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Table Of Contents

~ Quiz F.1
E Revision summary
l'6l Revision summary
Reverse method
;t. Further problems F.1
~ Quiz F.2
Multiplication of algebraic expressions of a single variable
Division of one expression by another
rEl Revision exercise
1®J Revision summary
Factorization of quartic polynomials
~ Quiz F.7
Partial fradions
~ Test exercise F.7
It.l Further problems F.7
~ Revision summary
[i; Test exercise F.B
Further problems F.B
The exponential number e
Standard integrals
Integration of polynomial expressions
~ Revision exercise
Areas under curves
ra Revision exercise
Further problems F.11
r:J Revision exercise
161 Revision summary
Revision exercise
Iii Test exercise F.12
[fij Further problems F.12
Graphs of hyperbolic functions
r:a Revision exercise
Evaluation of hyperbolic functions
Inverse hyperbolic fundions
Log form of the inverse hyperbolic fundions
Hyperbolic identities
Relationship between trigonometric and hyperbolic fundions
Learning outcomes
Matrix notation
Equal matrices
Addition and subtradion of matrices
Transpose of a matrix
Special matrices
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Introduction: scalar and vector quantities
Direction cosines
Scalar product of two vectors
Angle between two vectors
~ Test exercise 6
Further problems 6
learning outcomes
Standard curves
Systematic curve sketching. given the equation of the curve
Revision summary
;i; Test exercise 12
,to Further problems 12
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