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Online Greenlight Review

Online Greenlight Review

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Published by petagaye1

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Published by: petagaye1 on Oct 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Peta-Gaye Brown
Online Greenlight Review
Space & Environment: Cinematic Spaces
ContentsThe ExtractsThe Glass CityExtract SynopsisAdditional informationInfluence MapKey thumbnailsQueen Coo-ee-oh & The Magic IsleExtract synopsisAdditional informationInfluence MapKey thumbnailsThe City of OzExtract SynopsisAdditional informationInfluence MapKey thumbnailsVisual Concept Influence MapCreative Partner archiveBlog links
2.The Glass City: From Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz ,L.Frank Baum,1908
SynopsisDorothy, Zeb, an old horse and a Cat plummet steadily through the centre of theearth because of an earthquake. They discover a world surrounded by sixmulticoloured suns and glass buildings. This world has properties similar toEarth such as mountains and Lakes, but its key feature is the beautiful light that surrounds them. The companions land on top of a glass house where theydiscover that whilst in the centre of the earth their animals can now speak andthe laws of gravity can be altered. They slowly walk down in mid air from the topof the house they landed on and meet the civilisation that live there. The peoplethere are extremely fascinated by the animals that accompany Dorothy, becausethere are no animals or children in this world. The glass buildings are all crackedbecause the earthquake that occurred on earth dropped rocks and rubble ontothem but Dorothy and her friends are accused of causing all of the damage.Contextual & social InformationThe Book has many social elements embedded in it , but Baum Said that the
book is ‘
solely to please children of todayIt aspires to being a modernizedfairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and theheartaches and nightmares are left out.
(L.Frank Baum). This extract isfilled with wonderful scenes in an unknown world . Baum really is openingthe minds of young children to a new type of fairy tale and adventure.
Existing AdaptationsThere are a few adaptations in of Dorothy and the Wizard in OZ. The 1939version being one of the most memorable versions where many elements of theStory is left out. The 1939 version is called Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz anduses colour to really make Oz this very vibrant world compared to Kansas whichis filmed in black and white.

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