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1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama-Complete Edition - Becker

1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama-Complete Edition - Becker



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Published by PRMurphy
This is the full list of 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama:
This is the full list of 1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama:

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: PRMurphy on Oct 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByKyle Becker on Jun 16, 2012 inexposing Obama,Politics Source: Conservative Daily Newshttp://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/06/1001-reasons-to-vote-against-barack-obama-complete-edition/
This is the full list of 
1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama
1.The man started his presidency off with a bang by botchinghis oath of office.2.For good measure, he set the tone for his administration for allowing Chief Justice JohnRober ts totakethe blamefor the error. 3.Obama promiseson the campaign trail to immediately shut down Guantanamo Bay.Thedetention facility is open three years later and counting.4.Inthe same breath, he promises to restore
habeas corpus
. Three years into his term, hesignsthe National Defense Authorization Act, which leaves open the possibility of indefinite detention of American citizens.5.President Obamaorderedthe assassination of an Americancitizen. 6.As Senator, Obamaspoke outagainst but voted for the Patriot Act. 7.As Pesident, heextended it,with an auto-pen, while he was in France. 8.Obamacontinues
the “Bush practice” of extraordinary
9.As a candidate, Obama promisesto end the War in Iraq and bring all troops home within 16 months. He evensaysin 2007 that it would be the first thing he would do in office,
and that “you can take that to the bank.” As president, he
announcesall troops would bewithdrawn by the end of 2011 (34 months later).10.Obamastatesthe Afghan War would conclude in June 2011, but projectionsnow have us running into 2014.11.As Senator, Obamaopposesthe surge in Iraq. He claims that increasing troop levels by20,000 would actually increase sectarian violence.12.When pulling troops out of Iraq, Obamatriesto claimsuccess for ending the war, without
giving credit to Bush or the troops for any “
.” The Bush surge was what turned the
tide in the war.13.Sectarian violence isup sharplysince Obama pulled troops out of Iraq in December 2011.14.
President Obama refuses to say
” is necessarily the goal in Afghanistan.
Obamareasons the U.S. should not project the image of Emperor Hirohito being forced to sign atreaty of surrender before Macarthur to end the war against Japan.15.Emperor Hirohito did not sign thetreaty of surrender ending the war against Japan. It washisfor eign minister Shigemitsu. 16.Obama plansto ease travel restrictions to communist Cuba in 2009.And in 2011. 17.The president pledges
a “new beginning”with the Cuban dictatorial regime.
18.A glance at a Cuban-U.S. relationstimelinerunning to December 2011 shows nothingchanged.19.President Obamagreets
Venezuela’s socialist dictator Hugo Chavez
warmlyat theSummit of the Americas.20.Earlier that month, Chavezcalls
Obamaan “ignoramus.”
21.At the same summit, President Obamasits patiently through a 50 minute diatribe againstthe United States delivered by socialist strongman Daniel Ortega, only scribbling notesinstead of walking outwith hisdiplomatic team.22.President Obamameetsa grinning Daniel Ortega at the same summit.23.When asked later by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper what he thought of theanti-
American tirade, President Obama replies, “It was 50 minutes long. That’s what Ithought.”
24.The attempted subversion of the rule of law in Honduras by the socialist presidentZelaya, which would have unconstitutionally put him on the ballot for a third term, prompts his judicial removal from office. Obamacondemns
the supposed “coup” as “notlegal.”
25.President Obamadirectshis Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to cut off $30 million inaid to Honduras.26.Election fraud propelling anti-Israel Iranian president and saber-rattling madmanMahmoud Ahmadinejad back to power leads to amass civil uprising. Despite reports of widespread and cruel bloodshed repressing the protests, President Obamasays nothingfor ten days.27.President Obamarefuses
to “intervene” in pro
-democratic Iranian protests.28.
first call
as president is made to the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah leader 
President Mahmoud Abbas.29.
first formal interviewis conducted with Al-Arabiya television. 30.
One of President Obama’s first executive orders is to
greatly restrictthe influence of lobbyists in his administration.
31.Years later, it iswell-knownthat the Obama administration routinely meets withlobbyists off White House grounds, where Secret Service logs are not kept.32.In 2012, Obama promotesa recent lobbyist with Mexican illegal immigration advocateLa Raza from a position as director of intergovernmental affairs to director of theDomestic Policy Council.33.The second executive order Obamagives isone reversing Bush era rules safeguarding
 prior administration’s records. It
“executive privilege.”
34.Obamainvokesexecutive privilege within thefirst year over the gatecrasher fiasco. 35.In late 2011, the Obama administrationrefusesto turn over all communiques relating tothe politically seedy financing of bankrupt solar panel company Solyndra.36.Another earlyexecutive order froze pay for White House staffers making over $100,000. A year later 74%of staffers got a pay raise,manyof them to well over a $100,000. (Freezing pay does not apply to promotions or position changes.) The average boost was9%, three times pr ivate sector average.37.The next year,54%got a raise. The average increase was 8%, and of those who gotraises, it was nearly 16%.38.Barack Obama wasdeclared by
 presidential historian Michael Beschloss as “probably thesmartest guy ever to become president.” Beschloss gushed that Obama’s IQ was “off thecharts,” but when pressed by radio host Don Imus, he could not say what Obama’s IQ
was.39.Despite being heralded as a brilliant thinker, Obama stillto this dayrefuses to release hiscollege records.40.Barack Obama received a degree from prestigious Columbia University, wherehardly anybodyrecalls him attending there.41.As editor of the Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama anonymously wroteone article
championing abortion.42.The one quote provided from the article cited by Politico contains a grammatical error 
 – in to” instead of “into.”
43.Aletter to a Harvard newspaper written by Obama shows rampant grammatical errors,includinga demonstrable lack of subject-predicate agreement.44.
 In Dreams from My Father 
, Obamamakes known
that he “chose his friends carefully”and deliberately sought out “Marxist Professors,” “structuralfeminists,” and discussed
with his friends the socialist, anti-colonialist revolutionaryFranz Fanon.45.Before becoming president, Barack Obama authored not just one, but two biographies,making himmillionsof dollars.46.In his book 
The Audacity of Hope
, Obama wascitedas saying The Constitution is a
“living document,” that can be interpreted “in the context of an ever 
changing world”
(i.e. however he wants).47.Before becom
ing an author, the president admitted he wrote some “very bad poetry.”
This is true. Justone sample
shows the same tendency to split a conjoined word: it’s not“under water,” it’s “underwater.”
48.Literary analysis performed by an expert at detecting forgery and fraud points to the
strong possibility that Obama’s biographies were
written byghostwriters.49.Additionalevidenceshows that the ghost writer for 
 Dreams from My Fathe
may verywell have been unrepentant socialist terrorist and then-contemporary English professor William Ayers of the Weather Underground.50.When Barack Obama was young, he was mentored by Moscow-connected CommunistParty member Frank Marshall Davis
. Identified as only “Frank” in his biography
 Dreams from my Father 
it was claimed that “Frank” was a poet on par with contemporary

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