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Social Media Attribution & ROI

Social Media Attribution & ROI

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Published by zubarica
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Published by: zubarica on Oct 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 C Zvehv a
 Cveea . TaecH`ec Hcvek VAE
 C Zvehv a Cveea . Taec H`ec Hcvek VAEu m Hctvh Kett c Cvku Taeccvkutaec/ah y Jcvkutaec
 C Zvehlv ao Cppvef|peao . Tadeci Hl`ec Hcvglpeok VAE
 C Cvku) { tz` c c{ aa eh meek ca m taec h`echcvekVAEa`vh/ E zcvecv) {―v hat evt` e kvekma{ { c mz av tahvt `vtc` e cvu) hctv e atet(u) c` ehzva e av eh/[ e mc m ekkt zvah cva` taec h`ec VAE et cveea/Pc et a tcu ‐ taec h`ec VAE et mcv` a hctv ct e et mcv` ae uav taec h`ec hcvek avt a tett aaht/ E et― c ektvm a tcu mc e taec h`ec hcvvt c― `evu cve v)vea) tcekt) / a mev taec h`ec hcvek avt) m mu―va kaek a k m `k) vtavt) zvahaea) zvazt) / mc mu `(tv/Pet et c ek zvah av taec h`ec hcvvt/ C` {me { `a― mcc tev ) { me mc { mc etekm ea m `chc etttme` m zvah c` tah v makmt ca ma{ a c``vtt mh/ C S|Edg ZVEHlV Ao CppVEf|pEAoVkcv`tt a mc) e et cvc`u mcv` akm a kv a {mem hcv(ek avt cv ztmek tahvt av m etm e a  a c` avht)zvmct) tek(z) `ac) /
 Cv(Am([mc1VAE) av Vv A Eth)et c avhve av hcvek/ VAE et {mc tua e c chzcek {ct c ttt c` uatma` `a hav e e av e e {ct c cevc` ua tma` vu tahmek t }eh/ [me e et c tettu(ta`ekcvauh c` mvav {avmu a uavtzeeth) te {em t {me { }zcec e vmv/VAE et `c` tehz a cc/pc uavvv) V) c` `ee` u uav eth)E/ E ua―v ek cheeat) hezu u 3:: c` c`` c zv tek/ C a`2
VAE 8 - V ! E Û 3:: % C s|edg l}chzil2T|zzatl ua|―vl co ldah(hlvdl vlpceilv co` ua| v|o c DZD dchzceko/ E ua| eo~ltp $6:: co` tlii $60: {avpm a  zva`|dp) ua|v VAE et2- 60: ! 6:: Û 3:: % 8 36:,S|epl tehziu)co VAE cfa~l 3::, hlcot ua|―vl hcgeok haolu7 co VAE flia{ 3::,hlcot ua|―vl iateok haolu/ Lctu/
 C kvaz a hcvvt cek ca taec h`ec VAE et c a e c kvaz a ;m kvc`vt cek ca t}2 vua ct ca e)  a a mct v`a e av `at cua mc m tekmt e`c ma{/
 C Zvehlv ao Cppvef|peao . Tadeci Hl`ec Hcvglpeok VAE
Hat { ccuet zvakvcht
-iegl Kaakil Cociupedt%
hzau c ’ct(am‘cveea ha`) {mem hct mc avteat k cac` a m hatv vvvv tav av mc eteav/ Ta e av }chz ca m {e`ktmazzv) dZd {a` k 3::, a m avtea cveea ct mc{ct m ct hcvek ’am‘ av m avtea/ Hat hcvvt c(vc`u t ct(am cveea c` `a―  a{ e/Hcu hcvvt t c ’vt am‘ ha` av ’he(am‘ha`
-Pl icpplv cvl aplo dciil` ’fciilvt‘ co` tahlpehlt’fciilv tmap dciilvt‘%
/ E c ’vt am‘ {av`) TlA {a`k v`e av m avtea e av e }chz ‐ mvt hcvek am zae {ct m vt a c avkcetcvm vt kev` u m TlA kett/E c ’he(am‘ t(z) ua {a` cac m avtea c cvatt ca m hcvek zvakvcht/ P hat ahha he(am ha` et vu tehz2 c am zaet ve c sc tmcv a m v`e/ Nav }chz) c$6:: zvmct {em 6: amt {a` vt e c $3: cveea av cmam zae/ Tazmetec` hcvvt hekm {ekm `ev am zaet`evu ( hcu m vt c` ct tze >:, a m c {me m vhce(`v kt tzvc` u cvatt m he``/
Hat hcvvt cvc`u t ct(am cveea c` `a― a{ e/
@cu 32
D|tpahlv tlcvdmlt Kaakil av ’{e`klp‘) diedgtao co avkcoed ieog pa ua|v tepl/
@cu 32
D|tpahlv pmlo tekot |z av ua|v lhcei ietp)diedgt c l{ ieogt a~lv pml da|vtl a c haopm/
@cu 62
D|tpahlv aiia{t ua| ao {epplv) diedgt tl~lvciieogt a~lv pml da|vtl a c haopm/
@cu 4:2
D|tpahlv tlcvdm Kaakil ckceo av ’{e`klp‘)pmet pehl diedgt ao co DZD c`/
@cu 4:2
D|tpahlv z|vdmctlt c {e`klp av $6::/
[mem hcvek zvakvch tma` k ’v`e‘ av m a(vtea ‐ TlA) hce) taec) avdZd1 Et c tek e vahdZd hav cc mc tvc am zaet ec hce avtaec1 Et m vt ete hav ehzavc mc m ct ete1[mc ca c a m t e m he``1 Mc { `aakm a ae ua mc met et ev`eu ahz}1Mc { `a akm a hc ua vme ma{ ua―vhcek hcvek `k `eteat1Nav }chz2
dZd ‐ Ucm ua a{ h#dZdet c cvauh av at(zv(e) cev c`vetek ha` e {mem te(ttt cv mcvk` cm eh c tahvet a mev c`/

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