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Econ Project

Econ Project

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Published by allysonschloesser
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Published by: allysonschloesser on Oct 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Economics Labor Project
 Allyson Schloesser 
Period Four 
March 8th, 2012
My dream career is to become a child care worker. Child care
workers are an important figure in children’s life. They are there to take
care of, teach and nurture kids before they go into kindergarten, and alsobefore and after school while the parents work. A worker creates a safeenvironment for the children to learn and grow. There they teach them tobecome independent, develop interests, grow physically and mentally, andbecome social with other kids. Another part of the job is to help the kids behealthy and teach them good life habits. A child care worker also looks for developmental problems in the kids and reports any behavior to theparents.
The outlooks of a child care worker are positive. As long as peoplekeep having kids, the need is always
going to be there. It’s projected that
nationally the job will grow from 1,301,900 in 2008 to 1,443,900 in 2018which is an 11% increase in ten years (or 142,100 jobs.) Starting averagesalary is around $7.75 an hour. Salary also depends on where you work, if you have a job in an elementary school you can make $10.53 an hour or aself-
employed person makes an average of $9.12. It doesn’t take long to
make peak earrings; it just depends on the how great of a job you can do.Peak salary is about $11.30 an hour. There is no difficulty in succeeding in
this job as there are always openings. If you’re qualified, you’re highly likely
to get a job as a child care worker.
The training and education for a child care worker varies widely, asevery state has different requirements. It can range from not having a highschool diploma if you work in a private home setting to requiring a ChildDevelopment Associate (CDA), some classes taken at a community collegeor even an early childhood degree. The most common is to get a certificatewhich I have chosen. The place I am going to go to is Cisco College, whichis a 2 year community college. There it is required to have 15 hours of your general courses (English, college algebra or science, humanities/fine artselective, general psychology and public speaking.) After that, to get a levelone certificate, you need thirty hours of classes specialized in childdevelopment. These include: Educating Young Children, Infant & Toddler,Child Growth & Development, Curriculum Resources, Families School &Community, Child Guidance, School Age Child, Practicum I, Children withSpecial Needs and Wellness of the Young Child. (Also, you can get CDAcertified while there; you just have to take Child Development AssociateTraining I, II, & III Child Growth and Development which prepares you for the CDA assessment test.) The cost of this certificate is $6,075 for twoyears (or $1518.75 a semester.) It costs $135 a credit hour since I am anout of state resident and I need 45 credits to obtain the certification. That
doesn’t include housing which is $1850 per semester or $7,400 both years.
The grand total is $13,475.
College is not going to pay for itself. There are four differentways
that can help me pay the tuition. First, a private loan from WellsFargo is a good option. Wells Fargo lets you borrow up to $10,000 eachyear for school with an average of 5.24% interest rate (the money is sent to
the school.) R
epayment begins six months after you graduate or leaveschool. A second choice is the SanDisk Scholars Fund. Therequirement is a student in high school and planning to be a full timestudent in fall 2012. You can get an award of $2,500 and may applyevery year while in college. Thirdly, is another private loan calledSallie Mae Smart Option Student loan. You can pay while in school,as much as you want, or start after you graduate college. Sallie Maewill lend you up to the full amount needed, as long as it is more than$1,000 (interest rates vary from 3.29% to 9.485%.) Last, but not least,is Stanfford Loan, which is a federal loan. The eligibility is to havesubmitted a FAFSA, financial need as determined by your school andplan to enroll at least half time. The limit of money depends on thegrade level in school and how much needed with a low fixed interest
rate of 3.4%. It’s a challenge to find scholarships and grants that fit a
two-year community college, so a loan is your best bet, BUT takeevery option you can when a scholarship pops up.
Name: Jenny Title: Owner 
Phone #:(907)488-7466 Address: 390 South Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, AK 99705
Why did you pick being a child care worker?
“My mom was in the field for 25 years, and opened first facility, so in
e I started working there.” 
Do you enjoy it?
“I do.” 
What training did you receive to become a child care worker?
“Bachelors in child development at UAF.” 
Most rewarding part of the job?
“The children, their smiles, their moods.” 
What is the hardest part?

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