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1978 02-13 PR

1978 02-13 PR

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Published by Tim Kitchen

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Published by: Tim Kitchen on Oct 14, 2012
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ig Sandy, Texas
VOL. 2, NO. 4
EBRUARY 13, 1978
NEW APPOINTMENT Ray Wright has been named vice president for finan-cial affairs for the Worldwide Church of God, announced Mr. HerbertW. Armstrong February 12. Mr. Wright fills a post vacated by Mr.Stanley Rader February 1 when he became senior consultant to theChurch. Mr. Wright has, in effect, functioned as the Church's vicepresident for financial affairs for some time. Mr. Rader, commentingon his resignation from the financial post, noted his "minimalinvolvement with the day-to-day administration of the Church andCollege" in recent years because of his full-time duties with Mr.
With Ambassador College's pursuit of accreditation, a separate busi-ness manager for the college was named earlier this year, freeingMr. Wright to concentrate on Church matters.SUPPORT OF YOU POLICY On behalf of Pastoral Administration, I wantto go on record as saying that we are very pleased with YOU'sincreasing emphasis on spiritual orientation. We've been deeplypleased to
the attention to the development of character, obedi-ence to God, the establishment and maintenance of standards of con-duct, etc. that YOU has been actively fostering among the youth of
the Church.
We also wanted to make it clear that Pastoral Administration totallysupports both the policy and emphasis of YOU and that we expect allField Pastors to do the same. Of particular concern is YOU's policyrequiring Sabbath observance as a condition of membership in YOU.Over the years, a number of young people in the Church have madeconsiderable sacrifice in order to keep the Sabbath. One of themotivations
the establishment of YOU was to provide activitieswhere these young people could participate. In a way, YOU's policyregarding Sabbath observance is a gesture of respect to those youngpeople who have faced the problem squarely, made a firm decision,
and have stuck it out.
If this somehow creates a conflict for you in your local church,you should contact us immediately to discuss the matter while youcontinue to actively and openly support YOU policy. Any hint of alack of solidarity between the field ministry and YOU is bound to bedetrimental to the Church and especially to the youth.
The YOU policy
regarding Sabbath observance for its members has thetotal support of Mr. Ted Armstrong as well as the Pastoral Adminis-tration Staff. However, if there is something wrong with an
policy and there is a need to change it, then all of us, like matureChristians,
work for and stand by that change.
Thanks for your continuing support.
--Ronald L. Dart, Pastoral Administration
CIO1173 lior
i...qh al lied
GTA SPEAKS OUT ON PANAMA CANAL Garner Ted Armstrong recently
pleted taping
extremely inter
sting and timely program, entitled"Fifty Miles of Trouble: The Panama Canal." The program will airon February 26 on first-leg stations and on March 5 for the remainder.
Copies of the program are being sent to the various House and Senate
committees presently dealing with this extremely controversial issue.We will also be able to provide 3/4" videocassette copies to any
interested civic groups or educational institutions.
In this program Mr. Armstrong analyzes the issues pertaining to thePanama Canal controversy and finds the very question of returningthe waterway illustrative of a deterioration of American spirit and
indicative of our coming national decline. Following is a key quote
by Mr, Armstrong:
If, for whatever reason, good or bad, the Panama Canal
is surrendered by the United States to another nation,
it will represent a significant milestone in the pro-
phetic decline of this country.
The program is a commentary taped in-studio. About two-thirds is
covered by graphics or film, including scenes from the early 1900'sof canal construction, film of U.S. forces training to defend thecanal against guerillas, scenes of current use of the canal, and
film of Panamanian riots.
--John Lundberg, Media Division
INTERNATIONAL NEWS In keeping with. Mr. GTA's intent and direction,notice has been given to the French, German and Spanish regions totranslate the Systematic Theology Project as rapidly as possible.The uniform high standard and quality of the original presentationwill be preserved by ordering the binder and sub-section headingsfor all areas at one time, once the translations are completed,The Spanish Work has announced a series of ministerial moves to
take place over the first six months of 1978. Tom Turk, his wife
Jody, and daughter Tamera, have been granted a visa which enablesthem to move
their household furnishings into a home in Mexico
City, duty free. Tom will pastor the Mexico City Church of 96, andmanage the local office and its staff. It will also be necessary
for Tom to cover the territory from Guadalajara, where Alfredo Mercado,
a local elder, ministers to a church of 48 members and prospectives,
to Vera Cruz, Chiapas, Tabasco and Yucatan--approximately one-fourth
of Mexico.
Robert Flores II, who was ordained a local elder at the ministerial
conference, and his wife Dorothy, are moving to Monterrey, Mexico
tc minister to the Northeast section of Mexico from Tampico on theGulf of Mexico to Ciudad Juarez near the Texas border at El Paso.
Bob will be assisted by Al Sousa, a ministerial trainee, in coveringthis territory which is approximately one-third of Mexico. They will
recommend establishment of appropriate Bible studies to minister toand feed the members and prospectives of the area.
Pablo Gonzalez has been granted a permanent working visa for Colombia
and will be moving to Bogota this summer to pastor the congregation
of 104 in that city. He will also conduct Bible studies in Cali,
Medellin and Barranquilla, Colombia and travel to Caracas andBarquisimeto, Venezuela where there are growing Bible studies.
Mario Seiglie
and his wife, Catalina, are currently serving in the
San Diego and Escondido Churches assisting James Friddle. Mario
also holds Bible studies in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico twice a
month. They will be moving to an area of Central America later
--Leslie L, McCullough, International Division
A few weeks ago we mentioned thenew program of inviting co-workers to attend church
whenand where Mr. Ted Armstrong will be preaching for combined services.During this month 2,100 co-workers are being invited to services onFebruary 18
Hershey, Pennsylvania (which is near Harrisburg, the
state capital).
Another 2,000 co-workers are being invited in the Pasadena-Los Angelesarea to attend our February 25th Southern California combined church
services at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. We.are sending them ticket
coupons (for preferred seating), which we hope will help us determinehow many co-workers actually respond to these special invitations.Even if not many co-workers come to services, we believe much good-
will is being generated by these invitations. It shows that as a
Church we are not exclusivist and that the co-workers are welcome toparticipate more closely with us.Mail counts are holding up, probably due to the semiannual letter
and initial responses to the latest co-worker letter. We are sure,
however, that mail from the Midwest and East is being hindered toa large extent by the severe winter weather.
--Richard Rice, Mail Processing
Please announce the following paragraph in Sabbath
services; Attention all prospective Ambassador College students.
The Admissions Committee is now accepting students for the 1978 fall
semester. Completed applications will be given immediate attention
and applicants should be notified within a few weeks time as to the
Admissions Committee's decision. Students are encouraged to returncompleted applications as early as possible. For application forms
and information concerning financial aids, housing, degree programsand scholarships you may write to the Admissions Office, AmbassadorCollege, 300 West Green St., Pasadena, California, 91123.Any minister interested in showing the movie "Welcome to Ambassador"in his church area may now obtain a copy of the film by writing to
the College Relations Department. The
16 MM
film narrated by Mr.. Ted
Armstrong, which runs approximately 28 minutes, was first shown lastspring as a television special on our network of
outlets throughout
the United States.
-College Relations Department
QUEST/78 was recently simultaneously
more than 20 countries. Two areas of particular signifi-
cance were Britain and South Africa.Because of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's recent trips to South Africa,it was decided to invest in a small promotion budget to announceQUEST/78. In addition to ads in the press and on cinema screens,

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