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Problems of a Weak Man, A Life With Derek Fanfic - FanFiction

Problems of a Weak Man, A Life With Derek Fanfic - FanFiction

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Published by Arkaprava Dan

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Published by: Arkaprava Dan on Oct 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 TV Shows»Life With Derek»
Problems of A Weak Man
Author of 6 Stories
Rated:T- English - Romance - Reviews:40- Published: 07-08-08 - Complete - id:4381174
I enjoyed writing my "Listen Closely" one-shot, and after FINALLY seeingDerek's School of Dating I literally had to write something on it.So this is basically another 2nd POV piece from Derek's perspective. It's a sort of A/U follow up to theepisode.Hope you enjoy ... :)
If you're honest with yourself, you have two girlfriends.One's cute.The other's hot.One's sweet.The other's bitchy.One will kiss you on the lips, talk sweetly to you, and play fooseball.The other won't kiss you on the lips, won't talk sweetly to you, and won't play fooseball because she might break a nail.But, she'll take on a giant line-backer.One you have.The other you want.One's Sally. Which is obvious.The other's your stepsister. Which should probably have been obvious, too.You're screwed. Which is definitely obvious.So you try to play it down; but you're a man. And, you have weaknesses.First, her bedroom."What are you doing here?" Casey asks, all huffy and stomping as she comes in her room.You smirk—lazily because you know it will annoy her—and sprawl out on her bed. "Reading your diary. Why? You wanna join me?""Derek!" she shrieks, dropping her bag, "Stop it!""Wait; I'm just getting to the good part." You clear your throat and raise the pitch of your voice, "'
Chris looks so awesome in soccer shor- 
"She smacks you and you drop the journal and grab for her until she's on the bed with you—which, did you mention howmuch you love her bed?—reaching for the book by her pillows."You are such an idiot!" she cries."What? You're always telling me to read more? I thought we could do it together.""Get. Off. My. Bed."Her socked foot clobbers you in the chest and you tumble to her carpet."I'm starting to feel a bit unwelcome, Case.""Well, why don't you come over here so I can give you a proper '
'?" she growls at you.She's still on her bed, on all fours no less; and you're pretty sure this isn't supposed to be so hot.Can she just not help it?Your brow cocks and you actually find yourself taking a step towards her, when the door creaks open. It's your dad.Forums »General.Anime.Books.Cartoons.Comics.Games.Misc.Movies.Plays.TV
Problems of A Weak Man, a life with derek fanfic - FanFiction.Nethttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/4381174/1/Problems_of_A_Weak_Man1 of 701/09/2011 02:26
Woah, he
have good timing."Derek, it's Sally. Again," He says, holding out the house phone. He glances over your shoulder and asks bemusedly,"Casey, what are you doing?""We're playing fetch," you answer with a smirk. And, you can't see her glare, but you know it's there, "I was going totake her for a walk, but-""Der-reck!"You take the phone and dodge a flying book.You sort of constantly talk about her. Meanly of course; but constantly.You should probably stop that."God, she's such a loser," you murmur to your girlfriend, leaning on the counter.You're watching her, and Sally follows your gaze across the restaurant, where Casey's barricaded by books and tea. Yourgaze travels down to her skirt and then where it ends, and you really hope Sally's not following that."Funny," you hear her mumble, "She says the same about you."So they're still talking about you with each other? That's got to stop.But, you laugh it off. "Heh; well I'm not the one who studies in public.""Or in private."She smirks at you a little, coyly, and yeah that's kind of cute. But, your eyes slide back to Casey."She's probably just a little bummed about the whole Max thing…"You fucking hate Max.."