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theHumm October 2012 web.pdf

theHumm October 2012 web.pdf

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Published by rob9639
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.

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Published by: rob9639 on Oct 10, 2012
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October’s Events
p.28 & 29p.11p.18p.5
   O   C   T   O   B   E   R   2   0   1   2
Sparks of GraceLandmarks of the MindLocal Oil Fields
The Art ofJennifer Kelly p.3
The Art ofJennifer Kelly p.3
www.thehumm.com October 2012
Here’s to “Complete Streets”
Both the town o Mississii Mills nd the County o L-nrk should be coended or tking  “Colete Streets”roch to the redeveloent o County Rod 16A roCounty Rod 29 to the Old own Hll, (Perth nd BridgeStreets in Alonte).Colete Streets re streets designed with ll rod usersin ind — edestrins, cyclists, nd not just crs. king Colete Streets roch to rod design ws one o  nu-ber o recoendtions issued recently in the Cycling DethReview o the Ontrio Provincil Coroner. Te county willoer dierent otions or this reconstruction including notion or  dedicted cycling lne long  ortion o the reconstruc-tion. I urge you to ttend  ublic oen house t the own Oce onOctober 4 ro 5 to 7pm nd voice your suort or this otion.At  tie when helth gencies tell us tht children need t lestone hour  dy o rigorous exercise nd when senior edestrinsnd it ore nd ore dicult to wlk our streets, it is rereshing tosee otions tht ebrce  helthier nd ser liestyle or our co-unity. We’ve ll seen the television coercil o the soccer owho sys her kids get enough exercise becuse they ly soccer. It’stie our kids cn not only ly soccer, but lso rrive t their soccertches sely nd by bike.
— Je Mills, Cedar Hill 
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Phone: (613) 256–5081
Kris Riendeueditor@thehu.co
Layout and Design:
Rob Riendeurob@thehu.co
 Advertising andPromotions:
Kris RiendeuPhone: (613) 256–5081kris@thehu.co
 Assistant Editor:
Ron Frser
Calendar Submissions:
is  onthly rts, en-tertinent nd ides newserdelivered ree to businesses nd visitor ttrctions in Alonte,Perth, Crleton Plce, Westort,Pkenh, Cr, Arnrior, L-nrk, Siths Flls, Burnstown,White Lke, Blderson, nd Ot-tw. Our ndte is to connectnd roote eole nd eventsin the sll towns nd rurl co-unities o the Ottw Vlley —where the rts ourish nd enter-tining chrcters run ok!
By eil or on disk.
is the 22
o the onth rior toubliction.
cost $35 (includes HS) or one yer (12 issues). Send chequewith your ne nd ddress to:
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0.Oinions nd inortion ub-lished in
in letters,ress releses, or individul col-uns do not necessrily reectthe oinion o this newser.All writing, rtwork, nd hoto-grhs ublished in
 re coyright to the uthor, or to
in the cse where nouthor is secied. Rerintingny content without erission violtes coyright nd is rohib-ited (nd desicble!).
Thanks this month to:
Erle Brber nd Dgne Forrestro Foil Medi <
>or getting us ll red u bout
Hu’s website gin. Wecn’t wit to strt trnsoringtheir concet  into virtulity!
   R  e  a   d  e  r  s   W  r   i   t  e
Hummble Thought
   W   h  o   ’  s   R  e  a   d   i  n  g   t   h  e   H  u  m  m
Availale from your local farmers this October: aples, beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabage, carots, cauliower,chard, corn, cukes, egplant, garlic, grapes, kale, leeks, salad mix, onions, parsnips, pepers, potatoes, pumpkins, rutabagas,squash, tomatoes, zucchini, fal raspberies, melons, honey, syrup, beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey.
Get Fresh with a Lanark County Farmers’ Market!
