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Spore Cheat Codes

Spore Cheat Codes

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Published by Azikin Latief

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Published by: Azikin Latief on Oct 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spore Cheat Codes
Console cheats
Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console screen. Type code into the console, then hit enter. Pressescape or the red X to close console.
Cheat Effect
addDNA increase how much DNA you have to spend.capturePlanetGIFCaptures a spinning GIF of the planet you are onand dumps to AnimatedAvatars directory.freeCam Toggles free camera mode.help Lists all cheats and debug commands.help (command) Explains action and usage of a command.killallhints Removes all hints from the game.moreMoneyIncreases your money in Civilization or Spacestages.refillMotives Replenishes depleted health and other motives.setConsequenceTrait (trait)cell carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore,creature_aggressive, creature_social,creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social,tribe_mixed, civ_SetTime (h, m)Sets time of day at the Avatar's position, andoptionally a speed multiplier.unlockSuperWeaponsUnlocks all superweapons for your Civilizationtype.spaceCreateUnlocks and recharges all creation tools in SpaceMode.styleFilter -oilPaint Gives the game an oil painting effectstyleFilter -filmNoir View game in black & whitestylefilter -none change view back to normallevels -unlock On the Spore main menu, allows you to unlock every stage for new games, even if you haven'tcompleted their prerequisite stages.universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency # Rate that pirtates will raid your systemsuniverseSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency # Rate that pirtates will raid ally your systemsuniverseSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderFrequency#Rate that pirates will steal spice from yoursystemsfreedom No complexity limit in creatorevoadvantageEnter this cheat while starting a game: Start anew game with one of your more evolved
Cheat Effect
creaturesblocksmode Turns creatures into their blocky representationsstylefilter -microscope Everything looks as if through a microscopestylefilter -norainbows Different colorsstylefilter -nextgen Different colorsStyleFilter -nextgen Adds more bloomQuit Quit gameOption Lists options or sets an optionDes Console CommandsProp Displays or modified propertiesMovie Movie CheatmoreMoney+UpKeep pressing it and you'll have 99,999,999sporebucks in no time!spaceCreate+UpKeep pressing it and you'll have max uses in notime!celleditor Adds extra parts.
Spore Unlockables
General Achievements
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Galactic GodEvolve a creature from cell to intergalactic space traveler in one continuousgame.Photographer Send a photo or video to a friend from the Test Drive mode.Architect Create and share 50 buildings.AutomotiveEngineerMake and publish 50 vehicles.Biologist Create and publish 100 different creatures.Spore Fan Spend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy.Spore Addict Spend 100 hours in your Spore galaxy.Creator Spend more than 50 hours in the Creators.Universe in a Box Play every game level and use every creator at least once.De'ja` Vu Stumble across one of your own creations when exploring the universe.Social Engineer Make 5 Sporecasts of 50 assets or more.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Rising Star Have 5 different Sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 different people.Front Page News Have one of your creations or Sporecasts featured on the Spore website.Can't Win ForLosingDie at least once in every stage of Spore.Pathological Cheater Use a cheat more than 50 times.
Cell Stage Achievements
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Aluminum Cell Finish the Cell stage on Hard difficulty.Landfall Finish the Cell stage and clamber onto the planet's surface!Pacifist Finish the Cell stage without killing another creature.Completist Unlock all the parts in Cell stage.Speedfreak Finish the Cell stage in under 8 minutes.Cell Addict Finish the Cell stage 25 times.Creature Stage Unlocked Play enough of the Cell stage to unlock the Creature stage.
Creature Stage Achievements
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Iron Creature Finish the Creature stage on Hard difficulty.Evolver Finish Creature stage.Everyone's BFF Finish the Creature stage by befriending at least 20 other species.Foe Extinct at least 20 other species in Creature stage.Max PowerBuild a creature with max stats in at least four abilities while playing theCreature stage.Survivor Complete the Creature stage without dying.Socialite Meet 200 creatures made by other players.Flight of theBumblebeeFly for over 200 meters without touching the ground.Devourer Eat 50 different species across any number of games.Village Folks Have three posse members from different species.Speed Demon Complete the Creature stage in less than an hour.Bestial Complete the Creature stage 10 times.Epic Killer Kill an Epic Creature in the Creature stage.

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