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Published by Viktoria Sundqvist

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Published by: Viktoria Sundqvist on Oct 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THIS AGREEMENT, made this first day of July, 2012, by and between GARY G. RICHARDSand the WILTON BOARD OF EDUCATION based upon the mutual promises contained herein. 1.EMPLOYMENT – THE WILTON BOARD OF EDUCATION (hereinafter referred to as the“Board”) hereby employs GARY G
RICHARDS, and GARY G. RICHARDS, (hereinafter referred to as the “Superintendent”) hereby accepts employment as Superintendent of theWilton, Connecticut School District, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.2.TERM - The term of the Superintendent’s
employment is for three years
(July 1, 2012-June30, 2015; July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014; July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015) subject to the provisionsof Paragraph 7 of this Agreement. The Superintendent and Board agree to adhere to thefollowing procedures to extend the Superintendent's employment under this Agreement for anew period of three (3) years.A.Prior to the end of each year of this three-year Agreement the Board shall vote for anew three-year agreement. Not later than March 31 in each year of this Agreement, theSuperintendent shall notify the Board of the need to take action pursuant to this Section2.3.RESIDENCE - At all times during the term of this Agreement, the Superintendent shall be aresident of the Town of Wilton.4.SALARY- The Superintendent’s salary for the year July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 shall be $218,587 dollars
 paid in accordance with the schedule of salary payments in effect for other certified employees.The Board shall determine the amount of the Superintendent’s salary for the second year of this Agreement prior to June 30, 2013 and for the third year of this Agreement prior to June30, 2014. In no event shall the salary paid to the Superintendent in the second and third yearsof this Agreement be less than it was in the previous year.5.PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION AND DUTIES OF SUPERINTENDENTA.Certification - At all times during the term of this Agreement, the Superintendent shallmeet the certification requirements of the State of Connecticut.B.Duties - The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the Board. In harmonywith the policies of the Board, State Laws, and State Board of Education Regulations,the Superintendent has executive authority over the school system and soleresponsibility for its supervision. He has the general authority to act at his discretion,subject to later approval by the Board, upon all emergency matters and those as towhich his powers and duties are not particularly set forth or limited. He attends allmeetings of the Board and participates in all Board deliberations, except when mattersrelating to his own employment are under consideration. He advises the Board on policies and plans that the Board takes under consideration, and he takes the initiativein presenting to the Board policy and planning issues for the Board's attention.
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It is understood that the retention of the Superintendent by a party other than the Board,to render an opinion or opinions on educational matters, or give lectures in the field of education, is not prohibited provided such activities do not interfere with the performance of his duties as Superintendent.6.PERFORMANCE EVALUATION - The Board shall devote a meeting, at least annually, to adiscussion of the working relationships between the Superintendent and the Board. Inaddition, the Board shall evaluate and assess, in writing, the performance of theSuperintendent at least once a year during the term of this contract, against a mutually agreedupon set of goals and objectives. Either the Superintendent or the Board may initiate morefrequent discussions of the Superintendent's performance if either deems it appropriate.7.TERMINATION – The Superintendent may terminate this Agreement upon written notice tothe Board, termination to be effective one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of suchnotice is received by the Board.A.The parties may, by mutual consent, terminate the Agreement at any time.B.The Board may terminate this Agreement at any time during its term for one or more othe following reasons:(1)Inefficiency or incompetence;(2)Insubordination;(3)Moral misconduct;(4)Disability as shown by competent medical evidence;(5)Other due and sufficient cause.In the event the Board seeks to terminate this Agreement for one of the above reasons, it shallserve on the Superintendent written notice that termination of this Agreement is undeconsideration. Such notice shall be accompanied by a written statement of reasons. Withinfifteen (15) days after receipt from the Board of written notice that Agreement termination isunder consideration, the Superintendent may file with the Board