 Almonte Pulic Library parking lot (beside the Beer Store)Saturdays, May to anksgiving,8:45 to Noon
McDonalds Corners
MERA SchoohouseCounty Rd. 12 at Concession A Saturdays, May to anksgiving,9 to 1
Smiths Fals
RCAF Association Hal 44 Abo St. N. (next to the xed bridge)Saturdays, May to October 13,9 to 1
Carleton Place
Market Squarecorner of Beckwith and Lake Ave.Saturdays, May to anksgiving,8 to Noon
Tay Basin across from Town Hal Saturdays, May to anksgiving,8 to 1 Wednesdays, July & Auust, 2 to 6
42 Mill Street, Almonte
Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders
Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders
(No need to plug in!)Enjoy the soothing warm glow with 6 different handcarvedvarieties (Lotus, Sun, Moon, Heart, Star, Yin Yang).Himalayan Salt provides a natural ambiance for home andoffice and increases the room’s negative ions (electronicdevices emit positive ions whichreduce a room’s relaxing energy).
Back in the all o 2010
Shirley Orchard
sent in this photowith the ollowing explanation: “I went to Disney inCaliornia with my son and amily in October to meet upwith my daughter and her children. I had taken theHummwith me so that I could have a photo taken during theHalloween Parade but, unortunately, my son decided totake it on his cell phone and you will see the result. Everything that I am wearing came rom The Hub where I am avolunteer, except or the gloves and earrings.”We appreciate your eforts, Shirley!
Hold on, man. We don’t go anywhere with
in the title.— Shaggy from Scooby-Doo
www.thehumm.comOctober 2012
Working with glss is how Jennier Kelly “lls her cu.” When she isn’t wtching thecurrent o the Mississii River ro herdeck or her dock or her windows, Kelly’s - vourite lce is in her studio, going with theow o cretivity the river insires. Fortu-ntely tht studio is well insulted, becuseshe loves to ccony her vourite vocl-ists t ull volue while she works.Glss hs lwys been her chosen ediu.She likens it to the river itsel — bending ndowing round obstcles, nd chnging ornd substnce constntly. On her website t<currentworksoglss.co> she writes: “Wtchingthe current in the river ow st y hoe givese gret joy. Tis eeling o oveent nd dreows through ost o y designs.”Jennier’s glss rt designs re s vried nd uids the river, rnging ro lrge sculturl ieces orthe grden to wll rt nd tble ieces. In her ownwords, “Te dnce o light nd glss is  reindero sunlight on wter. My work tends to ocus onotiis with  nod to the struggles o hunsnd nture... No two ieces re ever the se, sy cretivity coes ro y dirtion or theunique nd resh.”Tt cretivity extends to exerienttion withher ediu. Kelly constructs intricte tternsro rit — oque or trnsrent glss rgents inevery hue tht rnge in size ro owder to corsecrystls. She even cretes her own glss strings, noo-dles nd rods by elting nd shing glss through terrcott owerot ttched to her kiln. Tis givesher greter control over tching nd coleent-ing colours. She uses the unique shes, textures ndcolours she cretes to “int” on glss with glss. Inother ieces she ixes edi by incororting ho-togrhy, wood nd etls.Te results re originl nd zing. Mny o her conteorry rt ieces reect the lesure
by Sally Hansen
   A  r   t …   a  n   d   S  o  u   l
106 Wilson St. W.Perth, ON613.267.5409
Mon-Thurs 8am-8pmFriday 8am-9pmSat 8am-6pmSun 9am-6pm
�all ar the tar of the eaon that eer arent coe to dread. Get the uer hand ith afe eectie natral cold and u reedie for your children.
Effective Relief that helps:
Nasal Congestion
Sneezing & Runny Nose
 Wet or Dry Cough
Relieve Pain & Reduce Fever 
Current Works o Glass by Jennier Kelly 
she derives ro nture. Te Cndin lndsceunolds in drtic swirls o colour ctured with-in luinous glss, oten eturing bstrct trees, orsoeties just  ew lines tht evoke  ilir i-ge. In  tribute to the view cross the river roher wterront hoe, she hs creted  wll iecetitled “win rees.” A close look t this collge o stined glss, used glss, hotogrhy, ic, ndcoer revels two trees growing together to orthe ige o one.
