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Kuta Weekly-Edition 305 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"

Kuta Weekly-Edition 305 "Bali"s Premier Weekly Newspaper"

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Published by kutaweekly

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Published by: kutaweekly on Oct 12, 2012
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Kuta Townhouse
Volume 6, Issue 305
F  E  E  
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
19 - 3132 - 3618
1 -37373840
All About Bali
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Giving Bali's Nightspots a Cold Shoulder
Call for NightspotsAlong Bali's NgurahRai Bypass to StopGuests Parking onRoadside
A member of theProvincial House ofRepresentatives(DPRD-Bali) is calling onnightspots along thebusy Jalan BypassNgurah Rai, stretchingfrom the Ngurah RaiAirport to Sanur, to stop using theshoulder of the road for visitor parking.Making the call is Wayan RawanAtmaja who was quoted in Bali Postsaying he has received many complaintsfrom the public. “The cars can be parkedon the side of the road for as far as onekilometre whenever there is a specialevent or concert by Jakarta artists,” hecomplained.The legislator from the Benoa areaof South Bali continued, saying: “I amasking the relevant governmentagencies to take allnecessary steps becausethe street side parkingrepresents a danger toroad users, especially onroads that are alreadycongested.Atmaja, who alsoserves as the treasurer ofCommission IV of theDPRD-Bali, called on thenightspots to obey alllocal regulations and notbe guilty of acts thatdespoil the public interest. He used theopportunity to remind nightspot operatorsto increase attention to security, calling onall operators to heed past reports ofviolence and even homicides at some latenight entertainment spots in Bali.Bali's zoning law stipulate thathotels, restaurants and nightspots mustprovide adequate off-street parkingfacilities for their customers.
If you have any interesting articles or would like to advertise please send to
Info@kutaweekly.com - Ph. 087 860 904 078
Address:Jl Kartika Plaza Kuta next to waterbom park email bambookuta@gmail.com Ph. 081 916663744
41 - 48
Real Estate
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I talian
The Vineyard
Property Corner
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
Stephen WilliamsPhone:(+62) 857 3812 8589Email: swilliams@exotiq.com
Beds: 2 , Baths: 2 , Built: 75sqm, Plot: 500sqmFreehold – Contemporary – Healthy rental returnsTropical gardens – Close to surfbreaks20 min to Airport
Euro 115,000Leasehold 24 years
BA-A32Nusa Dua
Beds: 2 , Baths: 2 , Built:200sqm , Plot: 200sqmFreehold - Modern - FullyfurnishedAbsolute beachfront - 5 stararea30 min to Airport
USD 250,000Leasehold 44 years
BA-V350Jimbaran beach
Beds: 3 , Baths: 3 , Built:309sqm , Plot: 2,200sqmFreehold – PeacefulenvironmentStunning sunset - Close tolocal markets10 min to Airport
USD 395,000 Leasehold 23years
Beds: 2 , Baths: 2 , Built:150sqm , Plot: 200sqmFreehold – Potential investmentFull management service – Partof a resort20 min to Airport – 10 min toGolf course
USD 205,000 Freehold
Beds: 3 , Baths: 3 , Built:180sqm , Plot: 443sqmFreehold - Modern – HolidayHomeOcean view - Tropicallandscaped garden30 min to Airport – 10 min tobeach
USD 263,000 Freehold
Stephen WilliamsPhone:(+62) 857 3812 8589 Email: swilliams@exotiq.comJl. Raya Uluwatu 111x, Jimbaran 80364, Bali, Indonesiatel +62 (0) 361 703208 www.exotiqproperty.com
771 sqm interesting elevatedfreehold land plotLocated strategically high onthe BukitDefined boundaries - Perfectshape - Certificated20 minutes to Jimbaran Bay
USD 77,000 Freehold
of tsunami.Apparently, the entireappointment process for PT TirtaRahmat Bahari did not include anopen and competitive invitation fordeclarations of interest or acompetitive selection process.The negotiation andagreement were alsoundertaken with noconsultation of the BaliProvincial House ofRepresentatives (DPRD-Bali).The lack of transparencyand pre-consultation with thelegislative branch is promptingcalls from some quarters forthe permit granted to PT TirtaRahmat Bahari to be revokedto ensure that the mangroveforest of South Bali is carefullyconserved.In rebuttal, Wiranatha said:“Those areas that are empty oftrees at the Ngurah Rai MangroveForest will be used by the companyfor tourism services such ascanoes, fishing ponds and alike.These facilities will notfundamentally change thecharacter of the land. The existingtourism infrastructure, such astrekking trails, will be preserved andimproved."He emphasized that the jointuse under the agreement will allowa sharing of profits, which will bespecified later under a joint ventureagreement.
He also claims that PT TirtaRahmat Bahari, contrary to reportsin the press, has yet to constructanything within the protectedmangrove forest.Wiranatha said that themangrove areas was under thecomplete control of the provincialgovernment of Bali and that PT TirtaRahmat Bahari had been given apermit to establish a nature tourismenterprise in the Ngurah RaiMangrove Forest measuring102.22 hectares.Defending the province'sdecision in making theappointment, Wiranatha said thatthe company and the permitsgranted met all technical, judicial,conceptual, ecological and culturalcriteria.The large tract of mangroveforests stretching from Sanur toTanjung Benoa is viewed asenvironmentally critical, importantto the cycle of sea life and as astrategic defense against the threat
Kuta Weekly
News Corner
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
T : +62(0)361 776604 +62(0)361 771540 M : 081 999 039 518
Growing Controversy Over55 Year Lease of South Bali'sProtected Mangrove Forest
