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Fort Alexander Metis withdrawal from Treaty

Fort Alexander Metis withdrawal from Treaty

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Metis who left treaty from Fort Alexander, Manitoba.
Metis who left treaty from Fort Alexander, Manitoba.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Oct 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metis at Fort Alexander withdrawal from Treaty
Fort Alexander, Manitoba:
(1793 - 1801, 1822 - 1860) Fort Alexander was built by theHudson's Bay Co. on the Winnipeg River to counter the North West Co.'s Fort Bas-de-la-Rivière that was nearby. It was originally located upriver at and known as Pointe auFoutre House (on the north bank). It was palisaded for defense in 1796 and relocateddownstream in 1798 closer to the NWC post.During the fur trade era, La Vérendrye built a trading post, named Fort Maurepas, on thenorth side of the Winnipeg River; this post was abandoned near the end of the Frenchperiod. In the year 1792, a clerk for the North West Company, Toussaint Lesieur, built apost on the south side, which became an important provisioning post for the canoebrigades. Bags of pemmican, brought from the North West Company's posts on the upperAssiniboine, were stored here and taken as needed by the canoe brigades passing betweenGrand Portage (later, Fort William) and the far northwest. This post was usually referredto as Fort Bas de la Rivière, because of its location at the bottom of Winnipeg River, andit seems to have functioned as the capital of the NW Company's Lake Winnipeg district.The Hudson's Bay Company operated its own post here for a few years between 1795 and1801. In 1807, the North West Company partner Alexander Mackay rebuilt the post on anearby site. Beginning in 1808, the new post was known as Fort Alexander. After theNorthwest and Hudson's Bay Companies merged in 1821, Fort Alexander was operatedas a trading post for the Natives in the region.After the Manitoba Treaties had been signed the government received a petition signedby 21 Half Breeds taking treaty at Fort Alexander praying that they be allowed towithdraw from treaty in order to participate in Half Breed grant and to retain possessionof the land they now occupy in the reserve. Signatories were St. Jean Mainville, BaptisteCourchene and William Atkinson Sr. Baptiste Courchene later changed his mind andwithdrew his request. The Mainville family was one of the Metis families who had alsoentered Treaty Three in 1875 under the Metis Adhesion.
Jean Baptiste Courchene
(b. 1820). Jean Baptiste was the son of Francois Courchene (b.1796 at Trois-Rivieres) and Madeleine Moreau. He married Genvieve Canard(Saulteaux). Their daughter Marguerite (b. 1847) was married to Gilbert Parisien born in1845 at St. Norbert. Their son Jean Baptiste married Elise Mainville, noted below.Scrip affidavit for Parisien, Nancy; born: October 16, 1847; husband: Gilbert Parisien;father: Baptiste Courchène (Métis); mother: Genevieve Canard (Métis); claim no:1887; scrip no: 10784; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160
St. Jean Mainville.
Jean Baptiste Mainville was the son of Francois Mainville andMarguerite (Saulteaux). Jean Baptiste married Nancy Namekosins (Saulteaux). His fatherand mother both entered Treaty Three on the Metis adhesion.Children of St. Jean Mainville and Nancy:Jean Baptiste, b. 1863
Isabelle, b. 1867, baptised at St. Boniface.
Elise, b. 1869, married Joseph Courchene the son of Jean Baptiste courchene andGenevieve Canard.
Cecile Mainville, born 1871 at Fort Alexander, died 1873.
David, b. 1876, baptised at St. Boniface.Scrip applications:Mainville, St. John; heir to his deceased daughter, Isabelle Mainville; address: FortAlexander; born: 1867 at Fort Alexander; father: St. Jean Mainville (Métis anddeponent); mother: Nancy Namekosins (Indian); claim no. 2153.Mainville, St. Jean; heir to his deceased son, Jean Baptiste Mainville; born: 1861 nearRat Portage; died: December, 1873; father: St. Jean Mainville (Métis and deponent);mother: Nancy Namekosins (Indian); claim no. 2152.Mainville, St. Jean; heir to his deceased daughter, Cecile Mainville; address: FortAlexander; born: 1869 at Fort Alexander; died: Summer, 1873 at Fort Alexander;father: St. Jean Mainville (Métis); mother: Nancy Namekosins (Indian); claim no.2151.Mainville, St. Jean; heir to his deceased son, David Mainville; address: Fort Alexander;born: 1863 at Fort Alexander; father: St. Jean Mainville (Métis and deponent); mother:Nancy Namekosins (Indian); claim no. 2150.Source:Half-Breed files [textual record](R190-38-6-E)

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