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Targeted Individuals Canada - Organized Stalking, Electronic Psychotronic Harassment, Mind Control

Targeted Individuals Canada - Organized Stalking, Electronic Psychotronic Harassment, Mind Control

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Published by Andreas_Pietrzak
Directed Energy Weapons DEW Torture Electromagnetic Mind
Control Weapons Mindcontrol Gangstalking European victims of electronic harassment from
Germany Targeted Individuals Europe Chipped Chip Implants for Humans Already Here and in Use
Digital Angel Tracking Devices Remote Neural Monitoring Mind Manipulation implant technology
bionic chip microchiped Targeted Individuals Europe

Strahlenfolter, Mikrowellenterror, Mikrowellenfolter, Elektromagnetische, Folter, Überwachung, electronic harassment, Mind
Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Strahlenterror, Brummton, RFID, Torture, Neonazi, NWO, Genozid, Euthanasie, Psychiatrisierung, Non Lethal Weapon,
Directed Energy Weapons DEW Torture Electromagnetic Mind
Control Weapons Mindcontrol Gangstalking European victims of electronic harassment from
Germany Targeted Individuals Europe Chipped Chip Implants for Humans Already Here and in Use
Digital Angel Tracking Devices Remote Neural Monitoring Mind Manipulation implant technology
bionic chip microchiped Targeted Individuals Europe

Strahlenfolter, Mikrowellenterror, Mikrowellenfolter, Elektromagnetische, Folter, Überwachung, electronic harassment, Mind
Control, Directed Energy Weapons, Strahlenterror, Brummton, RFID, Torture, Neonazi, NWO, Genozid, Euthanasie, Psychiatrisierung, Non Lethal Weapon,

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Published by: Andreas_Pietrzak on Oct 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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freedom of thoughts, beliefs, opinions andexpressions
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of Canadian Constitution that protects its citizens from human rights violations.
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 “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people lovetheir servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their libertiestaken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desireto rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacologicalmethods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” –
Aldous Huxley
– It should be mentioned for the benefit of anyone makingcontact with victims listed below that while many civilized people are to be found on thereceiving end of mind control, there do, too, exist a few alleged victims that become unexpectedly confrontational. They could be provocateurs, or just upset. Therefore, it issuggested that victims be very careful about giving out their contact info like e-mails, homeaddresses, or phone/cell numbers over the internet.
Alan Yu
- “My name is Alan Yu, a former lieutenant colonel in Taiwan National DefenseDepartment. Eleven years ago, I immigrated to the United States and later, I naturalized andbecame an US citizen. I am writing this letter to inform you of a great threat to human rightsand our American way of lives. This grave threat is a device known as the “Mind ReadingMachine” (Mind Machine). It has been used to violate the most fundamental human rightsguaranteed under the United States Constitutions and the very idea that our Declaration of Independence represents: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” READ MORE
Bernd Seiffert
- is psychiatric victim, human rights activist,andtargeted individual from Germany. According to Martin Bott whose brother was also assassinated, Seiffert wassilence because of his vocal activism against the torturesof psychiatric patients.Bott warned: “If my homepage disappears the BND will have assassinatedme aswell.” (READ MORE)
 video 1 2 3
Blanche Chavoustie
- a survivor of various U.S. gov’tmind control experiments. She was experience on atvarioussitesin NY, Vancouver (BC),andPrinceton. Sites that are involved in the CIA MKULTRA mind control projects which includes brain implants. She connected atwww.ACHES-MC.org, an Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – MindControl in the USA (Raven1.net).READ MORE PICS
Bruno Marchisani
- is an activist and a targeted individual from San Francisco, California. Inhis 2009 global protest report, Marchisani said: “As part of a global day of protest beingorganized by a newly formed TI activism group called theInternational Alliance Against CovertElectronic Abuse, …I counted 16 protesters being present…We originally planned to protest atthe park across the street from city hall, to be respectful of city hall workers, but a policeofficer came by and said we needed a permit to protest in a public park, though he said thisfirst time he’d allow it. He also indicated we could protest directly in front of city hall if weliked, so we moved our protest to the sidewalk in front of city hall. There was a plethora of protest signs…Some of us were lined along the edge of the sidewalk displaying our signs —several drivers honked their horns and gave us the “thumbs up” in support! At one point areporter and cameraperson for an independent…In my opinion the protest was certainlysuccessful in terms of turnout — this has been the largest turnout for any TI event in the SanFrancisco Bay Area I’m aware of and slightly exceed my expectations! Most of us stayed thereuntil the 2:00pm protest end time, shortly after which we disbanded. I and at least a coupleof others who were present took pictures of the event and I will be forwarding mine to Felix,a TI who plans to make a video of the global protests. President Obama was to be visitingSan Francisco the following day and Christine along with some of yesterday’s protestersplanned to be present to gain more exposure…” READ MORE
