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Bhutto the Man and the Martyr

Bhutto the Man and the Martyr



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Published by bilal.javed04
This book is written by the great leader of sub-contient and former PM of Pakistan ZA Bhutto

Zinda hai bhutto Zinda haii
This book is written by the great leader of sub-contient and former PM of Pakistan ZA Bhutto

Zinda hai bhutto Zinda haii

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Published by: bilal.javed04 on Jan 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reproduced in pdf form bySani H. PanhwarMember Sindh Council PPP
Bhutto the man and the Martyr, Copyright ©www.bhutto.org 2
This book is not exactly a biography of Zulfiqar Ali Khan Bhutto indeed aphenomenon in Pakistan’s history, life and politics. It is an evaluation of a well-educated, erudite, courageous, colourful, loquacious, versatile, ebullient,indefatigable man, and above all, the only martyr in Pakistan for Pakistan. In theassessment of his life and work I have suggested and pointed out his virtues but Ihave not glossed over his weaknesses. He may have committed sins,misdemeanors and shown dexterity of a politician, but indeed like all men of hisnature, talents and training, he was on the way to full statesmanship. He was andremained even in his death a shining star in Pakistan’s firmament. His was a lossfor generations to come. His luminosity was dimmed by devilish intrigues, andwhen extinguished, Pakistan reverted to darkness, aimlessness, confusion andobfuscation of every kind.Man is born to die; but Bhutto had the distinction of real celestial death. Hewas a hero who was made a martyr, and he remains a hero in Pakistan’s politicalhistory. The age at which he died makes the tragedy poignant and puissant. Hehad inherited a defeated, disgraced, dubious and decapitated Pakistan. But forhim, the remnant would not have existed and survived. He was hanged by those,who should have been the most grateful to him, but gratitude is not a virtue of thePunjab’s generals and dictators. Bhutto’s death had again put Pakistan on anerratic trajectory. Pakistan had still to spin politically and pass some harsh andhorrendous moments of realism. Pakistan was still left a land of intrigue,conspiracy and hypocrisy, sweat, tears and blood.This book is not a chronology of events or the annals of Bhutto’s times. Itis a socio-political assessment of his place and leadership in a deranged andunbalanced society. I have presented him in the perspective of thecircumstances and the personalities of his time. I do not think intellectually or inbold intimacy any one knew him so well as I did. Probably over the years from1953 we had come to know each other, respect each other and depend uponeach other. We had sometimes great and undisputable differences, but with allthat he valued my advice, and anytime he sought any abstract discussion in thetheory and on any principles of governance he would immediately summon me tohis side. I had no axe to grind, and he knew that I will not dilute my intellectualintegrity and let down on ideological principles. I had a long and intimate socio-educational background and I had developed acquaintance and acquiredknowledge about and intimacy with all those who had mattered in Pakistan fromits inception. I knew equally well those in Government or in the opposition rightfrom 1943.I was not a politician and my discussions and my conversations with himalways took place when we both were alone and no one listened or participatedin what we debated. To that extent he was generous throughout the years I knewhim—in youth, in power, in decline, and fall. Bhutto with the passage of time,
Bhutto the man and the Martyr, Copyright ©www.bhutto.org 3
from the days of his induction to government office in October 1958, had sethimself the task to see, to know, to analyze and digest and form opinion anddraw up programme for years ahead. He was a marvelous store house ofinformation on Pakistan—literally an encyclopedia.I have portrayed and delineated events, episodes and personalities in thenature and circumstances of Bhutto’s times both in Pakistan and abroad —thiswriting is a combination of reality and abstract approach—Bhutto was amarvelous combination of both. This writing is not an encomium or a denigration.It is not written to praise or to please anybody. It is no make belief or a myth. Iwas not a disciple or Political supporter of Bhutto, but I valued his talents, youthand approach with a realistic, sociologist’s and historian’s assessment of a manwho could have given so much to Pakistan, but was cut short in the exuberanceof his life. What will be, will be.Bhutto’s life was a marvelous amalgam and lesson in the mysteries of fateand mystifications of nature. Whatever it be his deposition and hanging were asymbol and demonstration of the malaise in the society of Pakistan, and acommentary on the tragedy of Pakistan.They wanted to solve the problems of Pakistan by hanging him. Whatfools lacking history, lacking vision, lacking memories, lacking moralcommitments, lacking sense of nationhood, lacking faith, lacking unity, lackingdiscipline, lacking all conviction in the secret working of nature —a self centered,dirty, intriguing and grabbing lot -a-disgrace to Pakistan. Pakistan had only twoand half leaders— Quaid-e-Azam, Bhutto and his daughter—Iqbal was aninvented one. The rest of them all riff raff or dullards from every corner of India—the scum of the earth and the curse of God.Bhutto’s advent as a democratic and popular leader appeared to be aninstance of ancient history, a phenomenon from some apostolic lore - theappearance of Moses and Joseph nurtured and matured in the homes andpalaces of the Pharoalis or Younis coming out from the belly of the whale. Bhuttowas a product of one martial law, he survived the second but was deposed bythe third. For Pakistan he was a whiff of fresh air in between the cruel regimes,before and after him. What sort of erratic and eccentric country we were! HadGod a design in its creation and disintegration, a rude lesson to Muslims. Did thepoor and innocent people of Pakistan deserve all this. They must not speak andthink they must not hold their head high, perhaps they must be taught that eternalvigilance is the price of liberty, and that liberty lies in living by the laws you haveyourself made. Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular must wash thesins and crimes of militaristic, feudalistic and plutocratic regimes. Bhutto’s was abrief passage of bracing and salubrious breeze, and thereafter the holocaust andhell fire again.

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