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Ed-Tech 2008 Let's Analyze the Course So Far Chat Sessions

Ed-Tech 2008 Let's Analyze the Course So Far Chat Sessions

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Published by creatiga
A chatlog of a session
A chatlog of a session

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Published by: creatiga on Jan 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friday, 14 November 2008, 09:40 PM --> Friday, 14 November 2008, 11:25 PM21:40: Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga has left this chat21:40: Mirna Judith Leon Medina has just entered this chat21:42: Carlos Raul Lopez Reatiga has just entered this chat21:43 Carlos Raul: Welcome to this chat session!21:43 Carlos Raul: Hi Mirna21:44: Lorena Barraza Nieblas has just entered this chat21:45: Marysol Garcia Ramirez has just entered this chat21:46 Carlos Raul: Marysol, how are you?21:46: Lorena Barraza Nieblas has left this chat21:46 Carlos Raul: Lorena, what's up?21:46 Marysol: I'm fine, tired but fine=)21:46 Mirna Judith: Good evening!!21:47 Marysol: Hi, Mirna21:47 Carlos Raul: great, what do you think about the course so far?21:47 Mirna Judith: Hello Marysol21:47 Carlos Raul: I mean all of you21:47: Daniela Giusti has just entered this chat21:48 Marysol: wll, I think the course is well organized on the units and that we have been doinggood activities21:48 Carlos Raul: Do you have any complains or comments?21:48 Daniela: Hi everybody!!!!21:48 Carlos Raul: Welcome Daniela21:49 Carlos Raul: Helloooo21:49 Mirna Judith: getting used to this rush...but yet excited about the class
21:50 Mirna Judith: it´s not easy to keep on the track21:50: Lorena Barraza Nieblas has just entered this chat21:50 Marysol: yes, I'm also excited with the class because e are like applying many things wehave learned in other courses21:50 Daniela: Hi teacher... thanks. This is so much fun that I don´t even think that is a task....good way to learn21:50: Rocio Avendaño has just entered this chat21:51 Lorena: Hello every body...nice to be here!21:51 Mirna Judith: all my Ss want to make their own presentation21:51 Rocio: HI21:51 Mirna Judith: Hi Lorena and Daniela!21:51 Carlos Raul: That would be fabulous, Mirna.21:51 Daniela: Hi Lorena.... isn´t this interesting?21:51 Mirna Judith: HI Rocio21:51: Eduardo Badillo has just entered this chat21:52 Eduardo: hi21:52 Lorena: Hello Mirna...yes it is Daniela21:52 Mirna Judith: Actually my seven years old son did it yesterday21:52 Daniela: Hi Mirna!!!!!21:52 Mirna Judith: Hi Badillo!!21:52 Carlos Raul: Tell us about it21:52 Carlos Raul: Hello Eduardo21:52 Eduardo: Hey what is the topic?21:52 Marysol: I sadly couldnt do that activity because I'm not the formal teacher at theclassroom so I don't have plenty of time; also, we have been in exams21:53 Eduardo: hi teacher21:53 Carlos Raul: Don't worry Marysol21:53 Mirna Judith: Well, he started choosing his pictures, then he added the writing
21:53 Carlos Raul: Interesting21:53 Mirna Judith: it took him less than 10 minutes to make a 6 slides presentation21:53 Daniela: It´s is a problem when you don´t have enough time to do an extra activity....right Marisol?21:54 Mirna Judith: my husband was amazed21:54 Lorena: My ss taht wanted to do the presentation are from 6° grade21:54 Mirna Judith: he is a second grader,but his English level is pretty good21:54 Mirna Judith: I didn´t correct him on his writing21:54 Daniela: Wow Mirna..... that´s awesome. Wasn´t him exciting?21:54 Lorena: they didn´t want at the beggining but after that more and more ss send me theirpresentations21:55: Elsa Gonzalez has just entered this chat21:55 Daniela: Hi Elsa.....21:55 Mirna Judith: at the end he narrated it and came up with an excellent work21:55 Eduardo: kids have like this technology geek chip integrated21:55 Elsa: Hi Dany!!21:55 Lorena: Welcome Elsa!21:55 Mirna Judith: I showed today in my class and wow!!21:55 Carlos Raul: You're right Eduardo21:55 Elsa: ThnaksLorena21:56 Eduardo: I have a 15 yr old cousin that knows everything about computers21:56 Marysol: I hope I can do it next saturday because I'm sure they will be happy with thatactivity, but also tomorrow they have the Cambridge test21:56 Eduardo: he makes movies, and stuff like that21:56 Carlos Raul: Amazing21:56 Lorena: I haven´t showed to my Ss their presentation, they are bussy with the parade,dancing, and so on21:56 Mirna Judith: yes, for me it wasn´t that easy... they are tech integrated!21:57 Carlos Raul: Rocio, what about you?

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