Cary Adcox
- a technician, is prevented from finding employment by, he suspects, governmentagents working behind the scenes. He feels that he has brain implants due to the closeinterfacing of himself with the very minds of agents, and to xray results. Besides physicallytorturing him and modifying his thoughts, the controllers seem to be interested in goingthrough his engineering knowledge. (Raven1.net).READ MORE
Captain Dan Hanley
– “…Hanley stated that the Department of Homeland Security andTransportation Safety Authority were recently responsible for the greatest national and airlinepassenger security risks since 911. He continues highlighting the FBI and the DOJ refusal torespond to former alleged criminal complaints involving United Airlines…” READ MOREAlso:article web-site
Carole Sterling
- On November 6, 1997, Carole Sterling, a mind control victim, committedsuicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. Her ordeal was published in Colorado Star Beacon (Raven1.net).READRSS feedTwitter
This is a site for activism, advocacy andnetworking for people who are targeted byorganized stalking and electronic harassmentas well as people who supports the TIcommunity and who believe these criminalactivities are a violation of human rightslegislationsinCanadaand around the globe.
This vPlease switch to a browse
This site may contains copyrighted materialsthe use of which has not always beenspecifically authorized by the copyright owner.We are making such material available in ourefforts to advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic,democracy, scientific, & social justice issues.We believe this is not an infringement of anysuch copyrighted materials as in accordance tothe the fair dealing clauses of the CanadianCopyright Act, that allow users to engage incertain activities relating to non-commercialand not for profit research, private study,criticism, review, or news reporting. We aremaking an exerted effort to mention thesource of the material, along with the name of the author, performer, maker, or broadcasterfor the dealing to be fair again in accordancewith the allowable clause. For more info visit:Wikipedia: Fair Dealing Canada
TI - Targeted Individual
- is a person beingtargeted with OSEH by a group of individualscalled "perps" for the purpose of humanexperimentations.* * *
Organized Stalking
- are methods use by perps intargeting a specific person for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death.* * *
DEW - Direct Energy Weapon
- are deviceused for OSEH purposes, weapons can bemicrowave with pulp frequencies, v2k or otherelectronic and hearing devices.* * *
V2K - voice to skull device
- is a weaponuse for transmitting voices with low or highfrequencies. Voices can be for commands orharassments attacks that may look like theTI's own voice.V2Kcan also use to induce or manipulate dreams or to deprived TI sleeps.
Twitter Updates
The report makes it clear that therehave indeed been many undeniablyinnocent civilian casualties presenting...fb.me/22paZFB9T1 day ago 
Targeted Individuals Canada
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Chris J. Brunson
- “Here I have uploaded some videos regarding the activities of gangstalking. If you are a victim of this situation, please subscribe to my channel and save me as afriend. Thanks for your time and have a nice day…I’m a victim of organized stalking, policecorruption, electronic harassment, bio-terrorism and human experimentation program.” READMORE
Cheryl Welsh
- is founder and director of “Mind Justice,” a human rights group, law graduate,an activist and a targeted individual from Sacramento, California. In a rare CNN interview sheexplained: “…It is very hard to explain to people, for people to understand. I will give you anexample of how I concluded that government experimentation may have been involved, orsomebody was outside manipulating these things. I believe that the government has thetechnology to read your mind remotely. I came to that conclusion, besides a whole series of things, was everytime I smiled the telephone would ring. That would be one example of whatthey do. Very Pavlovian kinds of situations like that to where you could conclude thateverytime you smiled, something like that happened in a highly significant amount. I alsofound that people were acting strangely. If I went to the grocery store, having