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Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative – Pairing Efficient Leadership with Benevolence

Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative – Pairing Efficient Leadership with Benevolence

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Published by bille sping

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: bille sping on Oct 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative – Pairing Efficient Leadership with BenevolenceThe Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative, which was founded in September of 2012 byWilliam “Bill” Esping to support legal aid organizations, is proud to announce its financial supportof seven compassionate, prestigious, and effective legal aid organizations. Find out more about BillEsping LFSI atwww.billespinglfsi.org.Millions of people across the country are unable to access the legal help they need, either due topoverty, age, disability, or lack of legal status. When only the wealthy and well-established haveaccess to the legal system, the low-income and marginalized are denied the justice they sodesperately need and deserve. Bill Esping founded the Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud SupportInitiative to help bridge this justice gap by funding legal aid and human rights agencies across Texasthat provide legal help to those in need.The Bill Esping Lawsuit and Fraud Support Initiative supports the following organizations:
Legal Aid of Northwest TexasandLone Star Legal Aid provide legal counsel, education, representation, and advocacy to low-income Texans in northwest and east Texas. These twoagencies provide accessible aid for 3 million eligible citizens, helping them with civil legalmatters including family law, fraud, healthcare rights, and more.
Texas Legal Services Centerprovides free self-help legal assistance through online andtelephone hotline services. With a particular focus on helping the elderly or those onMedicare, TLSC’s programs address low-income taxes, employment, and legal aid forveterans, among other issues.
TheHuman Rights Initiative of North Texasprovides civil and legal assistance to refugeesand immigrants who are seeking asylum or who have suffered abuse or violent crime in theUnited States or at the hands of a U.S. Citizen family member, yet who typically have nolegal status and therefore no access to the U.S. justice system.Disability Rights of Texasis the government-appointed agency to provide advocacy, education, andassistance to ensure the rights of individuals with disabilities. They help those with disabilities gainequal access to facilities, businesses, housing, employment, education, and healthcare.
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abusehas gained national recognition in ending the cycle ofabuse by aiding both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence through its counselingprograms. Victims also receive legal, emotional, and civil support through this highlysuccessful program.
The Texas Access to Justice Foundationcollects, consolidates, and distributes funds from various donation sources and legal fees in order to fund legal agencies like those mentionedhere, as well as myriad others across the state.
About Bill Esping
In speaking of effective leadership and efficient management, one might as well be speaking of Mr.Bill Esping. A Dallas-based businessman, Mr. Esping has headed and led many reputableorganizations and businesses like the Cypress CP, LLC and EFO Holdings, L.P., more commonlyknown as the Esping Family Office. He is renowned as an incubator of business under whoseproficient guidance businesses flourish.Mr. Bill (William)William (Bill) Esping is a graduate of the reputable Southern MethodistUniversity. He is especially recognized for the creativity and innovativeness innovation he hasutilized in the inception and leading of the official foundation, the Esping Family Office, orhisleadership of EFO Holdings and other organizations.EFO Holdings manages the portfolios of both public and private equity transactions.

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