Going with the Flow
A ntive Ottwn, Jennier Kelly ttended Cr-leton University intending to study sychology.A wonderul Shkeserin course with Eliz-bethn scholr nd CBC Rdio eroring rtscritic Chrles Hines chnged her ind, nd sheollowed the ily ow — studying literture in-sted. Her dd is  retired journlist nd her sisteris  writer. Ater university the job rket ws in slu, nd she nd her other oened “Act 2,” consignent store in Knt. When they decidedto sell their second venture,  hoe design sho inBells Corners,  new current swet her wy. Teirrel estte broker convinced her to becoe  rel-tor, nd by 2010 Jennier nd her husbnd Ptrickshred the wrd o o Producing e or Sut-ton Grou Preier Rel Estte.Although she ws relly busy rising two kids ndselling rel estte, Kelly hd lwys loved rt nd wslooking or n outlet or her cretive energies. Whenshe took  course in stined glss in the erly '90s,she relized she hd ound her ediu nd decid-ed to go with the ow gin. Mking stined glssieces led to urther courses in glss rt t CorningGlss Studio, nd she hs enjoyed the exertise o severl renowned techers nd entors. Lst yershe exnded her reertoire with  course in glss jewellery t Ottw School o Art.o stisy her need or “instnt grtiction,”Kelly hs creted  substntil gllery o intrigu-ing glss jewellery. Fr ro instnt, the brcelets,endnts, rings nd errings re constructed rointricte blendings o unique glss coonents with etl set-tings. Tis is how she describes one beutiul iece: “I will issthis brcelet when it leves y studio. Te glss is so originl ndiossible to dulicte. It is  white bse used with n orgnic t-tern o red/rust/tel/grey. I use it in y kiln t high het to crete sooth surce like  river stone. Te bse strts s rw brss thtI rint  design onto with ink nd then etch. Ten I her thebrcelet into she on y nvil nd creully le the edges sooth.Next I solder  coer disc to the brss tht holds the glss ge,nd I colete the iece by olishing the brss with  tin to ddn ged chrcter.”
Navigating the Flow
Jennier enthusisticlly describes Ptrick s “the world’s ost su-ortive husbnd.” As her rel estte rtner, he enbles her to crveout chunks o tie to gure out how to “get wht’s in y igintiononto glss.” She hs three notebooks ull o concet drwings, nd isworking on  ten-yer rtistic develoent ln tht includes  trinext yer to n esteeed glss school in Pittsburgh, PA. Her gol is tolwys rein n eerging rtist — she never wnts to be “nished”with her rt. In y Huble oinion, she hs bsolutely no cuseor concern.Te Kelly ily is lso  te when it coes to suorting thePFLAG orgniztion. Jennier is  co-chir o the Stittsville PFLAGchter tht suorts, eductes nd rovides resources to rents,ilies, riends nd collegues with questions or concerns regrd-ing issues o sexul orienttion nd gender identity. She hs creted oignnt glss sculture illuinting her quest to ensure tht se-sex coules enjoy the se right to ublicly exress their ectionor ech other s heterosexul coules.
Current Works o Glass
Tis Tnksgiving Weekend, October 6 to 8, you cn get  stress-ree hed-strt on your Christs shoing during the n-nul
Crown and Pumpkin Studio our
. Jennier Kelly’s eclec-tic nd conteorry glss rt nd jewellery will be on exhibit tStudio 4b, locted t Woolly Tings Studio, 2763 tlock Rodin Clyton. Te website t <crownndukin.co> ro- vides  nd inortion to guide you to 17 loctions etur-ing over 35 locl rtists. Jennier lso sells her distinctive glss jewellery online t <etsy.co/sho/currentworksoglss>, nd you cn view gret collection o both her rt nd jewellery t<currentworksoglss.co>. She cn be reched by hone t859–0100 nd by eil t <currentworksoglss@gil.co>.

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