twenty peoplebeing mean to you in one day you take notice. It did not happen in my normal life. Or havetwenty people swearing, spitting, twenty people drop their keys. I knew something out of theordinary was happening, it’s very hard to explain…Logically, that you are having mentalproblems. If you feel the government is after you that is just a classic symptom of mentalillness. So, you have to be very careful about what you say and how you say it and if you sayit to a mental health professional. They do not check out your facts, they come to theirconclusions based on their DSM III, a diagnostic manual. If you say I think the government isafter me and they read my brain remotely like a computer screen, you are not going to getthe benefit of the doubt, they have a bias that you just cannot overcome…” READ MORE
Christine Harris
- Requested to be deleted. READ MORE
video 1 2 3; article
Clare Wehrle
- was described as a local transient, was crossing 34th Street North just southof Dartmouth Avenue North on January 6, 2006 at 7:40pm when she was struck by a 1991Pontiac Grand Prix, traveling southbound and driven by Edward Raymond Peters, of St.Petersburg. It was believed that Clare was a victim of OS/EH (Wiseti.blogspot).READ MORE
Connie Marshall
- is a community activist, 2010 Louiville (Kentucky) Mayoral candidate,businesswoman and a targeted individual of organized stalking and electronic harassment. Inher web-site, Justice for All Citizens, she documented her ordeal and encouraged everyone tobe aware and support victims of this crimes. Also, Marshall recently spoke at the PresidentialCommission on Bioethics Committe together with several targeted individuals who areseeking justice and stop of this human rights violations.READ MORE
Debbie Newhook
- is an activist, targeted individual from Nanaimo, BC. She studied Life SkillsCoach Training at the Grant MacEwan University. On one of her radio guesting,Newhook described the start of her ordeal when in 1993 and working as a social worker, shetook a 6 year old satanic ritual child abuse case from a Catholic social services in Edmonton,Alberta. She was warned by her superior not to take the case but she took it anyway anddiscovered the girl’s family are entangled in an organization of ritualistic satanic mind controlprogrms. Newhook believe that people are misinformed and not at all are “bad.” She believethat technologies are being used to Canadians, attacking them without their knowledge. Thepeople who are being attack will think of their situation as a series of “bad luck” but actuallyorganized stalking and electronic harassment activities. She adviced anyone who are beingattack: “do not isolate yourself.” because this is one of the things the perpertrators wanttargets to do.READ MORE
Derrick Robinson
- is activist, activist, ex-navy officer, and a targeted individual fromCincinnati, He studied at Ohio Wesleyan University and knows Hebrew and Spanish. Histargeting started in 1982 after leaving the navy. He seek help and discovered individuals whoare experiencing the same via internet Yahoo group. In 2004, the group was led by a womannamed Sylvia. She led the group and created the weekly conference call that targetedindividuals can call and share information and network. After two months, Sylvia accordingexperience and severe retaliatory attacks from her handler (perpetrators) and eventuallydisappeared from the group. Sylvia’s leadership led Robinson into active activism andadvocy and when Sylvia started to miss the conference, he slowly took over the leadership of the rou that is now called FFCHS or Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance.Excuses and Manipulations in MindControlwp.me/pY0ME-Uk 1 day ago crime against humanityfb.me/21g0HY9rI 2 days agoFeedback Disparity in RepressiveControl Systemswp.me/pY0ME-Ui4 days ago
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 Now the president, FFCHS is an organization for targeted individuals and human rightssupporters whose main activities are networking, activism, and advocacyREAD MORE
Doreen Dotan
- “I am a nice Orthodox Jewish lady who lives in Tzfat, Yisra’el. I have alwaysbeen very deeply committed to the Jewish People and to the Jewish religion, yet Orthodoxyas we know it has always seemed inauthentic to me…I study linguistic anomalies in the DeadSea Scrolls. The (always tentative) conclusions that I have drawn about HaYachad (the DeadSect) are innovative and controversial. That study is related to my research into HebrewAlphanumerics. Hebrew Alphanumerics can answer a lot of the perplexing questions thatentertain the minds of physicists who encounter the “quantim level of reality” as its called…Ilive in the historic town of Tzfat (Safed as it was known in the foreign press during the recentwar with Lebanon), in the north of Israel with my righteous husband and Teacher, Dani’el. Wehave two surprisingly humanoid grown children of whom we are very proud. Our daughtergave birth to a fine baby boy in April, 2007 and we have Grandthing No. 2 on the way…Oh,and I neglected to mention that I am Queen of the Laputans Manque.” READ MORE
Edmund Light
