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Published by URBNAnthony.com

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on Oct 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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{U>2|c|<U}DearMichael Frame,
This is the formula that represents the fractal of creation and all other things that exists.The fractal in this instance is the replicationofsubstance in the image of the creation.The issue is theexistenceof all other elements not a fractal of the creator. This fractalactually separates that which is a copy of the original versus that which is a hybrid ormodified version from the original{Duplication, not being the same}. In sum, if weconsider creationasthe Light and all other existencethe Dark,we get an exact replicationof the creation, howbeit illusionary and artificial. So, althoughwhat appears to be afractal of the parent,itis not so. This is the pointat which wecanconsider a continuumofthesameplain of light where light and darkmeet, in total opposition toone another. Inotherwords, light is the same to dark in scaleas the number one ison the same scale othe continuum as the negative one.There is no zero, onlythat which is created versusthat which was not created.When we apply the formula as it relates to fractals, we can from a political and socialperspective determine the outcome relating tocertain fractals as not being randomoccurringevents. In fact, these events are instituted on continuum or plain resemblingthat which exists in the physical sciences. This isdetermined or viewed by historicalevents whichreplicatedthemselves in government by the officials and agencies of government. Therefore,eachpolitical fractal of substancecan and is replicated no matterthe level offederal, state or local governments. In this, wecan deduce from the verycreation of the United StatesConstitution andfrom
foundation,the separations of Light versusDark and its association to theoriginal Light creationversus that of imagery orDarkness.When we observe the fractal of public policy, which is a broader scope, it is bound by thesame principles as the geometric figure. In this, we can compare and contrast the exactpatterns of government and its officials throughout theinstitutionalstructures.It ispossible to separate and detect the patterns that are not of the original creation, which canthereforebe contributed to theDark. Which in fact, is not aderivativeor fractal at all.Instead it is anillusion and totally opposite, asare the negative and positive attributes onthe numbers scale. One of themost relevant fractal would be the fractal of religion.We can see the existence of religionas not being the fractal of what it was created for.Aseluded toearlier and most apparent would be the appearance ofreligion. For example,African descendants can view religions as artificial if by no other means than observingthetenants of religion duringSlavery. The establishment of twoseparatereligions, one
for Black people and another standard for White people is in tune with the fractal of creation(Light) and that of illusion(Dark). It is therefore possible to determine that thereexists two separate Beliefs orthepossibilityof more than one God, so to speak. As theGod worshipped by theplantation owners were not the same God of song, love and hopein the field.To better understand the fractal of social interactions, the best venue to observe now thatreligion has been more than polluted with controversy in more modern times would be toview secret societies and fraternal organizations as fractals. In this we can see moreclearly the schemes involving societal fractals. The best example which tends to keepconsistent throughout the ages is the various fraternities and their inherent racism whichis reflected in Black Lodges versus White Lodges. In present times we see the samesegregation that founded the new Republic or Democracy, depending on your view.As is the case of BlackFraternalLodges in America, they are a fractal of the WhiteFraternalLodges. Directly, they are two separate entities, with one attempting to reflectthe other. However, the values ofeach are totally different, as they are fractalconnections, resembling only an illusionaryelement of similarity. One is subjective tothe other and does not shareidenticalprinciples, balances nor objectives.Your thesis deals with inanimate objects, although the fractal in government is applied tosocial patterns in the representation of the peoples. When we view societal fractals, it ispossible to determine from the firstslaveships to the assassination of Malcolm andMartin the Light Fractalversus that of the DarkFractal. In consideration of the FederalGovernment and Hoover, it is possible to observe the pattern within the StateGovernment and SEBAC involvingRowland,Blumenthal, Wyman, Nappier in 1995-97to Malloy, Lembo, and the sameintegralofficials involvedfrom then until the presenttime. Thefractals are the same.As death threats and harm to person and propertywas acharacteristic of the publicofficials, the same is conducted presently through thedestruction of the family unit andseizure and burning of property etc., and as in the situation involving civil rights, theissue of benefits or entitlements, or inalienable rights are involved. With these issues of rights exists finances. This can be viewed in the profit from the Vietnam War, Industry,or Healthcareand Salary Fraud as in themost recent mattersinvolvingSEBAC and theState of Connecticut. Whatcan be viewed in each fractal is that Equality and Justicerested with the African descendant, and was destroyed by the European descendant.It is possible to Specifically view the components in the 1960s of Andrew Young andJesse Jackson in their betrayal of King to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This wasthe samecomponents of the fractal used against Malcolm as the FBI usedpaid informantagents. Currently, in the matter concerning the state of Connecticut, rather than paying orsettling the debts owed toinjuredAfricanworkers, theState will employ the same fractalas the Federal Government by using African Americans to destroy African Americans toprotectthe corruptpractices of its public officials. Andrew Young was given a positionof Mayor of Atlanta, and Jesse Jackson was givenmoney and an organization. This to

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