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CIN Configuration

CIN Configuration

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Published by Goutam Ghosh

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Published by: Goutam Ghosh on Oct 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Country Version India
A Country Version is designed specifically to cater the business operationsof that country over and above the generic SAP system functionalities. Itcomprises of functionalities degined for the laws and business practicespertaining to the country.Most of the country-specific functions for India relate to Financials andLogistics.The main areas are as follows:
Excise duty and the central value-added tax system (CENVAT)
Withholding tax (also known as tax deducted at source)
Sales tax
Maintenance and printing of statutory excise registersThe official help documentation for Country Version India is here. 
Indian Taxing procedure
, Excise Duty plays a vital role in manufacturing scenario's. Exciserelated configuration is known as CIN configuration. CIN Configuration is a topic in itself.Here is some information on CIN Configuration. While it may not appear understandable asgiven below, it will be understood better when you check on screen.Country Version India comes with four pricing procedures as follows:
JINFAC (Sales from manufacturing plants)
JINEXP (Export sales)
JINDEP (Sales from depots)
JINSTK (Stock transfers
 IMG > Logistics - General > Tax on Goods Movement > India > Basic Settings >Maintain Excise Registrations
 In this IMG activity, you maintain the data relating to your excise registrations.ActivitiesEnter each of your excise registrations, specifying a four-character code for eachExcise Registration IDsIn this activity, you maintain excise registration IDs. You create one ID for each of yourbusiness's excise registrations.
 For each excise registration in your business create a registration ID and state:
Which taxes the registration covers (additional excise duty, special excise duty, andcess)Fields for any taxes that are not covered will be hidden in transactions involvingexcise duty.
The maximum number of items to be printed on each excise invoice
Whether you are allowed partial CENVAT creditsMaintain Registration ID NUMBER, Excise code number, excise registration numberExcise Registration NumberA number assigned to each premises or location that has registered as a manufacturerwith the excise authorities.Every entity with an excise registration number is required to keep its own excise books.
ECC Number
 Specifies the organization's ECC number.Excise Registration NumberA number assigned to each premises or location that has registered as a manufacturerwith the excise authorities.Every entity with an excise registration number is required to keep its own excise books.Excise range: Specifies the excise range in whose area the excise registration is located.
Excise Division
 Specifies the excise division in whose area the excise registration is located.
 Excise CollectorateThe code of the excise collectorate in whose area the excise registration is located.Indicator for confirming AED usageAdditional Excise Duty Percentage. These are leviable under the additional duties of excise act. These duties are in addition to basic excise duty and special excise duty.ExampleAdditional Excise duty is leviable in case of textile products, tobacco and sugar.
Similarly for SED CESS
 Number of Items in Excise InvoiceShows the maximum number of line items that the authorities allow per excise invoice.DependenciesThis information is used when you create an excise invoice in Sales and Distribution(SD) for factory sales and for other movements.This information is used to split the transfer postings' items into multiple subcontractingchallans.Excise register set descriptionDescription of the excise registers set.Partial CENVAT CreditIndicates that the excise registration ID is allowed to credit only a portion of its inputexcise duty to its CENVAT account.DependenciesWhen you post a goods receipt, the system splits the input excise duty on the materialinto its deductible and nondeductible amounts. It posts the deductible duty to theappropriate CENVAT account, and adds the nondeductible duty to the material value.This information is also shown when you post the vendor's excise invoice.Maintain Company Code SettingsUseIn this IMG activity, you maintain the data relating to your company codes.Document Type for CENVAT PostingsIt controls, which document type the system uses when making CENVAT postings inFinancial Accounting (FI). Here ED is document type for cenvat posting.Indicator for providing debit account overwritingDebit Account Overwrite Indicator. X - Indicates debit accounts can be overwritten. UseIn excise journal voucher transaction. It provides the flexibility to the user to enter thedebit account of his choice depending on the nature of transaction.

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