- from San Francisco, CA, the founder of the MCF pages, was born in 1947.Suffered from radar radiation of 2.45 gigahertz normally used to pulse carbon dioxide. “Itcertainly sounds like the title of a science-fiction film.” Ed declared in one of his writings(Raven1.net).READ MORE
Edward Kats
- “…Edward studied music in the old Soviet Union and now works as a composerand an independent record producer. Klaudia was a professional singer; the two of thembecame hairstylists after they emigrated to America. They retain Old World manners andcharm and still speak with accents that are heavily Eastern European. Edward explains hisson’s plight with great anguish. “The high school psychiatrist told us that something is wrongwith Jay. He can’t concentrate. He gets headaches. He can’t sleep at night because thepeople at Stanford are always sending signals, waking him up. Once this device is implanted,it cannot be removed. My boy is doomed. They want to prepare him for prison and thenmurder him.” Klaudia agrees. “We know that Jay was implanted because he started greatchanges as soon as he became a teenager,” she says. “He started doing bad in school, all of a sudden. He started having big changes in his moods … happy one time, and then justquickly change over to be angry without any reason whatsoever. He started getting intotrouble with the law. They are able to push buttons any time they want to and get thesechildren to commit crimes. They are doing it to blacks and to Latinos, too. You see it, don’tyou?…” READ MORE 
 You Tube;video 1;video 2;article
Darrim Daoud
- is an activist and a targeted individual from London, England. Also known asWinston Smith showed the injuries he sustained from directed energy radiations in one of hisyou tube videos (see link). Daoud died November 15, 2009 at the aged 34. A British TransportPolice (BTP) revealed that his body was found at Balcombe tunnel, near to Parish Lane,Crawley. Darrim was known in the UK TI network. In this clip, Darrim’s facial burn was visibleand was sleep deprived for 133 hours. The second clip showed his injured hand/arms. All thissuffering were the results of lethal electronic radiations and voice to skull harassments.READMORE 
 video 1;video 2;
Daniel L. Moore
- from Delaware, USA was subjected to electronic surveilance and mindcontrol technology since 1997 (Raven1).READ MORE
Dave Bader
- “My real life nightmare began in mid January 1993 about 6 months afterapplying for a security clearance for my job at a Defense contractor in Northridge Californiaand less than a month after a major dental procedure by a dentist referred to me by thecompany (Dr. Pasternak). One day in January 1993 I began hearing voices talking to me in mymind (although I was not aware where they originated from at first) and a high pitched tonein my ears like a very high frequency radio wave that pulses.” READ MORE
David James Fratus
- “This scheme of sleep deprivation, headaches, and audio torments isrelentless and being used to break down my resistance and wear me to a mental frazzle,permitting no mental privacy, berating and picking my thoughts apart, and attacking my mindwith an insidious tirade of sickening innuendo and threats. They are going into mysubconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth unpleasant memories long ago forgotten, and Iam being punished for past as well as present indiscretions.” READ MORE
David Smith
- INFO is an activist and a targeted individual from Gabriola Island, BC. In 2007Smith was a guest of radio talk show host Raymond Geisler. Together with Debbie Newhook,David explained that “Targets are people under surveillance, and could be suffering fromvarious electronic harassment, and/or being stalked by organized stalking groups.” READMORE
Deb Chakraborty
- In his web-site, Deb Chakraborty described his condition as TI. He is beingsubjected to a non-consensual technological torture of non-lethal weapons.Charaborty’s OSEH started when he visited US in 1999 and continued after he went back tohis native India (Angelfire.com/pro2/dchakrab).READ MORE
Derek James Kinmond
- is a targeted individual from Lancashire, UK. He realized histargeting in November of 2004 and explained, “I am a hooked up to remote physicalmanipulation and mind control weaponry 24/7 and it has effected me everywhere…I also getbody manipulation witch means I get strange tingles, electric shocks, I have had a prolongattacks to my heart as the perpetrators of voice to skull were trying to get me to quiteanother job I would not so they started to threaten me and shock my heart and say if I didnot leave my job they would kill me. I also had sensations like they are trying to break mybones mainly to my big toe, ankle. I have a tingle through my jaw and teeth like a smallelectrical current running through them all the time. Sometimes the perpetrators are veryintense on me and it fells like they are stepping inside my body, I can hear them breath above
DanielAnnaDubstep N MaTerryZareenCarolDo
Human Rights Cana
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Human Rights Canad
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