves in their worksheets.
The table to be completed will be :Nouns Verbs example of subject & predicate
Final Task of the lesson:

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