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Dreams Newsletter #3

Dreams Newsletter #3

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Published by Sean C. Fraser

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Published by: Sean C. Fraser on Oct 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Donate Now!
 Dreams for Orphans P.O. Box 9983 Seattle, WA 98109 
Dreams for Orphans is a501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization
Our Mission Giving hope to orphans in developing countries through education and a safe environment.
A Board Member Visits Osu:
 More Committed to Helping These Kidsand Improving their lives.” 
visit to Osu Children’s Home, the orphanage
 Dreams for Orphans 
 is helping to support in Accra, Ghana can be life-changing.“After my visit,”says Dreams board member Juliet Roger, “I came awaythinking that this place needs a lot of help and more people need to come seethe conditions and help improve them.” Juliet visited with Andrew, her 13-year-old son because ‘He and some friends had raised money for the orphan-age and I thought it would be good for him to see where the money went.’” Itwas valuable, provocative experience for both of them.
“Kids need a lot of help”
“The orphanage is situated on a verylarge campus and it’s very officiallooking.,” Juliet says. “ The childrenare carefully protected. You don’t just walk in and pick up babies. Butit’s clear that the kids need a lot of help. The conditions in the nurseryare a little bit shocking and as amother it was hard to see infants inthat situation. On the other hand,they seemed happy and the childrenare so welcoming — so happy to seeyou.”
Yearning for love
When Kirkland, WA resident LaurieThiebert visited Osu the children surrounded her, she says. “You could justfeel their yearning for love and family. I was overwhelmed with the number of children there.” Laurie later adopted a son from the orphanage who nowlives with her in Kirkland. He is thriving, Laurie says.(See P. Osu, P. 3)
Inside This Issue
Founder’s corner…………..2
Yaw’s Story
Sponsorship program…….3
Matching Funds……………3
Slam Dunk for Kids...…;;;...4
Volume 1, Edition 3 Spring 2011
 About Our Logo
 The diamond shape of our logo is the symbol theAkan, a West African people,use for “fence.” A home with afence is considered to be anideal home. Because of thesecurity and protection that afence affords, the symbol isalso associated with the secu-rity and safety one finds in
 Juliet and Andrew Roger withone of the Osu kids
The Founders Corner 
Yaw’s Story
his smiling boyis Yaw. He is11 years old and at-tends an better school, thanks to tui-tion support fromDreams. Yaw hassickle cell anemia, avery painful disease,and he is often hospi-talized to replenishhis fluids. However,he never lets youknow how severe his pain is.Yaw studies very hard and the small class sizehelps him learn. He loves adventure stories andthose about pirates. Anyone can see what a spe-cial boy he is and his smile will win you over inminutes. His best friend is Boam, for whomDreams helped heal a hole in his heart. If youhave a hole in
 your heart 
, Yaw could cer-tainly fill it.
 Dreams For Orphans 
ap- proaches its 18-month anniversary, Ican’t help but think of the 100-plusinfants and toddlers at Osu Chil-dren’s Home that have been grow-ing right along with us. For instance,I think of Bella, who I held the lasttime I was in Ghana.Thanks to your generosity, she willhave a safer place to grow and learnwith her friends in the new nurserywe are working toward building.She was 18 months old when,weighing only ten pounds, she wasrescued from a gutter in Accra and brought to Osu. Today, she has afuture full of hope thanks in large part to your generosity.Bella and her friends are countingon us to be their voice and make life better for them. Since the birth of 
 Dreams For Orphans 
, our organi-zation has grown tremendously.We arenearly 80 per cent on our way to our goal of raising the$50,000 we have earmarked for  building a new nursery at Osu. Aspecial thank you to each of youwho have already purchased
 Bricks for our Babies
“Our dreams keep getting bigger and our commitment to theorphans grows.” 
It is because of each of you thatour development is on track.Your time, energy, encourage-ment and financial support haveallowed us to grow and advanceat a faster rate than we thought possible. With this progress, our dreams keep getting bigger andour commitment to the orphansgrows.Thanks to you we have the privi-lege to dream for children likeBella, and it is our responsibilityto realize those dreams for allorphans. We do this because theorphans need us and because youmake it possible. This makes for a match made in heaven.With God’s blessing and your continued support,
Dreams For Orphans 
promises to provide themost basic needs for the world’smost vulnerable children.Thank you!
Paola Womac Paola Womac Paola Womac Paola Womac 
 Dreams Launches Pilot  Sponsorship Program
 Dreams for Orphans 
has launched a new sponsor-ship pilot program providing improved educationand nutrition for eight Osu kids. The program pays for tuition at a better school, books, uni-forms and a school lunch.Sponsors commit to providing tuition throughhigh school and are encouraged to also fund col-lege tuition. The kids love their new schools andare flourishing.
Put Your Company’s MatchingFund to Work for Dreams.
Retired Dreams Board member Paul Patinioseasily doubled his recent donation to
 Dreams  for Orphans 
. He just ran it through his com- pany’s matching fund. Your company mayalso have such a program — many compa-nies do. Check with your company and thendouble your money — and our pleasure.
Many thanks to Paul for all his hard work in helping establish our marketing pro-gram. And thanks to Microsoft for thematching donation.
Three of Osu’s sponsored kids. Fromleft: Awuley, 2nd grade; Isaac, 1st  grade; and Boam, kindergarten. Boam is the child Dreams helped pro-vide surgery to heal a hole in hisheart.
Osu from P. 1
 Juliet spent time caring for the babies and volunteering inthe library. In the nursery she helped bathe, feed andchange the infants. In the library she helped kids with their homework and dished out a little TLC. “They liked to bearound an adult who would read to them. Some justwanted a little special attention. Most of them are good atmath and they love to have you drill them on their math.”As well as being an eye-opener, the trip helpedstrengthen Juliet’s commit-ment to
 Dreams for Or- phan 
s. “I really want theorganization to grow becausewhatever we can do to helpthe kids is extremely valu-able.
A huge impression
The trip made a huge im- pression on her son Andrew.“He understood how goodhis life is compared to thoseof the Osu kids,” Juliet says.“Above all, how lucky he isTo have parents. You could take everything else away, buthaving parents is huge, whether they are great or not. TheOsu kids don’t know what it’s like to have parents. Hereally understood that. ‘I really appreciate you, Mom, hetold me and I love you.’” Coming from a teenager, thisalone may have made the trip worthwhile.Love is what the childrenof Osu need most, saysLaurie Thiebert. “Canyou imagine growing upwithout having anyonewho loves you? Childrenneed love, encouragementand safety and once theyhave those they thrive.”Juiliet encourages visitsto Osu. “It’s such a valu-able experience. If youcan find a way to getthere, try to make it hap- pen. You will benefit andso will the kids.”
 Laurie and adopted son, Osei. Andrew Roger playing with oneOf the Osu kids.

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