There are growing questionsregarding licenses granted by theprovince of Bali to a privatecompany to develop SouthBali's protected mangroveforest area.The provincialgovernment of Bali is denyingpress reports that it hassurrendered control of an102.22-hectare tract ofmangrove forest to a privateinvestor.Quoted by theIndonesian National PressAgency Antara, the head of theforestry department of Bali, IGede Nyoman Wiranatha, denied,that PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari nowcontrolled the mangrove forestareas of south Bali, arguing that thecompany had only been issuedwith a principle permission to use10% of the total mangrove (102.22hectare) for the development oftourism services for 55 years.“That which will bedeveloped for tourism services andinfrastructure will not be more than10% of the entire block of land usedby PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari. This isin accordance with the rules.Meanwhile, the entire mangroveforest areas measures 1,373hectares and the area under permitare in the block designated fordevelopment',” explainedWiranatha
Swamped with Questions
"When you as a guest come under our roofyour absolute happiness is our personalresponsibility ...”
Warren Mead 
Jl Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua150 m past Ramada HotelT: +62 (0) 361 776604 | M: +62 (0) 81999039518E: info@meadsinbali.com | W: www.meadsinbali.com
Kuta Weekly
Property Corner
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
Kuta is nestled between Jl. Bakungsari to the south and Jl. Melastito the north.
Kuta is the best known of all the villages in Bali, often maligned,but loved by many. Kuta gets its so called bad reputation from the earlydays of travel to Bali where everybody, particularly the young crowd,hung out and got wrecked. Footpaths didn't exist, open drains ran downthe side of unmade roads. Shopping was sarongs and T-shirts andhawkers who sold just about anything.Times have changed and Kuta has grown up, gone are theunmade roads and open drains. Footpaths, although narrow, run bothsides of the main streets. The hawkers are still there - part of thecharacter of the place.Sarongs and T-shirts are still sold but now there are CD shops,boutiques, small trendy bars and restaurants and even DepartmentStores. Kuta boasts the world's first "themed" Hard Rock Hotel.Imagine going into a huge one level shopping centre that wouldtake about 45 minutes to walk from one end to the other with smallwalkways branching off in every direction, now add cars, motorbikesand the odd temple ceremony. This is what the middle of Kuta is likeexcept it doesn't have a roof. Just find a small café (Warung), sit backand watch, it's great!The hawkers in Kuta can be aggressive, but if you don't want tobuy - don't make eye contact. Don't say anything and there willgenerally be no problems.The beach at Kuta is wide and usually has good surf in the lateafternoon. Kuta beach isn't really a place to sit if you don't like crowds.In keeping with the Kuta theme, it is more of a social occasion,where you meet the locals and other tourists and you don't have tomove for anything - the hawkers will bring it to you. Late afternoon isbest about 3 - 4pm, sunsets, soccer games, and just a great place for awalk.If being involved and having everything close by; if you want toparty or just shop, Kuta is the place. Even if you don't stay there, don't gohome without visiting Kuta at least once, maybe twice... three times?
Resale Villas
This luxurious 2 bedrooms freehold villa located in a strategic and veryquiet area of Canggu, just next to a small river, with a amazing tropicalforest scenery. Located in 10 minutes from all the surf spots of EchoBeach, in 10 minutes from the famous Sea Sentosa, in 5 minutes fromPererenan and in 15 minutes from Berawa. The villa has 2 spaciousbedrooms for king sized bed, 4 bathrooms and 1 huge living room withkitchen. There's also one carport next to the entry and a maid block.Every room has a plenty of light, with a beautiful view over the pool andthe garden. Built with the best quality materials available on the marketincluding all Grohe tapware this very thoughtfully designed villa isperfectly suitable for a small family, a couple or just a bunch of friends.Come enjoy with style the peacefulness of Canggu, the best surfingbeaches of Bali and the beautiful rice paddies for a very affordable price.
Price: USD 265,000Location: Canggu
Jl. Sunset Road 10X, Kerobokan, Bali
Ph.+62 361 8475955/Fax.+62 361 8475682www.xpbali.com/info@xpbali.com
Kuta Weekly
News Corner
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
Kuta Weekly
Property Corner
11 Oct - 17 Oct 2012 (305)
Jimbaran is just south of the airport and Kuta.This was formerly a real backwater of south Bali, just atiny fishing village with a daily market. That all started tochange in the 1980s and Jimbaran is now home toseveral world class 5 star beach resorts, plus a few moremoderate mid-market hotels.There is however little in the way of budgetaccommodation and there are also many high-end villasin this area, particularly on the ridges of high groundabove Jimbaran Bay. This has resulted in monikers suchas the "Beverly Hills of Bali" or "Millionaire's Row".The bay itself has a pleasant white sand beachand is very safe for swimming. The three clusters ofgrilled seafood restaurants on the beach are a majortourist draw in the evenings, as is the truly stunningsunset.Jimbaran is also home to a Norwegian University,Gateway College, with around 500 students studyingathletics, philosphy, culture, economics and journalism.The school is located in Kedonganan close to SariSegara Resort and in Jl, Bantas Kau where it also has asmall cafe.Jimbaran has an increasing number of ratherchic shops but there is little or no nightlife here. It has theadvantage of being a little closer to Kuta and Seminyakand the cultural highlights of Central Bali.

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