a written request for ahearing before the Board, which shall be held within twenty (20) days after receipt of suchrequest. The Board shall render its decision within fifteen (15) days of such hearing and shallsend a copy of its decision setting forth the reasons and evidence relied on to theSuperintendent. The Board's decision shall be based on the evidence presented at the hearing.Such hearing may be in executive or public session, at the option of the Superintendent. TheSuperintendent shall have the right to legal counsel at his own expense.Any time limits established herein may be waived by mutual agreement of the parties. Notwithstanding the above, the Board may immediately suspend the Superintendent from hisduties, with pay, when serious misconduct is alleged.8.VACATION – The Superintendent shall receive thirty-three (33) days of vacation in eachyear of this Agreement, exclusive of legal holidays. The Superintendent will be eligible for one additional day of vacation for each year worked to a maximum of thirty three (33) daysof vacation annually. It is the intent of the board that vacation days provided for in thiscontract be taken during the year in which they are earned. However, should circumstancesarise which do not allow for all days to be used, up to a total of fifteen (15) vacation days can be deferred to the next year. At no time can the total number of vacation days available for 
Contract - Page 3
use in one year exceed forty (40). Upon cessation of employment, the Superintendent shall be paid for unused accumulated vacation days not to exceed forty (40) days. Such pay shall beat a per diem rate of 1/261st of his annual salary for the contract year immediately precedingthe cessation of the Superintendent's employment. In the event of death, unused and accruedvacation pay shall be paid to the Superintendent's estate.9.PERSONAL AND BEREAVEMENT LEAVE - The Superintendent will be allowed three(3) days of personal leave and five (5) days of bereavement leave in each year of thisAgreement.10.SICK LEAVE - The Superintendent shall begin his employment as superintendent of schoolswith ninety (90) days of sick leave credited to his sick leave account. In addition, theSuperintendent shall earn twenty-one (21) days of sick leave in each year of this Agreementcumulative to two hundred (200) days. The ninety (90) days of sick leave credited to thesuperintendent’s sick leave account at the beginning of his employment as superintendentshall be deducted from said account as follows: At the end of any year of employment under this Agreement in which the Superintendent has more than ninety (90) earned sick daysaccumulated, such earned accumulated sick days in excess of ninety (90) shall replace thecredited days until all credited days are replaced by sick days earned under this Agreement. No payment for days of unused accumulated regular sick leave shall be made to theSuperintendent without the approval of the Board.11.FRINGE BENEFITSA.Medical Insurance - In each year of this Agreement the Board will pay Eighty-Two per cent (82%) of the premiums, computed as of September 1 of each year, for a healthinsurance program substantially equal to the program in effect under the collective bargaining agreement between the Board and The Wilton Administrators andSupervisors Association unless a change in said program is agreed to by the Board andthe Superintendent. To the extent allowed by law, the Superintendent shall be eligibleto participate in the Board’s Section 125 Plan with regard to his contribution to the costof insurance premiums.B.Life Insurance - The Board shall provide the Superintendent with TWO HUNDREDTHOUSAND DOLLARS ($200,000) whole life insurance coverage. Upon cessation of the Superintendent’s employment for any reason the Board’s responsibility to makefurther premium payments shall cease and the responsibility for making such paymentsshall lie exclusively with the superintendent in the event he chooses to do so. TheBoard shall also provide the Superintendent with term life insurance during each year of this contract in an amount equal to three (3) times the Superintendent's annual salary.C.Income Protection - The Board shall pay the premium cost of a monthly income protection insurance plan (“the Plan”) which Plan will provide the Superintendent protection against sickness or disability, as these terms are defined under the Plan, fromthe 90th work day after the commencement of sickness or disability until theSuperintendent is no longer sick or disabled within the meaning of the Plan, or hasattained 65 years of age or has died, whichever event first occurs. The monthly benefitunder the Plan shall be a payment in the amount of 66.67 percent of theSuperintendent's monthly salary.If the Superintendent has accumulated more than 89 sick days, he may forego the benefits of the Plan for up to an additional 60 workdays in favor of continuing to drawon his accumulated sick leave. The Superintendent may not forego the benefits of the

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