…that's probably why she's throwing herself so much into school work, you know? I mean, when I broke up with Patr-""Trust me, it's all the time," you say, and only later do you realize you cut her off, "I mean, she even color-codes herhomework assignments.""Yeah. That's…really crazy, Derek," Sally says quietly. And, you can tell she's losing interest. But, you're not."Blue for long term, green for coming up, and red for an all out keener emergency," you recite dryly.She shifts away. "Hmmm.""Yeah, it's stupid." You shrug and check something off your clipboard, before turning to her with a sigh, "What's up withyou, though?"Sally smiles at this. "Nothing much," she says, giving you a little hip bump, "Just excited about our little movie date thisweekend.""Yeah, I practically had to vanquish Casey to get the car for us.""Oh, how sweet," Sally says with a snort."Well, yeah, you know she's all neurotic or whatever. Apparently planned some uber lame mall visit with Em' like amonth ago, and couldn't bear the thought of canc-""Ah!" Sally squeaks, dragging your eyes back away from your stepsister, "Table five's open, we totally spaced. I'll catchup later, okay, babe?""Okay."You finish your paperwork; and then send Casey one last glance before rolling your eyes and going back to work.Another weakness: you have to protect her. Kind of a lot.It's stupid."What's crackin', Iron Case?"You've followed the smell from your bedroom down to the kitchen to behind her at the stove. And, you're pretty muchdetermined to have whatever she's making; but, she rolls her eyes at you."This is for George's dinner party," she says, "Which means it's
for you.""Fine, be like that." You brood—read: pout—as you grab a stool, "I'll just sit here by my lonesome. Slowly, helplessly,painfully dying of starvation-""Ungh, you're such a baby."She slaps a spare pastry in front of you and you instantly devour it. God, her desserts her sexy. Especially when she lets
Problems of A Weak Man, a life with derek fanfic - FanFiction.Nethttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/4381174/1/Problems_of_A_Weak_Man2 of 701/09/2011 02:26
you have them.There's chopping and you realize she's moved to vegetables, which are considerably less sexy, so you stand to leave.But then…"
She almost never curses and you turn to her. Her face is pinched, and her eyes are stinging with moisture as she gripsher left hand."I cut myself," she says to you. And, there's embarrassment there, but mostly pain and a pleading gaze."Well, what did I tell you about playing with sharp objects?"Your words are cold, but your hands are warm, gentle as you fold around her, your left hand on her shoulder, and theother grasping hers."Owww, owww, it really hurts," she gasps, letting her head press into your chest."That's what knives generally do." You gingerly try to peel away her top hand, "Let me see.""Okay."Her head's now fully tucked into your chest, right under your collarbone. You clasp her fingers, studying them."It's fine," you whisper, "A little deep, but it's fine.""You sure?"She hates blood."I'm sure."Her head shifts up, and your eyes slide from her hand to her scrunched up face, which is sort of ridiculously cute andvulnerable right now as she peaks out, "Okay."You shouldn't, but you squeeze her gently. "You just need to wash it out, okay?"You move to the sink with her, and neither of you are talking anymore. You're wondering when it changed so that herpain
bothered you. Or that she knew that it did, and that she could come to you.When it's just the three of you, you focus on the one you want the most."Well, if it isn't Miss 'Little Red Loser-Hood?"Casey loves that red top and you know it. Which is why you smirked when you said it.She glowers at you—and also so does your girlfriend—as Casey joins you at the booth."I think red looks great on you," Sally says politely.You snort. "I don't.""Derek, stop it!" They cry at once.You do a bit of a double take, eyes darting between both women, and you're actually not sure who to respond to. So,wisely, you don't respond at all."Ugh, whatever," Casey says, setting her purse on the table, "Em and Sam should be here soon. They got a flat orsomething.""Bummer," Sally says.You smirk and flip idly through the menu. "I'm surprised they still didn't beat you here, as slow as you drive.""I do not drive slowly," she barks at you. And, you already knew this was a sore subject. "I drive responsibly.""Yeah, sure, whatever, grams."The menu's snatched from you, revealing a heated glare. "Who's never been in an accident?" she asks, "Who got herlicense on the first try?"You take it back. "Who's the biggest suck-up keener on the face of the earth?""
. I helped you pass that test.""Yeah, and those wheely chairs?
like the real thing.""Guys, please."You both turn to your girlfriend, who's hunched over slightly, her hand rubbing by her temple."Sorry," you murmur. And, you actually are. You and Sally have had 'this' discussion more than seven times.
Problems of A Weak Man, a life with derek fanfic - FanFiction.Nethttp://www.fanfiction.net/s/4381174/1/Problems_of_A_Weak_Man3 of 701/09/2011 02:26

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